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08-20-11, 12:14 AM
Year Open: August 21, 2011

Fed Head Experience: 6 months.

Efedding experience: 20+ years (combined)

Wrestler Type: Original Wrestlers only

One per week : Story/Promo based

RP's: We have a 1RP minimum/ 3RP maximum for every show (Including PPVs). Length isn't important as long as it's quality.

About the Fed: Two of the biggest names in the HISTORY of G-Fed ("Grandmaster" Glyn Speight and E-Rock) have teamed up to bring you the most sensationalist, storyline driven, role play experience! We're looking to create a fun atmosphere where people are encouraged to post and have fun both on the RP and OOC boards! Drama queens will be fired (if not banned). No questions asked. We're looking for a maximum of 25 role players so that we can focus more on the RPs, storylines, and angles. While we are storyline driven, we will never base wins or losses strictly on story UNLESS both talents specifically request it.

Titles: World Championship, Television Championship (defended at every show), and Tag Team Championship.

Website: XWA G-Fed (http://www.gfedwrestling.com/GFed/welcome.py?league_id=556)

NOTE: This fed is hosted on G-Fed. For those of you unfamiliar with that community, you must first register on the site before being able to apply to the fed.

08-21-11, 04:41 PM
There's doesn't seem to be an edit function, so I apologize for bumping this post.

We are no longer the XWA. Someone else on G-Fed already has that name and politely asked us to not use it.
So we've changed names and are now the Universal Wrestling Alliance. Everything else remains the same.

Also, we're still waiting on getting our graphics sorted out. Glyn (the fed owner) wants to hold off on doing that until his guy comes through for him (which should be any day now).

If you're a talented writer looking for a great fed experience, or a not so talented writer looking to improve, please bookmark our page as our doors will be opening any day now. I'll do my best to keep you guys posted.