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04-19-12, 12:50 AM
Roleplay goes here. 2 RP limit for this round.

04-20-12, 10:09 AM
Dom Jacobs begins his usual routine of upper body workouts for the day. The biggest knock he has heard since he has been in wrestling is he was “not big enough” or “he needed to hit the weight room.” In the past, Dom was not concerned with these criticisms. I mean, for God’s sake, he had spent time with the Harts in the Dungeon. Dom had conditioned his whole life to be the best technical wrestler ever. Lifting weights was not important. It was only good for posers who couldn’t back up the smack they were spewing. His whole mindset changed when he began to train for the Ultratitle Tournament. He soon realized his body could not take the constant pounding and hold up. This brings us full circle to this piece of crap gym Dom currently found himself in. Working out was not an enjoyable experience for him. Constantly he was interrupted by meatheads who would ask, “Are you through with this machine?” Dom always thought to himself, “Does it look like I am done with it, moron?”

Today, he had brought an old Tag partner from his indie days, Curt Douglas. CD was his best friend and basically raised him on the local circuit. CD was 10 years his elder but could always hold his own in the squared circle. Curt had made it his personal mission to get Dom in better shape. As Dom was resting between sets, Curt came over unsuspectingly.

Curt: Hey, slacker, get your butt in gear! You daydreaming about tattoos or whatever you straight edge freaks dream about?

Dom: Shut up man, you know I hate this crap. The only reason I am here is because of you dragging my rear end in here.

Curt: Do you want your body to stand up to the punishment you are going to take?

Dom: Yeah, yeah.

Curt: So tell me about this tournament.

Dom: This tournament was formed to find the best wrestler in the world. Since we all know it is yours truly, I couldn’t resist denying the fans the opportunity to see me in action!

Curt: Good Lord, this place must be desperate if they let pieces of crap like you join this tournament. By the way, we are able to talk and workout at the same time, Mr. Superstar.

Dom: Screw you!

Dom carefully places both hands on the bar. He closes his eyes and thinks, “how the hell did I get myself into this.” Am I ready to compete in this tournament? Everyone knows I go balls to the wall in every match I compete in. Will my body hold up to this constant pounding?

With these thought roaming inside Dom’s head, he pushed the bar off of his chest repeatedly.









Dom carefully placed the bar on the rack and rose to a sitting position.

Dom: There, you happy, you ungrateful son of a *****!

Dom cut loose a sly grin in Curt’s direction.

Curt: You are lucky I am not coming back to compete. I am ten years older than you and I could break your skinny butt in half. You sure you need to be competing in this?

Dammit, Curt always had a way of knowing what Dom had going through his head. I guess that came with the territory. Since his father’s death and his mother’s substance abuse problem, Curt was the only one that Dom let close to him. Of course there was Erica, but that relationship had so many twists and turns it made Dom dizzy.

Dom: I guess that is what we are going to find out. The fact remains, man, I am poor. I live in a rat infested POS in Chicago. I drive a 10 year old car, man. I need money badly. I have had to consistently check my mother in and out of rehab clinics until her recent death. How do you think I am going to pay for that? My loser father never left us anything except for bruises. I have to be able to make some loot to live man.

Curt: I hear you. Just as your friend, I don’t want to see you get hurt man. You are the closest thing I have to a brother and it would completely kick me in the nuts if something happened to you. Of course I will deny that this conversation ever took place if it is ever brought up, you got me?

Dom laughed.

Dom: Yeah man, I got you. I can honestly say it will be nice to actually accomplish something your old ass couldn’t. You won how many singles titles in your career?

Curt: HA. HA. Screw you! Well, let’s get cleaned up, you have to run do your promo for this tournament.

Dom: Oh yeah, you know I just love that BS! *sarcastically*

1 Hour Later……

Dom pulls up to the doors of the building where they are doing the promotional work for the tournament. He hops out of his car and opens the double glass doors. He approaches the receptionist and immediately his eyes center on her chest.

Receptionist: Up here cowboy! Can I help you?

Dom’s face turns a little red after being singled out.

Dom: Yeah, I am here to tape a promo. Can you tell me where to go?

Receptionist: Ah, you must be Dom Jacobs. Mr. ICW. The Superstar. The newest muscle-bound, meathead, wrestler, punk to come through these doors.

Dom: Yeah, that would be me. Customer service is a lost art these days, what are your thoughts? *sarcastically*

Receptionist: Just go down this hallway and it’s on the right, MR. JACOBS.

Dom: Thanks Doll, that’s more like it.

Dom winked and hurried down the hall. He arrived in a room with two individuals, both of whom immediately greeted him. Both explained that they wanted Dom to cut a short promo to promote his upcoming match with El Gordo Grande. Dom didn’t mind doing this, hell; he was a natural trash-talker. It was the only thing he could earn a degree in at school. Dom approached the desk they wanted him to sit at and began to count him down.






The individual motioned for Dom to begin.

Hey there Gordo, I think I need to properly introduce myself to you. My name is Dom Jacobs, the Straight Edge Superstar and I will be the one patear el culo! For those who no habla espanol it means kicking your ass! Before I get rolling, where in the world did you get your name? What I envision is you driving your Ford Fiesta down to Taco Bell, looking at the menu board, finding El Gordo Grande on the menu and thinking to yourself, “Man that would be an awesome name!” Let me know if I am close, chief. Here is the deal Gordo, you stand in the way of me taking one step closer to winning this tournament. Wrestling is the only thing that is important in my life. I have nothing to look forward to but the sheer exhilaration of beating the pure crap out of you and moving on in this tournament. This tournament means everything to me. I have to win it. I am fighting in this tournament representing all of Chicago. I am representing the greatest promotion on the planet, ICW. Most importantly, I am representing all of those people that have had ignorant individuals tell them they couldn’t achieve anything because of the way they looked, the way they dressed, or the way they live their life. I will not fail them! The Revolution starts with you, Gordo. Sleep tight and nos vemos muy pronto! (See you real soon.)

Dom calmly stood up and walked out of the room. Dom had accomplished what he wanted to. He wanted to place everyone in the tournament on notice: This was his time, this was his moment, and he would be the one dictating things around here. Dom had envisioned what it would feel like to have the gold around his waist. It was something he dreamed about since he was a young boy. He would not fail. He could not fail. He knew deep down that he would do everything that was humanly possible to be the champion. Everything….

John Doe
04-22-12, 06:14 PM


[A little Ford Fiesta and a way too big of a fellow driving it. Mariachi music is blasting in the car as it pulls into a local television studio, none other than Galavision . The brakes that need an overdue change squeal as the car putts about before the engine is shut off. A screech of the car door opening. As El Gordo Grande wiggles his way from between the steering column and drivers seat. Freedom is achieved and our once missing LVW superstar has returned to Mexico City to do an interview. He points at the camera man. Wearing his lucha mask, a shirt that says “I Mark Out To Hornet”, jeans, and a pair of Mexican Cow boy boots.]


[He reaches in the car pulling out a Crunchwrap Supreme and begins to slowly lift it to his mouth.]


[Chew and swallow.]


[Chew and swallow].


¿Entiende, s*? ¿Qué fue un haciendo otra vez? ¡Ah s*, por supuesto, lucharemos! ¡Rodee el anillo, el dedo para acatar! ¡Dé un puñetazo para el puñetazo!

(You get the point, yes? What was I doing again? Ah yes, of course, we are going to wrestle! Circle the ring, toe to toe! Punch for punch!)

[He flails his arms about shadow boxing before posing for some women that walk past.]

“¡Y las chicas, lo adoran cuando entro ese anillo y les muestro mis habilidades que he dominado! ¡Viajé todo a través de mi pa*s de México! ¡De la lucha alcista, a perseguir el Chupacabras El Gordo lo ha hecho todo, yo fui tra*do aún a Las Vegas para luchar en la frente de centenares!”

(And the girls, love it when I get in that ring and show them my skills that I have mastered! I traveled all across my country of Mexico! From bull wrestling, to chasing the Chupacabras El Gordo has done it all, I was even brought to Las Vegas to wrestle in front of hundreds!)

[He takes another long awaited bite from the Crunch Wrap.]

Aye ma'ma. “Esto es demasiado bueno.” (This is too good.) [he extends it to the camera man] “¿Desea una mordedura?” (You want a bite?)

CAMERAMAN: “No gracias.”
(No thank you.)

EGG: “Su amigo de pérdida. Pero ahora aqu* lucho para el Ultimo T*tulo!”
(Your loss friend. But now here I am wrestling for the Ultimate Title!)

CM: “Amigo, es el Ultratitle.”
(Friend, it's the Ultratitle.)

EGG: “¿Ultratitle? ¿Qué es eso? Pensé que luchaba para Ultimo T*tulo. ¿Y qué hago yo con este t*tulo?”
(Ultratitle? What is that? I thought I was wrestling for Ultimate Title. And what do I do with this title?)

CM: “Es un torneo, primo.”
(It's a tournament, cousin.}

EGG: “¡Un torneo? ¡Tengo que luchar más de una vez? Ah mi dios. Yo no estoy en la forma para esto”
(A tournament?! I have to wrestle more than once?! Oh my god. I am not in shape for this...)

[And another bite of the Supreme.]

“¡Pensé que luchaba Don Johnson para el t*tulo!”
(I thought I was wrestling Don Johnson for the title! )

CM: “Su nombre es Dom Jacobs”
(His name is Dom Jacobs...)

EGG: “¡El no estuvo en el Vicio de Miami esa exposición con la polic*a y el barco? ¡Quién es Dom Jacobs!”
(He wasn't in Miami Vice that show with the police and the boat?! Who is Dom Jacobs?!)

CM: “No sepa.”
(Don't know.)

EGG: “¿Ah mi dios, es él bueno? Vi esa cosa que hizo acerca de lucharme y acerca de algo acerca de levantar una barra en el pecho, algo acerca de Chicago. ¡Pero pensé que hablaba para Don Johnson!”
(Oh my god, is he good? I saw that thing he did about wrestling me and something about lifting a bar on his chest, something about Chicago. But I thought he was talking for Don Johnson!)

CM: “Ningún amigo, usted lo lucha en la primera serie en el primer corchete.”
(No friend, you are wrestling him in the first round in the first bracket.)

EGG: “¡Hay más de un corchete? “
(There is more than one bracket?!)

CM: “S*. Hay más de 100 luchadores.”
(Yes. There is over 100 wrestlers)

[And he drops the Crunchwrap on the floor.]

EGG: "¡Pensé que dec*a más de 100 ventiladores. ..I necesita a un mejor traductor! ¡Ah mi, yo no estoy en listo para esto! "
(I thought they said over 100 fans...I need a better translator! Oh my, I am in not ready for this!)

[He starts his march towards the TV station.]

EGG: “Vayamos tengo que decir la exposición de mañana que yo no regalo chalupas libre a los 100 ventiladores más. ¡No lo puede proporcionar si tengo que luchar más de un tiempo! ¡Supongo que tengo que ganar esta cosa entera y traer orgullo a México!”
(Let's go I have to tell the morning show that I am not giving away free chalupas to the 100 fans any more. Can't afford it if I have to wrestle more than one time! I suppose I have to win this entire thing and bring pride to Mexico!)

CM: “¡Y mejor agua!”
(And better water!)

[El Gordo halts in the middle of his travel hands in the air like he is spreading a banner.]

EGG: “Las personas dirán mi nombre como una leyenda. El Gordo el luchador alcista, el hombre que luchó Don Johnson.”
(The people will be saying my name like a legend. El Gordo the bull wrestler, the man who wrestled Don Johnson.)

CM: Dom Jacobs.

EGG: “Pasó a ganar el Ulimate...”
(He went on to win the Ulimate...)

CM: Ultra.

EGG: “¡Titule y traiga orgullo y limpie agua a México!”
(Title and bring pride and clean water to Mexico!)

CM: “¡Tiene a mi presidente de voto!”
(You have my vote president!)

EGG: “¡Yo no necesito votos mi amigo, yo necesito alfileres! ¡Y mucho ellos! Y esto...”
(I don't need votes my friend, I need pins! And a lot of them! And this...)

[He turns around slowly but to him seems like a blaze of light. Grabbing his stomach he jiggles it as the camera zooms in.]

EGG: “¡Esto me conseguirá all*!”
(This will get me there!)


04-24-12, 04:09 PM

The scene opens up in the newsroom of WEFT 19, a prominent station in the Chicago, Illinois area. We see Tom Addams, the lead anchor; address the masses who have tuned in to the broadcast on their television sets.

Addams: Tonight we are very fortunate to have secured an interview with one of Chicago's native sons. This gentleman is a local legend around this area. He started by dominating the local wrestling circuit and then made his way overseas. He is now a superstar in ICW and is getting ready to compete in the opening round of the Ultratitle Tournament. Of course, by now, you know that we are referring to the Straight Edge Superstar, Dom Jacobs. Cindy Jackson, our top field reporter was able to catch up with Jacobs earlier today to speak of his upbringing, his journey to ICW, and his opening round match for the Ultratitle Tournament. Let's roll to the footage of Jackson's interview.

The viewers are brought into a scene that looks like an old worn out gym, resembling the fabled training grounds of legendary boxer, Rocky Balboa. We see Cindy Jackson sitting, waiting patiently for Dom Jacobs to arrive. Jacobs finally arrives. However, Cindy suddenly has a puzzled look on her face. The viewers are soon shown why. Jacobs walks out in a pair of light brown cargo shorts, his white FEDWARS t-shirt, and a dark brown sports jacket. Completing the dress was none other than a red and black neck tie. Jacobs sits in the chair and adjusts his sports jacket.

Jackson: Mr. Jacobs, thank you so much for granting us the exclusive interview.

Jacobs: You are extremely welcome, Cindy, oh........, may I call you Cindy?

Jackson: Of course you can, may I call you Dom?

Jacobs: Well, I prefer Mr. Jacobs or Dr. Love, your choice entirely.

Jackson: Oh, well, I.........

Jacobs: Relax, it was only a joke, Dom is fine. I did want to make sure I dressed up for our interview today. I figured the worst thing I can do is look like a total idiot on TV. It was just so hard to find dress clothes, as you can probably tell; it is not part of my everyday attire.
Jackson: I think you look just fine. Let's dive right into the interview. What is the significance of the building we are in?

Jacobs: This is the very place where I cut my teeth in wrestling. I was an aggressive young, stupid kid who needed an outlet for release my frustrations with my life. That old busted rink there, Dom points to the old, rusted ring in the middle of the room, is where I began my journey. Of course after flittering around the local circuit here I realized I needed some better training.

Jackson: That led you to the Hart's Training center, correct?

Jacobs: Well, I wouldn't necessarily call it a training center. It was more like a basement with a bunch of sweaty guys in it. I learned so much there though. It really helped me propel my career to the next level. I can still feel the sting on my back after they made us take bumps. The pain was intense, but it made you stronger mentally.

Jackson: After that training, you toured the world. What was it like?

Jacobs: I think it opened up your eyes, Cindy, to the various styles of wrestling that are out there. People have this preconceived notion that wrestling is just what Hulk Hogan did or Andre the Giant. In other countries, it is not just about a bunch of meatheads flexing and prancing around the ring. There is real skill there. I really enjoyed Mexico and Japan. I learned some of my basic moves from over there. I incorporated some martial arts from my time in Brazil.

Jackson: That is interesting how you have been able to incorporate so many diverse crafts into your style. Speaking of style, I have to ask, our viewers are always asking questions on what it means to be straight edge and whether it is just a gimmick for you.

Jacobs: It is definitely not a gimmick. I have always lived my life this way. I have seen the effects that drugs and alcohol can have on an individual, so I have chosen to abstain from it. It also has a way of making you look like a real tool, like that El Gordo Grande fellow.

Jackson: That brings us to your opening round match in the Ultratitle Tournament. What are your thoughts?

Jacobs: Well, my goal in all of this was to earn respect from some of the greatest wrestlers in the world. All of them are well represented in this tournament. I want to be known as the best wrestler in the world. I also want to show people that ICW, not this DWE bull****, is the best wrestling promotion in the world.

Jackson: What about your first opponent El Gordo Grande?

Jacobs: Sweet Jesus, have you see that clown? Everything is like a big joke to that dimwit. Number one, I am not even sure he knows what title he is going for. He had to keep having his boy Pedro, or whatever the hell his name is, correct him. Next, he referred to me as Don Johnson. Hell that is not much of an insult. The guy was a freakin’ icon in the 80’s. Plus, who could argue with his impeccable taste in wardrobe. I think our pal Gordo needs to stop worrying about shows on TV Land and worry about his next opponent. Miami Vice is not his worry; it’s me locking in the Anaconda Vise that he needs to worry about. It would bring me pleasure to watch that big tub of goo scream in agony. Gordo, it’s pretty simple pal. You need to get back into your Fiesta, scarf down 50 gorditas, and go back to humping your blow-up dolls in your mom’s basement. It would be a better use of your time than getting in the ring with me, amigo. I am going to show you how we do things in ICW hombre.

Jackson: Wow that is quite a mouthful.

Jacobs: Well, I am sure I just got you in trouble with some of your sponsors. Sorry for the colorful language.

Jackson: Thank you so much for your time!

Jacobs: Anytime, Cindy. Dom makes his patented "X" sign with his forearms.

Jackson: Back to you, Tom.

We are brought back into the studio to find Tom laughing.

Addams: Well, Cindy, thank you so much for that interview. Dom is certainly one of a kind. He always makes for an interesting interview. We wish him well in his opening round match. We start to see Tom Addams shuffling papers and the credits begin to roll. The screen then fades to black and the viewers are welcomed by the familiar chant of, "Wheel........of...........Fortune.

John Doe
04-25-12, 01:25 AM


[We fade into a pool where no one but El Gordo Grande is swimming. He swims with one of those epic rubber ducky float tubes around him, his enormous gut pushing the ducks head pretty much into the water. Doggy paddling about the camera comes up close to him, still in his trademarked lucha mask he paddles his way closer.]

EGG: “¡Mire a este chavo atrás otra vez para hablar conmigo!”
(Look at this guy, back again to talk to me!)

CAMERAMAN: “Bien, me dijeron que usted más que la entrevista de probable serrote Dom Jacob, es mi trabajo de grabar sus pensamientos en ello.”
(Well, they told me that you more than likely saw Dom Jacob's interview, it's my job to tape your thoughts on it.)

[El Gordo spins about in the flotation device like a child he doesn't seem to really care what his actions are on camera]

EGG: “Dom Jacobs, sabe el más que investigo en él el más me recuerda en esto otro luchador yo vi y me enteré de.”
(Dom Jacobs, you know the more I do research on him the more he reminds me of this other wrestler I saw and heard about.)

CM: “¿Investiga?”
(You do research?)

EGG: “¡Bien s*! A veces. .. nunca. ¡Pero! Después de ver que Dan Ryan investigó en Cobra yo tuve que meterse en ello.”
(Well yeah! Sometimes...rarely...almost never. But! After seeing that Dan Ryan did research on Cobra I had to dabble in it.)

CM: “Tengo que agarrar esto en pel*cula. ¿De quién recuerda él usted?”
(I have to catch this on film. Who does he remind you of?)

EGG: “Este luchador bien conocido denominó Sea-Gem Acobardamiento.”
(This well known wrestler named Sea-Gem Funk.)

CM: “Nunca o*do de él.”
(Never heard of him.)

EGG: “Pozo por supuesto usted no tienen, siendo que soy el experto porque hice la investigación. ¡Hay muchas similitudes entre Acobardamiento de Sea-Gem y Dom Jacobs! ¡Adivina de donde Acobardamiento de Sea-Gem es? Chicago.”
(Well of course you haven't, being that I am the expert because I did the research. There are lots of similarities between Sea-Gem Funk and Dom Jacobs! Guess where Sea-Gem Funk is from?! Chicago.)

CM: “Hay muchas personas de Chicago, el amigo.”
(There are a lot of people from Chicago, friend.)

EGG: “¡Ah sé eso! Pero aqu* está otra cosa, él también cruza las manos” (Oh I know that! But here's another thing, he also crosses his hands) [El Gordo makes an “X” with his arms] “Como tan.” (like so.)

CM: “Estoy seguro que muchos luchadores hacen esa misma cosa.”
(I am sure a lot of wrestlers do that same thing.)

[El Gordo stops his spinning motions and sets his hands in the water looking at the camera]

EGG: “Eso es bastante posible, pero aqu* está el corazón, yo fui y averigüé perfil de Dom Jacobs en ese lugar él lucha para, ningún indicio lo que es llamado. Pero es llamado a la Superestrella Recta de Orilla.”
(That is quite possible, but here is the ticker, I went and checked out Dom Jacobs profile on that place he wrestles for, no clue what it's called. But he is called the Straight Edge Superstar.)

CM: “¡Eso es un nombre pegadizo!”
(That's a catchy name!)

EGG: “¡Es! Si solamente. Acobardamientos ..Sea-Gem no lo fueron llamados tampoco, he visto Sea-Gem lucha de Acobardamiento mi amigo. Y si son tan semejantes entonces yo sólo puedo asumir que Dom Jacobs lucha sólo lo mismo.”
(It is! If only...Sea-Gem Funk wasn't called it also! I have seen Sea-Gem Funk wrestle my friend. And if they are so similar then I can only assume Dom Jacobs wrestles just the same.)

CM: “¡Quiero ver este Acobardamiento de Mar-Gema en la acción!”
(I want to see this Sea-Gem Funk in action!)

[El Gordo shakes his head and waves his hands off]

EGG: “Usted no disfrutar*a de ello, le har*a para DORMIRse. Eso no es el punto que el punto es no sólo hace roba otras identidades de pueblos. ¡Piensa aparentemente que su nombre es Pedro, el racista y poco original!”
(You wouldn't enjoy it, it would make you GO TO SLEEP. That's not the point, the point is not only does he steal other peoples identities. He apparently thinks your name is Pedro, racist and unoriginal!)

CM: “Pero me llamo no Pedro, por qué hace a personas piensan que todo mexicano son llamados Pedro.”
(But my name is not Pedro, why do people think all Mexican's are called Pedro?)

EGG: “¡Claramente él no sabe que su nombre es Jesús! ¡Significo la lata cuánto más desconsiderada que una persona es! Quiere mostrarme cómo hacen cosas atrás en su federación pequeña de que vino. ¡Pero claramente todo debo hacer es mira Acobardamiento de Mar-Gema, su prácticamente la misma persona se reencarnó!”
(Clearly he doesn't know your name is Jesús! I mean how much more inconsiderate can a person be! He wants to show me how they do things back in his little federation that he came from. But clearly all I need to do is look at Sea-Gem Funk, its practically the same person reincarnated!)

CM: “¿El Acobardamiento de la Sea-Gem se murió?”
(Sea-Gem Funk died?)

EGG: “No, pero si hizo estoy seguro que nadie advertir*a menos unas gente. Me considero bien versado en la industria de lucha para conocer a un incompetente cuando veo uno. ¡Los ventiladores necesitan a hombres originales, que luchan toros y quieren entretenerlos!”
(No, but if he did I am sure no one would notice except a few folks. I consider myself well versed in the wrestling industry to know a hack when I see one. The fans need original men, who wrestle bulls and want to entertain them!)

CM: “¡Entretiene bastante!”
(You are quite entertaining!)

EGG: “¡Es porque muevo como un león, yo muevo como una pantera que yo no soy una serpiente que resbala en el césped y trata de fingir soy otra persona!”
(It's because I move like a lion, I move like a panther I am not a snake who slithers in the grass and tries to pretend I am someone else!)

CM: “¿Pero si puede, diga sólo que podr*a ser otra persona quién ser*a usted?”
(But if you could, let's just say you could be someone else who would you be?)

EGG: “Avispón. ¡Por lejos ser*a avispón, me pinto caja de lucha mi osteoporosis pone en”
(Hornet. By far I would be Hornet, paint my face wrestle till my osteoporosis sets in!)

[El Gordo Splashes water everywhere.]

EGG: “¡SALPICADURA de AVISPON! ¡En el rincón, la Escorpión Deathlock hace el toque de chavo fuera, yo gano! ¡Gano! Las personas se vuelven loco, consigo adicto a p*ldoras, yo digo el mundo acerca de ello, las personas no me quieren ya y me desvanezco como Hielo de Vainilla.”
(HORNET SPLASH! In the corner, Scorpion Deathlock make the guy tap out, I win! I win! People go crazy, I get addicted to pills, I tell the world about it, people don't like me anymore and I fade away like Vanilla Ice.)

CM: “¿Quién es eso?”
(Who is that?)

EGG: “Una envoltura norteamericana, una maravilla de éxito como Oscar Del La Hoya. ¡Lo que trato de decir es, Dom Jacobs no es nada más que una rutina de entrenamiento para m*, los ventiladores estarán en admiración que su héroe enmascarado regresa para unas noches para luchar el mejor!”
(An American rapper, one hit wonder like Oscar Del La Hoya. What I am trying to say is, Dom Jacobs is nothing more than a workout routine for me, the fans will be in awe that their masked hero returns for a few nights to wrestle the best!)

CM: “¡Dom Jacobs ha luchado por todo el mundo!”
(Dom Jacobs has wrestled all over the world!)

[El Gordo wiggles one finger]

EGG: “No mi amigo, Dan Ryan, el Avispón, Joey Melton que estos hombres han luchado por todo el mundo. ¡Técnicamente luché en América pero nadie fuera de México ha o*do de m*! Mismo aplica a Dom Jacobs. Estoy seguro que ha luchado para alrededor del mundo, pero pagado sus propios vuelos y no conseguido dinero para sus apariencias.”
(No my friend, Dan Ryan, Hornet, Joey Melton these men have wrestled all over the world. Technically I wrestled in America but no one outside of Mexico has heard of me! Same applies to Dom Jacobs. I am sure he has wrestled around the world, but paid his own flights and got no money for his appearances.)

CM: “¿Kinda como Acobardamiento de Sea-Gem?”
(Kinda like Sea-Gem Funk?)

EGG: “No mi amigo. Por lo menos él es sabido bien, y los ventiladores son suficiente listos para ver un gato de copia cuando ven uno.”
(No my friend. At least he is well known, and the fans are smart enough to see a copy cat when they see one.)

CM: “¡El imitamonos está en el torneo?”
(Copycat is in the tournament?!)

[El Gordo Grande looks at the camera perplexed.]

EGG: “¡Quién es gato de Copia??”
(Who's Copycat?!)

CM: “Ah mi dios...?
(Oh my god...)