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09-12-10, 04:38 AM
Blink. Blink. Blink.

The "|" of a DOS prompt fades in and out waiting for direction.

Blink. Blink. Blink.

Blink. Blink. Blink.

It waits patiently.

Blink. Blink. Blink.


The black screen disappears, consumed by the opening of the program. A leprechaun, presented in graphics that only a mother stuck in 1993 could love, pops on screen.


The camera closes in on the screen, cutting off the beginning of the URL. The cursor finally comes skipping across the focused area.


The chat bubble above the 8bit leprechaun "LOLz" as an animated rainbow crashes next to him from the right side of the screen.


The leprechaun slowly steps onto the rainbow and both are less-than-gracefully removed from the screen. A box pops up with lists of professional wrestling leagues. We see familiar leagues; both past and present. As the white box rapidly goes down the list, it pauses on one league: NECW.

The screen changes and a list of files cascades down the screen. The white box quickly goes down the list, passing such topics as "When Worlds Collide Logo - Alternate" and "Gymboree 2004 - First Draft." The shot even catches a file named "Christmas Chaos 2010 - Unreleased!" before settling on the "BACK" option.

With a quick tap of the enter button we are back to the previous screen - the white box still on "NECW." More slowly now, the box continues onward. It passes a few more leagues before stopping on "NEW (New ERA)."

Once more the screen is filled with a long list of files. The selector slowly passing files such as "Day of Despair - Canceled," "WFW:NE Destrucity II - Unused."

It finally reaches file names as "newnew - preview1" and "newnew - preview2." After a delay, it clicks down to the latest entry, posted on September 10, 2010 named "newnew - rough photocopy preview7."

The selection made, a notification pops up on screen, "PRESS F8 TO PRINT TO LOCAL PRINTER."

The pop-up retreats and there is nothing.


It sounds like the churning of wheels, or perhaps, the spooling of a home printer. Yes. It is.


The screen goes black. The monitor flashes. BIOS.

A few seconds later the Windows XP logo.

The camera pulls back from the screen and turns. The room is dark. Even with the Windows XP login screen inviting someone to enjoy its stability - the camera cannot make out its surroundings.

The printer has finished. A hand reaches out and grabs the paper. Ushering it onto the desk, he holds it in the air, the light from the computer monitor filtering through - revealing his booty.


The person drops the paper from sight and as his hand reaches over for the power button, the autofocus reveals the Windows XP login screen.




Waiting for USERNAME: "NEWERAOFWRESTLING" to enter his or her password.

09-12-10, 10:35 PM
Bumping this shiz - super secretly (but not really THAT super secretly) ..