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12-02-11, 03:45 PM
This will remain stickied at the top of the Corporate forums for easier access from now on.

First thing's first, long time members know about our links forum where we have "Golden Rules", "Sniping Rules" and "Stacking Rules" listed. Newer members may not. For future reference, or if you've never seen them, here is a link:

EPW Links and Information (http://www.fwrestling.com/forumdisplay.php?279-Empire-Pro-Links)

Now then, I'm adding some items to the Golden Rules of the Fed. This is not a dictatorial decree, but more a guide to things that piss me off. Generally speaking, you don't want to piss your fed head off unintentionally, and these rules will guide you along the path of not having this happen to you. Now then, we commence:

1. You are not allowed to tell me who you will and will not work with. I book the matches. I'm talking about ultimatums here, not suggestions. Suggestions are ALWAYS welcome. I give everyone a TREMENDOUS amount of freedom in working the angles they want to work. However, should I decide to book a match and you don't like that you have to roleplay against the person I booked you against, you have the following options: A - Be a grown up, roleplay your character and act "professionally", B - No show and get jobbed, C - Find another fed to roleplay in.

2. Relating to number 1 above, but not exclusively, you are allowed to work angles with whomever you want. In general, unless I think your idea is stupid, I'll let you do what you want. I will guide you if necessary or if asked to, but in general I think the fed runs best when handlers are interacting and telling stories together. It also gives handlers a sense of ownership in the fed and creates the kind of team atmosphere I prefer in a fed. The way it relates to rule number one is in the following: I will not force you to work an angle with anyone. However, if you limit yourself by refusing to work an angle with someone, you risk your push being threatened if I deem working with this person to be the natural progression. I assure you that unless the person you're refusing to work with has been a nuisance to the fed as a whole, you will be the one that suffers for your stubbornness. I can act as an intermediary to facilitate a feud if you simply CAN'T speak to this person. That's an option. But if you choose to insist, and I choose to insist right back, your options are the same as in rule number 1. Act professionally, be jobbed, or find another fed.

3. If you have an issue with another handler, I would like you to bring it to me. I am an administrator of this site along with Chad, Steve, Pete, Katz, etc. I have rights to do anything they can do. If something happens in EPW and you go to another administrator other than me, and I hear about it (which I will), I'm going to be very annoyed.

4. I'm very blunt but not rude. I will be truthful, and I don't set out to piss anyone off, and having said that, if you want an honest answer from me, that's what you'll get. If you want me to help you get better, that's what you get. If you want me to step over your feelings and make you feel better about yourself, go ask a therapist instead. That's not my job.

5. The deadline for roleplay is always in the lineup post, which is found in the Corporate subforum stickied to the top of that forum until the show is finished.

More if something else comes up.