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Spike Saunders
04-21-12, 01:41 AM
245 (http://thenbw.com)

Spring is here and Summer is just around the corner and the NBW (http://thenbw.com)is looking for fresh talented handlers to take part in the next journey. For those unaware the NBW is an e-federation based in-story out of St. Louis, MO, from within the confines of the Epic II Arena. Active since Late 2004, that is nearly 8 years now. Currently the NBW is on a global tour and just finishing up in the Eastern Hemisphere with the grand PPV Legacy then it's time to head back towards the States.

We are looking for individuals interested in becoming part of a story and building their own. People with attitude, creativity, and can tell a great story. The NBW is of course an Angle fed but we welcome Roleplayer with open arms. In fact several of our family have come from the RP circles and consider the NBW as their first attempt into the foray that is Angle fedding. :) So we do welcome Roleplaying, although these are not judged in any shape or concern, but are great for character building. Angle feds rely more on the show's themselves, where the matches take place and segments can be as well. Segments are essentially the doppelganger for RP's in RP feds, just without the judging.

So without Roleplays how does one determine where they will end up in the organization? Just show us you can run with the ball, come up with some great stories and feuds while working with other handlers and you are bound to arrive at greatness within the NBW. Perhaps even championships lie in your future!

We do have several divisions some of which are openly looking for new talent. World Heavyweight Championship (Top dogs and the best/brightest), Keystone Championship (The stepping stone to the World), Dynasty Tag Team Championships0 (Tag division), Infamy Championship (Freshly introduced to the NBW but not easily retained thanks to the fact that the opponent/challenger determines the stipulation of the match against the champion), and even the Blitzkrieg Championship which is our division for the hardcore enthusiasts.

We are looking for Faces, Heels, Tweeners, High Flyers, Heavyweights, Hardcore Enthusiasts, and so much more. Got an interesting character you have been dying to write for but does not quite fit in your current feds? Feel free to give him a test run with the NBW.

If you think you have what it takes head on over to our application page and just fill in the information.
Or you can copy/paste the info to nobrandwrestling AT gmail.com or even over Private Message on here if you would like.

Hope to see you in the NBW in the near future!