View Full Version : Round 1: Wesley Paige (j) vs. “The Cure” Matt Caje

04-20-12, 06:52 AM
Roleplay period starts on Monday, April 23 and ends Sunday, April 29. 2 roleplay max in this round.

04-29-12, 10:36 AM
“They say in order to be the man, you have to beat the man.”

::The scene fades in from absolute black following the quote to the image of Matt Caje standing before the backdrop of a boiler room. Steam rises from the pipes to his rear, creating a sort of “fog of war.” He cocks his head sideways inquisitively and continues.::

Caje: But you're not the man, are you Wesley? (He corrects the angle of his head) No, you're just Wesley Paige, a human being so bland ULTRATITLE didn't even add you to their lineup for this year's tournament. You're a nobody, Wesley, and the reason for it is simple – you haven't lived to your full potential.You haven't lived for yourself.

::Matt shakes his head in disgust. The disappointment within him is so powerful that he loses his composure and pounds his fist against one of the tanks nearby. His jaw quivers for a moment before he regains himself, jilts his head crazily, and takes a deep breath. His smile and calm demeanor returns.::

Caje: It seems unfortunate for me that I should go into this match with so little information about you; I suppose it's a good thing I did my homework. “Winless” Wesley, that's what they call you, right? This isn't your first ULTRATITLE tournament, but judging from your previous performances, it shouldn't matter. Your experience in this tournament is only matched by your failures as a human being, and the latter will cost you what you most desire yet again. But don't misunderstand me, Wesley. I'm not trying to belittle you, I'm trying to help you.

::Caje presses the palms of his hands together, meeting every finger with its counterpart. He places his hands at his belly and begins slowly rocking them up and down. He takes another deep breath.::

Caje: Every time you come to this tournament you do it for the wrong reasons. You think you want the glory. You think you want honor, respect. Most of all you think you want to just end the hellish nightmare of the laughable win record you've experienced for over ten years now. You can't fight for those things, Wesley. You can't fight for what they want you to fight for.What you should be doing is living and fighting for yourself. Within the first ten seconds, you'd realize that the wins, the honor –they don't matter. Getting disqualified for beating someone senseless with a chair feels just as good as pinning them cleanly.

::Matt closes his eyes, taking another deep breath as he channels the mannerisms of the most charismatic cult leaders and gurus to have ever lived. He lifts his eyelids, staring even more intently at the viewers as if he were looking into their very souls.::

Caje: Wesley, you have two options – option one, you don't show up for our match. I'll gracefully accept your forfeit and move on to the next poor man in need of saving. Or, option two, you show up, I beat you senseless, and in the final moments of our match you receive enlightenment through my cure. Either way, this match is going to turn out to be the best day of your miserable, pathetic life.

::Caje smirks, believing he may have truly gotten through to his opponent, regardless of whether he actually has. Without saying another word, he looks off to the distance and strolls away as the scene draws to a close.::