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01-18-12, 07:01 PM
Please Copy and paste the following template, reply to this thread or post it in our Roster Bios section, with your desired character you would like to see in IWF.

Things of note:

We do not ask you to immediately give your character an alignment because we don't want to back your character into a corner and make them act a specific way just because of their 'alignment'.

Fresh Characters are highly desired.

We are looking for some fresh faces here on the FWCentral forums, character wise. Feel free to sign up with a character who has some history here on the forums, just keep in mind IWF is a small regional promotions and would not be able to sign former world champions or characters who have main evented multiple shows in other promotions. Unless your charecter is a washed up and attempting to string along a career.

IWF is a start up fed with strong roots in the Seattle, Washington area. Please keep that in mind.

No Tag Teams.

IWF can not currently support a tag team division.

Please take a moment to read the rules. (http://www.fwrestling.com/showthread.php?21924-IWF-s-Rule-Book&p=84021#post84021)

And, if you desire to fill out a more lengthy bio then feel free, but at least use the template below upon filling out your bio.

Handler's Name:

Character's In Ring Name:

Character's Real Name:



Hometown/Billed From:

Moveset: (Atleast 15, please.)

Finishing Maneuver: (Name and Description.)


Entrance: (Include Theme and remember the IWF is a small promotion. Wrestlers enter through a black curtain hung from a humble yet presentable metal structure and walk down a short ramp.)

Background/Bio: (Include any and all important information here.)