View Full Version : NBW Presents SLAM Episode XXI - A New Type of Bull Fighting

Spike Saunders
11-23-11, 05:18 PM
Hello, hello Knight Watchers. Last night we gave Seville, Spain a rather wonderful treat as for one night the bull fighting festivities were put on a hold to hold a very special wrestling filled show. The highlight of the night was the long awaited defense of the Dynasty Tag Team Championships when champions Shawn Jessica Hart and Torment defended against the team that beat them in a non-Title match in Malta The NightLife USA's Hotstreak and Polar.

Fenton Woods also stepped into the ring with Warren Spade for a handicap match against the Colossus Spike Saunders. Everyone's beloved Ninjas were in action, as well as the dynamic force known as Family Keeling. Even Seville's own El Rodeo treated our fans last night. The Upper Echelon were also in action as Judasbleek took up RaVage's Five Minute Challenge, and Son of Malta took on Spain's own Santiago Sabino. That of course is only a small selection of last night's affairs. For the full experience check out the live stream today! We'll see you all next week from Britain. Until then, Happy Thanksgiving!

VIEW: SLAM TWENTY ONE! (http://thenbw.com/2010/events/slam/slam21.shtml)