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04-19-12, 12:50 AM
Roleplay goes here. 2 RP limit for this round.

04-19-12, 07:45 PM
[ooc: As with Ethan Archer, this RP should not count. It's just to give Spike Saunders an idea what he's facing.]

El Lobo Loco, clad in his torn jean vest, blue mask, furry boots and spandex shorts is dancing on a stage surrounded by several dusky women in Carnival costumes. Or maybe they're guys in drag. Whatever. Lobo has a mic and he is a-singin' and a-dancin' to the beat of Ricky Martin's Livin' La Vida Loca. Let us party like it is 1999...

El Lobo Loco: El Lobo’s on a mission/fur boots and demin vest/I feel a premonition/I’ll be ULTRATITLE’s best…

Lobo and his dancers pause and dance.

ELL: I am a great sensation/I gonna bring you a fight/Oh Mr. Spike-y Saunders/You’re gonna lose that night.

Everyone joins in on the singing now…

ELL: I'll make you lie down in the ring and take the 1-2-3/I'll make you lose at ULTRATITLE/the winner shall be me!/Like a monkey climbs a tree!

And the chorus…

ELL: Spike Saunders can’t win/Fightin’ El Lobo Loco!/I'll push and pull you down/You can’t beat El Lobo Loco!/Your face will be be bloodied/and you’ll break like almond roca/I will wear you out…

Fightin’ El Lobo Loco!

Fightin’ El Lobo Loco!

Fightin’ El Lobo Loco!

Fightin’ El Lobo Loco!

Fightin’ El Lobo Loco!

And then the dancing gets more insistant, until everyone conga-lines off-screen.

Spike Saunders
04-22-12, 08:06 PM
CUTTO: The unmistakable bleached-blonde spiked hair faded into view before the camera zoomed out to get the full body shot. The gigantic seven foot three frame of the walking fourtythree year old Colossus could hardly fit into the shot which had caused the camera crew to continue to pull back until it finally did. His size was quite intimidating to those that did not know him however his welcoming grin let the crew in front of him feel at ease.

"We good?" Spike Saunders grinned at the crew as he received a 'go ahead' signal from off screen. "Excellent. Good evening everybody. Before we get into this I just want to preface and wish all my one hundred and twenty seven other combatants the best of luck in the Ultratitle Tournament. I may not know all of you, but the fact you are here shows that you believe you have what it will take and after all this is not truly about you, me, or even the organization but rather the fans. Giving them a series of shows across the tournament filled with amazing matches, some of which are Dream matches even, that will be an enjoyment of a lifetime, is it not?

Do not misunderstand though, I would love nothing more than to win the Ultratitle. Not for the glory of it, but rather to show that in this huge tournament I survived and accomplished a long-set goal from the earliest stages of my career. I always missed out on the Ultratitle tournament in the past, but this time there is no stopping me. I would welcome adding the Ultratitle to my long list of accolades to be proud of."

Saunders raised his hand to his face and pulled his shades down to the tip of his nose then paused. The wait however seemed to be moot.

"Oh right, despite being here surrounded by thousands they actually can not see us filming! So those cheers we are so used to hearing and breaking for are obsolete at this moment. Sorry guys, it has been a long week." He once more reached up and this time removed his shades and proceeded to set them atop his spiked hair. "Busy week for all actually. This Ultratitle tournament is in full force and the brackets have already been introduced. My first opponent is a man I know little of. However do not misunderstand this as if I was putting down El Lobo Loco's skill as that is far from the truth. I have no doubt that he is skilled in the ring just like every other contender. He clearly can dance too, although that is not quite the type of match I am looking forward to. "

He paused as cheers could be heard alongside a full-on chant which echoed loudly: 'KEEGAN! -- KEEGAN! -- KEEGAN!'

"That my friends would be the ol' Special K cleaning the clock of the Upper Echelon's Son of Malta in front of 7,000 screaming fans. A fitting warmup before he faces the Double Champion 'Superstar' Vince Jacobs himself." He smiled as he had realized what he was saying. "Oh god, am I truly turning this Ultratitle promo into an advert? Heh, sorry. Since I already mentioned it however and those of you watching this clip later can not see what is going on and may be confused, we are here in the Adelaide Entertainment Centre, in Hindmarsh, South Australia for the NBW's Live Event Tour on our road to Legacy in Sydney."

He turned slightly to the left and pointed at the wall which the camera crew rotated to focus on the far wall where a large NBW Legacy Banner hung. The camera then rotated back to focus on the Colossus.

"I mean no disrespect obviously. However you have to understand that while some of the guys and gals in this tournament may be sitting back comfortably in their homes when you go visit them, there are guys like myself that are on the road nearly 24/7. This is by no means a knock on any of my fellow combatants of course. But with the All-Star Championship Wrestling's World Tour focused in Japan right now and our own NBW Global Tour situated in Australia, it has been a lot of traveling these past few weeks and there is no sign of stopping. And as I said before, I missed the previous tournaments due to other obligations but this time that will not be the case, even if one or two of such are convoluted with the tournament."

He paused once more as a familiar tune had started up: 'Spike-It-UP!'. The ever-popular remix by his close friends; KISS.

"That would be my cue guys. Sorry to cut this short but I need to do what I do best and that is go out there and entertain our fans. El Lobo, I truly look forward to meeting you in the ring soon. And do not worry, although I may not seem it at this moment, I will be one hundred ten percent focused on our match when it is time. We will blow the roof off the arena and give our fans the entertainment they will have come from afar to see. See you there El Lobo." Saunders gradually slid his shades back from his hair to the bridge of his nose. "And to you guys, thanks for the time. We will do this again soon. And if you are not in a hurry to go home, go speak to Samantha down the hall about some free tickets for the rest of the show."

Spike smiled and then turned and picked up one of the microphones laid out on the wooden table before he headed through the curtain.

"Good evening Hindmarsh! It is great to---"