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04-07-12, 02:22 AM
Greensboro, NC
April 7, 2012

And the hits just keep on coming. Fresh on the heels of announcing Eli Flair and Deacon as part of the 64-man draw, CS Enterprises announced that the winner of the 1995 ULTRATITLE Tournament has announced his return to the competition, and indeed, to wrestling in general. Doc Silver was thought retired after a loss in TEAM to Dan Ryan. Silver's 1995 tournament win was especially notable as it was in a 256-man tourney: only two ULTRATITLE tournaments have included that many participants.

The gang was all assembled one last final ride. Flint M. Jacobs, Gomer Pyle, Bloodhunt had even been pulled out of the car dealership, and there was Spectrum, who'd fought for Doc under a bunch of different names for whatever thing caught Doc's eye at the moment, no Prism however, a neck injury followed by pain killer addiction and alcohol abuse meant he passed away far to young as far to many wrestlers do.

Greenie was there at the head of the table with Ryoko, Doc's unloving wife over his shoulder. Nobody listened to his calls for order, since the gang didn't respect him in the slightest, they were to busy sharing tales of glory from years gone by, all the various fights they had been in, titles won and lost, woman they had been with, the usual topics.

Finally Doc showed up and the room grew quiet, Doc had always been the leader, he'd had the money and the plan since day 1, and now here in the final days he was still the one they all deferred to.

“Gentlemen…Glad you could all make it.” Doc said. “We’ve all been around the block long enough to know that there aren’t many bullets left in any of our guns, but well…We got one last shot at glory here, 6 wins…6 wins gets me back the Ultratitle…Six wins means I retire on top of the world…”

“How’s that glory for us?” Bloodhunt asked. He knew he could ask such a question because he was second in stature in the group. Doc gave him a glance “The glory is that everyone knows this old dog isn’t going to get to the finish line by himself…You bastards are going to have to carry me across the finish line…And if that’s not glory enough for you…I got a pile of money to hand out for each and every win I get.”

The declaration that money was going to be given away brought a cheer from everyone except Bloodhunt who just smiled ruefully. He felt there was more to this then just a ref bump and then a bunch of guys working some poor fool over with a bunch of steel chairs till he wasn’t moving and the blood was flowing.

“I want scouting reports on all my opponents, I want to know their families, I want to know if they have any injuries they’ve been hiding. I want to know who the refs are for these matches. I want to see what they have for histories, if we have anything to manipulate them with.”

“You want us to blackmail refs to help you win?” Jacobs asked, almost stunned at the tactics Doc was suggesting.

“Yes, yes I do. This is a war boys, pure and simple, there isn’t a stone I’ll leave unturned, not a trick I won’t use…It’s Ultratitle and I’m Doc Silver for crying out loud, they aren’t going to disqualify me until I have a smoking gun in my hand and the guy is bleeding out on the mat…Of course if it is in my home state of Florida I could just declare I was standing my ground.”

A grim chuckle came from the group. “Look guys, I’m 45…I wanted to be retired at 40…I haven’t wrestled since Dan Ryan threw me through the mat and denied me the match I wanted with Impulse…And rumor has it I ain’t getting that little scamp again this time around…And hell after I saved his career with my advice this is how he repays me…” Doc shook his head…”Doesn’t matter, what does matter is I need a final act in my career…I wanted Felix Red…But the drugs took him away from me…I wanted Impulse, but Dan Ryan and Nova screwed that up…Now it’s this tournament, maybe I’ll run into Eli Flair or Mike Randalls, maybe I’ll find that great rival worthy of besting me and ending my run, or maybe I’ll just mow them all down and win the damn thing and walk off into the sunset with Shirley Manson’s dulcet tones bidding me farewell…No matter how it ends it’s ending here…”

He smiled and stifled a laugh.

“Unless I decide otherwise in a year or so and then it’s back to blading to the cheer of the crowd….I wrestler who can’t stop unretiring what a crazy concept.”

The group laughed with Doc and Doc took his leave, he tried to play it off all cool and smooth, but in his bones he felt like this was really the end…How he was going to go out remained to be seen, he looked back at the gang of men and his business arrangement of a wife and sighed. “I’m going to need every last bit of help I can get” he said under his breath…”I have to be an idiot to put myself through this…” as he was beating himself up, his phone rang, and with it “Battle In Me” began playing, the new Garbage song…Just hearing It got him fired up again, to think of an arena full of people yelling and screaming, pyro and noise, the thrill of victory…It all came washing over him again.

“Damn you Shirley…Damn you.” Doc said as he answered the phone, he was a junkie seeking one final high and he while he knew the price he was going to pay would be high, it was a price he’d pay gladly.