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03-16-12, 11:02 PM
Check out the broadcast of "Road to the Gold - The Semi Final Round"
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*From the Desk of Michael Sandsbury, Owner of Tri-State Wrestling Federation (TSWF)*

Anyone who watched our show this week will know that the deal with American Wrestling League fell through due to Mrs. Brandy Danielle choosing to maintain her in-ring status over being a full-time businesswoman. The door is always open for future dealings with the AWL but for right now, TSWF is a sole entity, tied with no larger organization.

With that said, I would like to announce that Tripp Skylark has been signed to a deal with TSWF and will appear at our next event. His presence will surely be an interesting one as his reputation speaks for itself.

Also, I would like to officially announce that per the stipulations of the Four-Way Scramble on March 10th, Ethan McBride is hereby terminated contractually from TSWF. And with him goes Ezra Malachi for failing to adhere to his obligations.

I wish both men luck with whatever future endeavours come their way.


Upcoming Event:


"End of the Road"
March 31st, 2012 - 7pm Belltime
Monsignor Farrell High School - Staten Island, NY

Christopher Hallmark (w/ Jeff Keenan) vs Tripp Skylark
Both Chris Hallmark and Jeff Keenan share a common mindset regarding the current state of professional wrestling while Tripp Skylark is the epitome of what they speak out against. This should be an impressive debut for Skylark.
Winner is the NEW Tri-State Champion
Mark Adams Junior vs Elijah Black

Both men have endured a lot to get to this match and at the end of the night, one will walk away with the distinction of "Tri-State Champion" . Will it be Elijah Black who sticks it to "The Man" by wearing the gold or will Mark Adams Junior top off his undefeated streak with a title victory?

Non Title Challenge
Brandy Danielle vs Shadoe Rage???

Will Shadoe Rage answer the challenge from Brandy Danielle or will he be occupied with Jakob Volga? And what will his reaction be to a new champion being crowned?

Also... Clyde Kennedy promised he would regain the TSWF title but failed in his attempt to defeat Mark Adams Junior on the last show. We'll hear from the richest man on the TSWF roster live and in person.