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03-28-11, 02:30 PM

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New ERA of Wrestling is looking for talent for its second season!

New ERA ran as a traditional wrestling promotion from January 2004 - September 2010. After taking a few months to reevaluate the league, it has been re-opened using a "season-based" format.

What are seasons? Seasons are a grouping of six shows – five Cyberstrike events and one “season-ending” premier event. Wrestlers sign up for a single season. When the season is over, they can sign on for another season .. or they can leave.

New ERA runs a single webshow, "Cyberstrike." Results are extremely short-formed. Imagine the old show reviews posted in magazines like The Wrestler or Pro Wrestling Illustrated. You get the basic "Wrestler A d. Wrestler B." In the summary section, each match is given a paragraph or two to describe what happened.

In a change from Season 1, there is now a 2-RP limit on Cyberstrike season shows.

At the end of each season, New ERA will head to the DCU Center in Worcester, Massachusetts for "premier events." Premier events will be written in full form and "broadcast" on ESENtv. They act as a season "finale" so to speak.

There is a 2-RP limit for premier event shows. Premier events include: Destrucity, BattleBRAWL, PrimeTime, BANNED in the US, and an event to be named later.

There is a single championship belt in New ERA ... the New ERA Championship. There are three ways to bank a championship shot; win three matches in a row, be named a season's Most Valuable Wrestler, and / or win the BattleBRAWL Rumble at the BattleBRAWL premier event.

In order to be named MVW, a wrestler’s top three roleplays from the season will be averaged. The wrestler with the highest average will be crowned that season's Most Valuable Wrestler. Banked championship shots can carry over from one season to the next – but if a shot is not cashed in by the end of the second season after being banked, it will expire. If you no-show more than once per season, you will be disqualified from being named Most Valuable Wrestler.

Added points are tacked onto the three-best RP average if a handler worked on a season-wide angle with another wrestler that substantially improved the quality of the season.

Roleplays are judged on a 50-100 point scale. The roleplay must be RELEVANT to the match at hand. Character development roleplays are encouraged, and can be posted on the RP forums ... as long as the [CD] tag is posted in the thread title.

For more information, visit the RULES section on the website .. check out our forums .. read some results from Cyberstrike and Season 1’s premier event BattleBRAWL 3 .. if you like what you see, sign up for Season 2 – we’d love to have ya!

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