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02-15-10, 06:32 AM

RING NAME: Jack Vonnegut
AGE: 27
HEIGHT: 5"10
WEIGHT: 220lbs
APPEARANCE: Jack has a medium build with short, messy dark hair and blue-berry colored eyes. For clothing, Jack sports a long-sleeve white dress shirt with rolled up sleeves and a dark black tie, along with a pair of ash-brown corduroy pants.
PERSONALITY: Jack is a lone-wolf and likes to keep to himself backstage. He is very intelligent and very cocky, but tries his best to keep his ego from making him do stupid things.
BACKGROUND: Jack Vonnegut was born in Newfoundland, Canada before moving away to Quebec to attend McGill University with a full scholarship. There he acquired a joint BA and BS degree, majoring in biochemistry. He continued to study at the university until a sudden expension which reasons were unknown to the public. This was a turning point in Jack's life, as now he was without a steady source of income nor inner happiness. So, to release this new-found anger, Jack quickly began training as a professional wrestler to find some kind of personal release, and quickly enrolled with the New ERA of Wrestling.
HOMETOWN: Mount Pearl, Newfoundland
ENTRANCE MUSIC: School (Nirvana)
RING ENTRANCE: "School" by Nirvana blasts through the PA system as Jack Vonnegut appears. He subtly shrugs his shoulders, briefcase in hand, and begins to walk down the ramp, ignoring all the screaming fans around him. He slides underneath the bottom rope and into the ring, and places his briefcase by the turnbuckle as he begins to study his opponent.

1. Snap Suplex
2. Hurricanrana
3. German Suplex
4. Snap DDT
5. Facebuster
6. Neckbreaker
7. Figure Four Leglock
8. Boston Crab
9. Superplex
10. Backbreaker

SETUP: Superkick
FINISHER: Sharpshooter