View Full Version : Bye bye Luck........ :(

11-07-11, 06:25 PM
So much anger..... why... Dolphins..... why?

11-07-11, 06:36 PM
I really don't wanna hear it, lol

11-07-11, 06:39 PM
I really don't wanna hear it, lol

Ditto. News in Indy is that Manning may be done for good, so... no complaints here. Still a good crop of QBs out there.

11-07-11, 07:52 PM
I really don't wanna hear it, lol I don't know man. I guess I have a different mentality then most fans.... if my team is terrible and constantly losing I want them to be able to secure that number one pick especially for someone like Luck.

I just barely fell in love with the game of football just as Marino retired, ever since then it's been nothing but bad quarterback play and questionable draft picks.

The Dolphins have what I would consider to be a top of the line offensive line, that's the only 'real' good drafting and free agent signing that they have accomplished. Our big play receiver wants to get kicked out of games and our top running back free agent signing has more production on his Pizza Hut commercials then he has on the field.

I deserve this rage for this crap team.

J The Ripper
06-14-12, 08:37 PM
Wait wait wait...you had Ricky Williams in his prime and I'm sorry but they called Weed a performance enhancing drug...unless there is a giant ass Hershey bar in the endzone I don't see it helping him run.