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03-27-10, 06:28 PM
Real Name: Xander Thomas
Ring Name: (If same as above, leave blank.)
Nickname: Rated X-Dogman
Hometown: Red Hook, Brooklyn, New York
Height: 5'9
Weight:: 229

Alignment (Heel/Face/Tweener): Heel
Entrance Music: Line of Blood by Ty Stone
Entrance Description: Casual. Nothing special.
*Line of Blood hits the PA System*
Xander Thomas bulges from the curtains and stops at the top of the ramp and smiles, and then makes his way down the ramp, very arrogantly. He climbs into the ring and takes his shades off very slowly, smiling at the crowd*

Ring Attire:
No Shirt.
Red leather pants with Xander written down the left side pants leg in black. The right side of the pants leg has black flames going up to the waist.
He wears Gucci made shades to the ring, but takes them off for action.
Black wrestling boots.

Normal Attire: Don't get this

Wrestling Style(Technical, Speedy, Power, etc): All Arounder. Nothing he can't really do. Considered a master of innovation.

Ring Persona: Cocky

Signature Taunt: None

Basic Move List(You must have at least ten moves but no more than twenty. Keep it realistic. It wouldn't make much sense to have a bunch of finishing moves here.)
1. Drop Toe Hold
2. Drop kick to the face while opponent is in the Tree of Woe
3. Multi Kick Combination to the Body
4. DDT while opponent's legs is on the top rope
5. Clinched knees to the face
6. Enziguri

7. Lightning Spiral

8. Leg sleep (I think its SKO, might be wrong though)

9. Flying Knee Kick

10. Pele Kick

Signature Moves(These are moves that aren't quite finishers, but that will make people think of your character. Five max.)

1. Sliding D

2. Brainbustaaaah!!

3. The John Woo

4. Leap of Faith

5. Ranhei

Finishing Moves(Two max):

1. X-Rated Stomp

2. Burning Psychosis

Biography: His father is the owner of a now defunct promotion. He is very rich, and loves to brag about it. He is also very cocky and self centered. He truly believes he is better then everyone and that every person on this earth should kiss the ground he walks on.

Title History(No fake titles): None

Quote(If applicable.): I am the Bad Mofo

Pic Base (Make sure to check against the Character Directory HERE): Brad Pitt (Tyler Durden from Fight Club)