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John Doe
01-24-10, 11:28 AM
(CUE UP: “Little Things” by Danny Elfman and Unkle)

“Have you heard the news?”


“Bad things come in twos. “


“But I never knew
'Bout the little things. “


“Every single day
Things get in my way.”


“Someone has to pay
For the little things. “


John Doe
01-24-10, 11:33 AM


Pyrotronics rears up from the ramp as the camera begins its path around the Staples Center catching the fans as they cheer loudly, its trademark hangover shot of the octagon cage that stands in the center of the arena. Camera shot changes to Troy Young and Andrew Parker both in suits and both at their desk to call the fights.

YOUNG: We are now live on Channel 238 MMA-HD TV! And boy is there a lot of stuff that needs to be covered before we can even being to talk about the fights tonight at Retaliation Four, isn’t that right Andrew?

PARKER: Hit the nail on the head Troy, there has been so much activity here in SWIFT over the last week with Shiner and with the Jonathan Marx incident with Eli Scheinberg that things are really starting to explode.

YOUNG: Before any pre-fight talks or commentary from Andrew and myself we are asked to play this clip of a press conference held earlier this week by Colin Corvitz.


We are in a conference room, the room hosts a SWIFT back drop white a podium in the middle where Colin Corvitz is standing, he is an older gentleman, black slick backed hair wearing a decent suit as he takes a sip from the water that is in front of him. A lot of Mixed Martial Arts magazines are at this conference also some sports columnists and TV stations.

CORVITZ: As of last week, SWIFT: MMA, was given a no-go by Shiner LLC, the original contract that we had signed agreed that if we couldn’t do our part in merchandise and ticket sales that Shiner would have every right to detach from us. The issue is that Shiner was a major money backer for SWIFT. Also, Shiner owned the SWIFT title.

CORVITZ: After many hours of talking, and Shiner taking a few days to think, they agreed to sell us the rights to SWIFT for the red mark of their loses of SWIFT, we agreed. So as of January Nineteenth, SWIFT MMA has become privately owned.

CORVITZ: What that means is, I own SWIFT on hundred percent, and that is a major feat. They wanted to shut us down, they failed, so, the fans can stay sure SWIFT will go on.

MAN(Random): What about the Marx versus Scheinberg decision there has been a lot of controversy about that fight.

CORVITZ: That is not my area to speak around, I am going to turn the podium over to our head booker Josh Fieldings.

Another man stands up and replaces Corvitz at the podium.

FIELDINGS: I know many people are questioning Anthony Russell about the decision of the fight, the fact is we can’t change the outcome of that fight. Uh, a lot of people especially Eli said his gloves didn’t’ drop he was looking to trap an arm bar.

FIELDINGS: I mean, Jonathan Marx has pretty much said he will be more than willing to fight Eli again, that he will make him knockout again, so tensions are a bit high. On the booking end we are looking to do a Marx v Scheinberg again after One Shot at Glory.

John Doe
01-24-10, 11:49 AM
Cut back to the Staples Center where Troy Young and Andrew Parker sit.

YOUNG: Oh man! We are gonna get another Marx and Scheinberg fight!

PARKER: That is exciting because I thought the first fight was called to early, I think that Anthony Russell gave it excessively early to Jonathan Marx.

YOUNG: By the way, One Shot at Glory, it’s happening right after Retaliation Five! Now, the thing is with our first pay per view and our first fight to get a champion. I understand you had a chance to talk to Mr. Josh Fieldings about the championship and how it will play out, Andrew?

PARKER: Yes I did, the championship as Fieldings put it, is a top prize. To make it more special that top prize will only be defended at pay per views, with that mentality this title is going to be the pride and joy of SWIFT: MMA. They are looking forward to this pay per view more than anything.

YOUNG: I can’t either, and neither can the fans of SWIFT! But tonight, tonight holds a value as well because we are getting closer to finding fighters that will meet in combat for the SWIFT Championship. But tonight we are scheduled for three action packed fights in that cage.

PARKER: Have we even named the cage? I mean we just call it “the cage” we need to give that baby a name!

YOUNG: I just like the cage, it sounds more focused on what that big momma is, and tonight a member of the Crown Heights Assembly will be facing off in the cage against James Rollins who suffered a defeat last week to the hands of Liu Kuan.

PARKER: Well, this is Jimmy Luzzatto’s chance to show the world what the Crown Heights Assembly can do by avenging Eli Scheinberg’s defeat to Jonathan Marx. So, he has a great chance to really put up a mark, Rollins, he needs to shape up.

YOUNG: Well, I think that Rollins is going to really give Jimmy a run here, because he needs this win tonight.

PARKER: Well, tell that to the man who defeated him, Liu Kuan, who is facing off tonight after a very impressive knockout to James Rollins in the first round last week! This week he faces off with Kenneth Williams, who was unable to fight the week prior.

YOUNG: That puts Williams in a great position, he has had two weeks of hard training and saw what Kuan is able to do in the cage, so he has a world of opportunity in front of him. So we shall see exactly where this fight is going to go.

PARKER: And, our main event of the evening, two brand new fighters wanting to make their MMA debuts here tonight, Landon Price a very promising new comer has a great chance to make a name for himself as he faces off against Joesph Baskin.

YOUNG: Have you noticed that none of our fights so far have hit that three round mark, and when it does we should expect an uproar from these fans, tonight with Baskin and Price facing off, it can go to three rounds.

PARKER: Especially from what their camps are saying! These two have a chance to make t happen and throw some punishment in each other’s way.

YOUNG: And I think it is now time for our first bout of the evening, Andrew.

PARKER: It is, our fights tonight are all going to be three five minute round fights, scored by three judges. The winner of each round will receive a score of ten, with the loser receiving nine of less. The score is based on aggression, effective striking, and cage control.

YOUNG: Our tale of the tape is sponsored by Gamer the DVD! Jimmy Luzzatto of the Crown Heights Assembly is standing at six feet –two inches tall and comes in under weight for this fight two hundred giving up a lot of weight to his James Rollins who is probably the biggest guy in SWIFT a towering six-foot five. Luzzatto will give up thirty-five pounds for this fight as Rollins weighs in at two hundred and thirty-five pounds.

(CUE UP: "I Drink Alone" by George Thorogood as Jimmy Luzzatto comes out with his trainers, a cigarette hanging from his mouth, wearing a robe resembling the Italian flag. It's opened up, revealing his white boxing shorts that read "THE HOBOKEN HAMMER" in red cursive. He enters the cage and begins to warm up in the blue corner.)

PARKER: Was he just smoking on his way out to the cage?

YOUNG: HA! Yeah he was, hey as our nifty flash video says on the SWIFT webpage, “Unpredictable”,

(CUE UP: "Liar" by the Rollins Band, Rollins comes out wearing a long, sleeveless black hoodie with the hood up. Accompanied by his team, his mood is very pensive and silent until he climbs in the cage and takes off his accessories. He stands in the red corner.)

PARKER: We happily send it over to Jeff Harper for our first official introduction of the night.

HARPER: And we are live!!! Right here in the Staples Center Arena in Los Angeles, California for our first fight of the evening! Tonight’s fight is scheduled for three five-minute rounds, introducing first, this man is boxer with a SWIFT MMA record of no wins with no loses and no draws. He stands at six feet two inches tall, weighing in at two hundred pounds, he is a member of the Crown Heights Assembly! Fighting out of Crown Heights, Brooklyn! THE HOBOKEN HAMMER! JIMMY LUZZATTO!!!!!!
Big pop as a camera goes to a sign in the crowd that says “Eli got screwed!”

HARPER: His opponent stands in the red corner and has a SWIFT MMA Record of no wins with one loss and no draws, he is a Judo fighter standing at six feet five inches tall. Weighing in at two hundred thirty-five pounds and fighting out of Washington, DC! He is The Think Tank, JAMES ROLLINS! And when the action begins our referee in charge of this contest is Anthony Russell.

PARKER: Oh boy….Do you think they book Russell in this bout on purpose? Another Crown Heights Screw Job?!

YOUNG: It wasn’t a screw job…

PARKER: Whatever, here we go! Luzzatto, Rollins, and here we go, Luzzatto coming out right away with a leg kick, he doesn’t even touch his gloves.
YOUNG: I wouldn’t either, Anthony Russell is referring this fight, and we know the controversy he has with the Crown Heights Assembly after the incident with Eli Scheinberg.

PARKER: Rollins trying to clinch Luzzatto, but Luzzatto just ducks and a side kick, and he centers. Looking for an opening here.

YOUNG: That’s the thing about Mixed Martial Arts Andrew, it’s a chess game. He wants to clinch,
Luzzatto wants that takedown, he comes from a team of wrestlers, but he needs to be careful a wrong takedown will lead to a judo throw from Rollins.

PARKER: That is absolutely key here Troy, he needs to be smart, Rollins, throwing a right…BIG TAKEDOWN BY JIMMY LUZZATTO! He is in open guard, look at this! Luzzatto literally pushing Rollins in guard against the cage.

YOUNG: Very dangerous position for Rollins, being stacked on your back against the cage is the worst. Luzzatto with some shots to the side of Rollins, Rollins holding guard here.

PARKER: Good defense here by Rollins, just trying to hold guard to prevent Luzzatto from transitioning. Over the top shot from Luzzatto who is still on top of Rollins, trying to pass to half, Rollins blocks it.

YOUNG: Luzzatto grabbing the wrist of Rollins, pushing up, he got his head out and Luzzatto is to his feet. And he is pointing at Rollins telling him to get up! Wow! He is taunting Rollins!

PARKER: That is a strategy Troy, he is trying to get in the head of James Rollins, trying to make him mad and make a mistake.

YOUNG: Or he is just being a d-ck.

PARKER: Or that, Rollins comes up to his feet, fake jab and a leg kick to Luzzatto, Rollins has a clinch!

YOUNG: Not a good place for Jimmy Luzzatto….


YOUNG: NO!!! Jimmy Luzzatto!!! He just rolled through the throw!!! I have never seen that! Never! What a show of his knowledge, he now is in side control of James Rollins.

PARKER: This is where the Crown Heights Assembly is so dangerous, Rollins really needs to be careful, because I head in this position Luzzatto is most known for pinning an arm down with his leg and reaching over for a key lock…

YOUNG: Just like he did right now! Luzzatto has one arm pinned of Rollins, in a crucifix position, throwing some back elbows to the face of Rollins as Rollins is trying to buck him off.

PARKER: Rollins is in a world of trouble if he doesn’t get Jimmy Luzzatto off of him, every time he bucks Luzzatto is just wrecking his face with that back elbow.

YOUNG: Well he needs to, he is working to try and get that arm and if he can get that Americana key Lock on Rollins from this position its game over…and he has the wrist of Rollins now pinned down with his hands!

PARKER: Rollins needs to roll right here, Luzzatto has his left arm pinned with his legs and now has his right arm pinned down with his hands, if he slips a hand under that’s it…

YOUNG: And he does!!! Luzzatto has the Americana in!!! Rollins is not tapping out though, he needs more pressure…


YOUNG: Did I miss something?! I didn’t see Rollins tap out…

PARKER: I think Russell is saying his shoulder is broken…I think Jimmy Luzzatto just broke the shoulder of James Rollins. Let’s look at a replay here….there’s the Americana, a great shoulder lock, Rollins isn’t tapping, and oh wow….yeah, right there, as Luzzatto begins to pull the arm closer to Rollins own hip to gain more leverage the shoulder just breaks upward and Anthony Russell just stops the fight.

YOUNG: Jesus, Jimmy Luzzatto, just broke a guys shoulder! I mean, that is rare, but hey that is what happens in this sport.

PARKER: The fans are cheering loudly here, I think they enjoyed watching that way too much. Ha. Well we send it down to Jeff Harper for our official decision.

HARPER: Ladies and Gentlemen, referee Anthony Russell…

Crowd Boos

HARPER: Has called a stop to this contest at four minutes and twelve seconds of the first round, your winner, by TKO victory due to referee stoppage, “The Hoboken Hammer “JIMMY LUZZATTO!!!!!!

John Doe
01-24-10, 11:54 AM
PARKER: Jimmy Luzzatto picking up his first Mixed Martial Arts victory here tonight in California, this isn’t the first stop though is it?

YOUNG: Not at all Andrew, we are making a b-line all the way across California in what we call the Gold Rush Tour! So we will do all of California then I heard rumors of a tour in Texas.

PARKER: I heard that as well, Troy. And the name is rumored to be The Lone Star Slaughter tour. So that will be interesting and a very unique approach that Colin Corvitz is taking going state by state to build the company up until we are able to travel to individual towns.

YOUNG: But there is about to be a slaughter right now, and we don’t have to go to Texas to witness it, our very own Karate Kid Liu Kuan is going to fight Kenneth Williams here tonight.

PARKER: How fitting of a fight tonight because Kenneth Williams just like Liu Kuan is also a striker, a boxing professional.

YOUNG: But the difference is that Kuan is an elusive fighter, you think he’s here and then he’s not, he has a lot of power too so to under estimate the man is not somewhere I want to go.

PARKER: We will see here tonight what type of fighter Kuan comes out to be as he goes one on one with The Icon, Kenneth Williams.

YOUNG: Our tale of the tape is sponsored by New Era of Wrestling’s Destructivity Two! Live on Pay Per View! Visit Neweraofwrestling-dot-net. Liu The Grim Reaper Kuan weighs in today at two hundred and two pounds, three pounds lighter than the two hundred and five mark, but they are letting him get on board, coming in at five foot eleven he is shorter than the six foot two Kenneth Williams. Williams weighed in today at two forty but Kuan still accepted the fight.

PARKER: This is going to be a great match up tonight in California!

(CUE UP: "Kingdom Come" by Jay-Z as Kenneth Williams walks down the ramp and into the cage, he walks over to the blue corner and warms up slightly and stretches, a bit of shadow boxing)

( CUE UP: “For Whom The Bell Tolls by Metallica” as Liu comes out wearing a black hooded robe made of silk, he has the hood up and carries a Sycthe in his right hand. His overall mood is usually focused on the match, underneath the robe he wears a pair of black trunks with the word Grim Reaper written in white on the back. He enters the cage as well, warming up a bit before introductions, he stands in the red corner.)

PARKER: And we turn this fight over to Jeff Harper for our official introductions here in Los Angeles.

HARPER: The following fight is scheduled for three five minute rounds! Introducing first standing in the blue corner, this man is a boxer and holds a SWIFT MMA record of no wins with no loses and no draws, and hails from Savannah, Georgia! Standing at six feet two inches tall and weighs two hundred and forty pounds, he is The Icon, KENNETH WILLIAMS!!!!

Small mediocre pop

HARPER: And his opponent! He has a current SWIFT MMA record of one with no loses and no draws with one knockout! He fights out of Beijing, China coming by way of air! He stands five foot eleven and weighs two-hundred and two pounds, he is LIU “THE GRIM REAPER” KUAN!!!!!! And when the action starts the referee in charge of this bout is Robert Tilema!

PARKER: Kuan and Williams, right here, right now! Here we go, one on one, first time we are seeing Kenneth Williams in the Cage, second time for Kuan in the cage, nothing new for him. A sharp leg kick by Kuan.

YOUNG: You see how far back Kuan is though, he needs to semi-spring forward when he throws those
kicks, whoa! Kenneth Williams trying a flurry of punches at Kuan, and Kuan just evades all of them, because of that distance I just mentioned.

PARKER: It is a great technique, you don’t see that often in a fighter most want to be forward and attacking, but Kuan is more of a slip and attack fighter, very big on counter punches.

YOUNG: Another leg kick, and a switch transition to a body kick!

PARKER: That was more flare than anything, he wanted to show off some of his skills, Williams seems hesitant to get involved with Kuan because of that counter punching he has.

YOUNG: Well, it’s really not helping that Williams is circling right and Kuan has his right hand a bit cocked back ready to strike, stepping front kick, and a right jab from Kuan.

PARKER: Liu Kuan, making a lot of adjustments and striking, those are points Troy, so we can see how effective Kuan is.

YOUNG: Williams trying to press forward, Kuan circling, he is too smart to want to fully engage Williams.

PARKER: Williams, looking for a jab, and a clinch from Kuan! Looking for a trip!!!!

YOUNG: NOT HAPPENING! Williams backing against the fence and a warning from Robert Tilema. Williams trying to pry off Kuan, Kuan holding him to that cage and kneeing Williams in the thigh.

PARKER: Kuan letting go of Williams, moving towards the center, and that’s what’s great about Kuan, he doesn’t want to be in one position too long.

YOUNG: He wants to fight Andrew, he wants to repeat what he did to Rollins last week, WILLIAMS WITH A JAB! KUAN SLIPS AND HITS NA OVER HAND RIGHT! WILLIAMS WAS ROCKED THERE!

PARKER: He was! Kuan tried to hit another punch but Williams slipped and had enough time to recover, but he is hurt, that was a great counter punch, Kuan is dangerous in that field as we said.

YOUNG: Kuan circling a bit trying to find an angle here, you can see that he wants to just attack Williams.

PARKER: Williams needs to just take away the elusive behavior of Kuan.

YOUNG: Williams with a short jab….AND A BIG HOOK!

PARKER: Kuan looks hurt!!! Williams going for an uppercut!!!



YOUNG: That was….amazing…the Grim Reaper indeed! He just tattooed the jaw of Kenneth Williams with
his foot, I am not surprised if he will need that wired shut!

PARKER: That won’t surprise me, Liu Kuan means serious business in the cage! Another knockout from Liu Kuan!

YOUNG: This guy may be unstoppable in this sport we call Mixed Martial Arts. Jeff Harper with our official decision.

HARPER: Referee Robert Tilema has called a stop to this contest at two minutes and thirty seven seconds of the first round, your winner by way of knockout, LIU “THE GRIM REAPER” KUAN!!!!!

John Doe
01-24-10, 11:57 AM
PARKER: Liu Kuan, now two and zero in our cage here at SWIFT, and he takes home another win tonight!

YOUNG: He is just steam rolling, just like Jimmy Luzzatto and Jonathan Marx, so we will see how he does at Retaliation Five and if he can win another match he may be facing off for our Championship belt.

PARKER: That guy has a lot of potential and a lot of talent.

YOUNG: I agree, Andrew, but so do these next two fighters, Landon Price will tee off against Joseph Baskin.

PARKER: And both of them are new to SWIFT, they both have a lot to prove so we will see where these two take this fight.

YOUNG: Yes they are and here is the tale of the tape for both of them! Landon Price weighing in at two hundred and five pounds on the button and stands at six feet one inch tall his opponent Joseph Baskin matches that height but weights two hundred and thirty five pounds.

PARKER: Weight advantage goes to Baskin for sure.

(CUE UP: "Fire It Up" Black Label Society as Landon Price walks down the ramp and enters the cage warming in the blue corner.)

(CUE U: Sweet Home Alabama starts up over the PA system as the fans climb to their feet. "The Southern Boy" Joseph Baskin walks out of the curtain, being lead by Team Southern Boy. Joseph is wearing his usual "Alabama Flag" shorts and a black towel over his head. As he nears the cage, the referee stops him and checks his gloves. After the okay, Joseph hops into the cage and jogs around while
shadow-boxing. He comes back to his corner)

PARKER: Jeff Harper with our official introductions.

HARPER: Ladies and gentleman the following fight is scheduled for three five minute rounds, introducing first standing in the blue corner, this man is a Ninpo and Karate fighter, he stands feet one inch tall and weighs in at two hundred and five pounds! He has a SWIFT MMA record of no wins with no loses and no draws, fighting out of Montreal, Quebec, Canada! He is LANDON “ THE PRAIRIE SAMURAI” PRICE!

Good sized pop.

HARPER: And his opponent fighting out of the red corner, this man has a SWIFT MMA record of no wins with no loses and no draws. He stands six feet one inch tall and weighs in at two hundred and thirty five pounds! He is a fighter out of the Brazilian Jujitsu system and is from Birmingham, Alabama! Introducing, The Southern Boy, JOSEPH BASKIN!!! And when the action begins our referee in charge of this contest is Justin Seet!

PARKER: Baskin faces Price, and here we go, one is a karate expert the other is a BJJ fighter, touch of gloves, and immediately they come to fight, and they are just throwing!!!

YOUNG: Baskin, I don’t think he is enjoying the punches exchanged and is pressing Price against the cage after grabbing a clinch, some knees to the thigh.

PARKER: And now Landon Price reverses the clinch! He has Basking against the cage, he pulls away good uppercut, right straight, and Price breaks away.

YOUNG: Wow, these guys are at an amazing pace here, Baskin few punches and a head kick, blocked by Price and now Price is throwing a combination of jabs.

PARKER: Baskin with a short jab and a good leg kick, Landon Price just looks like he is in the game here>

YOUNG: I agree Andrew, he looks like he is concentrating on what is going on trying to find his distance and marks.

PARKER: Baskin with another punch! Inside leg kick and one to the body! LANDON PRICE GRABS THE LEG THAT WAS THROWN!

YOUNG: LOOK AT THIS! Baskin jumping up for a Guillotine Choke! And this fight is on the ground with Joseph Basking having the neck of Landon Price in a Guillotine Choke!

PARKER: No, he lost control, slipping the closed guard now with Landon Price on top.

YOUNG: When they get to their feet you really have to watch what happens with Baskin closes and gets in range, he throws punches at a rate that probably no one in this company can match.

PARKER: Price trying to work in Baskin’s guard right now, using his hands on the face of Basking to pry off and move to half guard.

YOUNG: And you can see that Price is actually very good in this position using a shot to the body then coming over the top to the head.

PARKER: And that just goes with Price being a tactical striker.

YOUNG: Good elbow by Landon Price, he has really good form here, Joseph Baskin, not trying to exert a lot of energy but he is paying for it with every shot Landon Price lands on him.

PARKER: A lot of scrambling here, and you can see Basking trying to roll his hips over for an arm bar but he has no control when doing it.

YOUNG: Well, you can see Price is just doing damage with elbows and doing a great job of keeping Basking to his back, and it looks like Joseph Baskin is bleeding a little bit.

PARKER: HE is, from the nose, and you can see Baskin trying to use his feet to sweep Price, but every time he tries Landon grabs his hips and just pins him to the ground, great thinking by Price.

YOUNG: One minute remaining in this round.

PARKER: And Price just ground and pounding right now! Lots of punches in bunches to Basking who is on the bottom covering up to reduce some of that damage!

YOUNG: And Baskin trying for another Guillotine Choke!

PARKER: No, Price slips out again, and you can hear Price’s corner yelling for some elbows. And that’s the first round.

YOUNG: Landon Price did a really good job of just isolating Baskin to the ground and keeping him there, and the opening to this fight, I know I say this a lot, but wow.

PARKER: That opening was the greatest I have seen technically wise, okay no I take that back, the Marx and Scheinberg fight was a hell of an opening, just wrestling wise.

YOUNG: I mean, these two guys are great, but Price is walking way with that round.

PARKER: And each man’s corner talking now, will the second d round be like the first.

John Doe
01-24-10, 11:58 AM
YOUNG: Second round is under way, will Price unleash on Baskin?

PARKER: Good exchanges of punches and a leg kick in there from Baskin, and that is what he likes to do is those leg kicks.

YOUNG: They will wear you down, take ten or fifteen of those in a fight you can’t walk.

PARKER: Price with a Maui Tai clinch and a knee, and Basking gets a takedown!

YOUNG: Now we get to see what Baskin can do on top, and immediately he is in half guard. Good flurry of punches from Baskin! LOOKS LIKE BASKIN HAS PRICE’S BACK!!!

PARKER: That will happen when you turn away from punches in half guard, OH! Baskin slipped off and now he is on his back with Price on top again!

YOUNG: Not good for Baskin, Not good at all, that was sloppy transition and he now may have given Landon Price a big advantage.

PARKER: Price working a lot of punches now, pressing Baskin against the cage, and Baskin trying to stand up now but Landon Price is denying him by controlling Baskin’s hips.

YOUNG: Well big mistake by Baskin again because now Price is in guard. He needs to stay calm and stat working smart, and work to get to half guard.

PARKER: I haven’t seen Price able to leave this position yet, so we will see what happens if he can improve to a better offense, he has done great holding down Baskin when he’s attempted to escape to sweep, but as far as transitions to better offense it hasn’t happened.

YOUNG: A lot of holes in both men’s ground games, but both are solid when they get in a certain position, Andrew.

PARKER: OH look here! Baskin, he’s going for a Kimura! To the left arm of Price! He has it in!

YOUNG: He is trying to crank it! Price moving to half guard now. One minute left in the round.

PARKER: The issue is he has no control of the legs of Price! He has the Kimura but its loose and sloppy, no control on the body either.

YOUNG: Price is not in a lot of danger right now, Now Baskin is in full guard! Now he can really crank that Kimura!!!

PARKER: Now he lost it, he lost the Kimura. Price stacking up Baskin trying some punches down!!!

YOUNG: No! We are going to round three!!!! WOW! The first time in SWIFT MMA history, we are going to a third and final round!

PARKER: This is an incredible fight.
YOUNG: This fight is just phenomenal, and for it to go to the third round is even better! They both need to work harder on the ground I think, if they can we will see a lot of action here tonight in the third round.

PARKER: I don’t even know what to say so far, Landon Price has been really dominating Joseph Baskin when on top, but has been neutralized in the guard.

YOUNG: This fight is literally both ways, depends how you look at it. And we are going into round three, the walk out to the center and a touch of gloves sign of respect.

John Doe
01-24-10, 11:59 AM
PARKER: Third and final round! And immediately they start swinging again!

YOUNG: OH! Landon Price has buckled Joseph Baskin! Basking grabbing for a clinch, Price knee to the body!


YOUNG: Price trying to finish it early in the third, Price is landing a lot of bombs here, a lot of punches, this is even worse because now Price is in side control.

PARKER: Oh wow, big elbows from side control from Price, and Baskin back in half guard, now back to guard.

YOUNG: This is just domination, Landon Price on top, no real action going on here though, and Justin Seet is going to stand them back up.

PARKER: Good call by Justin Seet to do that, nothing happening little pop shots and they need to get to their feet again.

YOUNG: Big kick by Baskin that is blocked by Price.

PARKER: Landon price immediately throwing big punches. They are against the cage no clinch though, Baskin is responding with some good punches and knees!

YOUNG: Good uppercut by Baskin!

PARKER: Another good combination from Baskin! Price looks like his legs are wobbly…OH!!!! ANOTHER TRIP TAKE DOWN BY LANDON PRICE!!!!!

YOUNG: Great technique, great idea, he is back on top again! And Baskin is back to his back again, posturing up from Price and a hammer fist on his way down.

PARKER: And Price working in some elbows, the top of Baskin’s head is now opened up.

YOUNG: This has been a back and forth battle but the main thing is that Landon Price has held Baskin down every time in this position.

PARKER: Price trying to work in his guard with punches all day not really showing improvement, not really leaving the guard much.

YOUNG: No, he hasn’t and that has been an issue, but I think he may walk out of here with the decision today.

PARKER: Without a doubt. A minute thirty left, I think Justin needs to stand this up or Price should stand up and make sure it doesn’t go to decision.

YOUNG: Big elbows again by Price, and Basking trying for that Kimura again!

PARKER: Price keeping a good pace with some punches and is now again out of that Kimura. Baskin really has to do something drastic because the main focus of this fight is Prices ability to keep Baskin to the ground.

YOUNG: This has been a great fight.

PARKER: Ten seconds remaining with Price on top and still throwing some monstrous punches.

YOUNG: And this fight is over! Wow! What a fight! Standing ovation from California as we are going to turn this over for a decision, our first decision Andrew!

PARKER: And what a hell of a fight it has been here tonight to make it a decision!

YOUNG: What two warriors, here is Jeff HARPER with our official decision.

HARPER: Ladies and gentlemen, after three rounds of fighting we go to the judges’ score cards for a decision. All three judges score this contest thirty-twenty seven, declaring the winner by unanimous decision! LANDON “THE PRAIRIE SAMURAI” PRICE!

PARKER: A great way to debut in SWIFT for Landon Price! Winning tonight by a decision. And next is Retaliation Five!

YOUNG: I can’t wait, who knows what fights will be booked, because we are going to San Diego, Gas Lamp Quarter here I come!

PARKER: From everyone here at SWIFT, good night!