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01-22-10, 12:20 AM
RING NAME: "the Wolf" Chris McMillan
AGE / DOB: 02/20/76
WEIGHT: 230 pounds
APPEARANCE: McMillan has a small frame, but he’s packed on some weight since he's been out of the spotlight. Gone is the muscle, replaced w/ man-boobs. The once-thick mane of almost TOO pretty black hair that cascaded to the middle of his back is gone. He now has a receding hairline.. An enormous pair of muttonchop sideburns frames his face, and he is usually seen in black military-style cargo pants, motorcycle boots, and one of a seemingly unending collection of old “Dogs of War” t-shirts..
PERSONALITY: Usually surly, cynical, and yet somehow jovial at the same time. Always making a joke, at ANYONE's expense. Won't hesitate to crack on himself a little, either. No topic is taboo, he’s the guy that will say anything to anyone. Loads of pride, loads of determination. Sometimes feels like he's never gotten his fair shake in the business, but doesn't whine about it. After all, who doesn’t think about “what could have been” once in a while?
BACKGROUND / HISTORY: Chris McMillan is the eternal underdog. Called "the Wolf" after his tenacity and ability to take down a much larger "animal" (not to mention his tendancy to howl at the fans), he's a fan favorite. Originally trained by "The Master of Terror" J.P Swift in the old-school "dirty south" style and starting out as half of a fairly successful regional tag team (The Dogs of War), a stint in Japan Thunder Pro developed his love for puroresu. He took from that an affinity for submission wrestling and dropping people directly on their heads. "The Wolf" is primarily a mat wrestler, but he also has a wide variety of drivers, 'plexes, and arial moves at his disposal. After a fairly successful run of the circuit, he retired in 2004, but just couldn’t get the business out of his blood. He has now come back to New ERA .. attacking his former tag team partner Jason Payne. No one knows what to expect of "the Wolf."
HOMETOWN: Cadillac, Michigan
ENTRANCE MUSIC: “Dogs of War” by Pink Floyd
RING ENTRANCE: Generally just stalks slowly to the ring, eerie amber eyes glaring at his opponent. Nothing fancy. All business. Will often stop to HOOOOOOOWLLLL at the fans, if the crowd's really hot..
WRESTLING STYLE: Technician / Lucha.

1. Spinning Leg Lariat
2. Flying Forearm
3. Corkscrew Plancha
4. Springboard Spinning Legdrop
5. Teardrop Suplex
6. Exploder Suplex
7. Superkick
8. Layout Salto Suplex
9. Cobra Clutch Bomb
10. Cradle Piledriver
11. Floatover DDT
12. Brainbuster
13. Inverted Crucifix
14. 3/4 Nelson Bulldog (Tommyhawk, for example)
15. Sit-Out Bodyslam Driver (Michinoku Driver, for example)
16. Over-the-Shoulder Belly-to-Back Driver (Crash Course, for example)
17. Backdrop Driver
18. Savate Kick
19. Shooting Star Press
20. Reverse Figure Four Leglock

SETUP MANEUVER: Larger opponent: Superkick | Similar-sized opponent: Half-Nelson Suplex
FINISHER DESCRIPTION: Inverted Cradle Piledriver