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04-17-12, 01:40 PM

* The mystery woman who accompanied Mark Adams Junior to the ring for his inaugural address is Miss Hawaiian Tropic runner-up Kylie Nash, the step-daughter of the legendary Werewolf Gregorson. Nash, 22, has been training at the Hurricane Academy and recently signed a contract to serve as Adams' manager in the TSWF.

* An unnamed source has reported to the TSWF that they were the victim of a "heinous" prank in the men's bathroom backstage at the last show. Not much detail was given but the source stated "the joke was found to be NOT very funny". After reviewing security camera footage, TSWF officials have fined Tripp Skylark for 'disorderly conduct' and will be holding him from action on the next show.

* As a result of match stipulations, Adam Drew has been released from his contract with TSWF. His duties as a broadcast announcer have been handed over to Ashie Sinclair. When asked for comments, Mr. Drew was quoted to have said "I have the best lawyers in the business and revenge is a dish best served cold. Brandy Danielle WILL get her just desserts soon enough."

* No one has heard from Clyde Kennedy and therefore, his dealings with TSWF have been put on hold indefinitely.


Injury Report:

* RJ Souza was taken to a local hospital on Staten Island where doctors diagnosed him with a herniated disc in his neck and several broken bones in his face. The length of time he will be out of action is undeterminable.

* Brandy Danielle suffered a concussion resulting in the attack by Josie Saito. Medics checked her out after the show and have given her clearance to compete at our upcoming event.


Upcoming Event:


APRIL 28th, 2012 - 7pm Belltime
George Washington School - Union, NJ


Mark Adams Junior (champion) vs Shadoe Rage (challenger)

Adams had announced he would give his inaugural title shot to the winner of the "Truth or Consequences" match between Shadoe Rage and Brandy Danielle on our last show (Hatred Saturday). Unfortunately that match never happened due to an injury sustained by Brandy Danielle. Therefore, Shadoe Rage was declared the de-facto winner and will receive his chance to become Tri-State champion OFFICIALLY when he faces Mark Adams Junior.

*No DQ, No Countout*
Josie Saito vs Brandy Danielle

As a result of the attack on Brandy Danielle by Josie Saito at Hatred Saturday that cost her a chance to potentially challenge Mark Adams Junior for his title, TSWF officials have decided to make it up to Miss Danielle by putting her in the ring with Josie Saito in a No DQ, No Countout contest.

*Four-Way Scramble To Determine Next #1 Contender To The Tri-State Title*
Chris Hallmark vs Elijah Black vs Leon Corella vs TBD

TSWF officials have decided to give four men the chance of a lifetime, or at least EARN the chance of a lifetime to challenge for the Tri-State title. The fourth man's identity will not be revealed until belltime.

*Card Subject To Change*