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01-22-10, 12:09 AM
RING NAME: "the Dog of War" Jason Payne
AGE / DOB: 34
WEIGHT: 275 pounds
ALIGNMENT: Face / Tweener
APPEARANCE: Once a member of the armed forces, Jason Payne has traded in the close cut hairstyle for shoulder length brown hair, and has grown a moustache and goatee. Payne's neck and shoulders are also impressive in size due to Payne's recent condition program that has concentrated on building muscle in those area to protect an injured neck. Out of the ring, Payne wears jeans, combat boots, and custom designed button down shirts with various graphics on them.
PERSONALITY: Payne's personality borders on bi-polar. Seemingly calm and reflective at one moment, and consumed with rage the next, his mindset has run the gamut in his 12 years in the business. Most times Payne is very calm and collected. He takes his times and plans his actions carefully. However when the situation presents itself, or he is pressed, he is capable of doing whatever it takes to get the job done. And although he is working hard for the adualtion of the fans, that doesn't!
BACKGROUND / HISTORY: Payne began watching wrestling at the age of 5 and was instantly hooked. When he was 18, he walked through the door of the Bashm-Schultz Wrestling Academy. The trainers there liked what they saw and booked Payne to put over established talent on a weekly show. Payne befriended another wrestling student by the name of Chris McMillan and they were paired up to put over the established stars. Showing great fluidity as a tag-team, they were given the option of creating thier own gimmick and got a slight push, winning thier wrestling school's tag title. This was the birth of the Dog's of War, a couple of dishonorably discharged veterans who were mecenaries for hire. Frustrated with a lack of money, Payne joined the Navy and left wrestling behind. However one day, he struck an officer out of anger and was dishonorably discharged from the service. Going back to wrestling, Payne travelled the indy circuit before being booked with New Frontier Wrestling. Payne found success there in a fued with his old tag partner, McMillan, and soon was booked in other national based promotions such as New ERA of Wrestling, CSWA, and the interpromotional entity, TEAM.
HOMETOWN: Payneville, Kentucky
ENTRANCE MUSIC: "Dogs of War" by Pink Floyd
RING ENTRANCE: During the opening few seconds if his entrance music, there is a small pyrotechnic display. This display comes off as intense machine gun fire, ending with a concussion explosion in the middle of the ramp. After this, Payne will walk out onto the entrance ramp for a few moments to look over the crowd, before making his way down to the ring. As he walks towards the ring, he may occasionally reach out a hand to the fans, but this is a very uncommon occurence... ie if a show is near his hometown he might do that, but it is not a weekly thing.
New ERA CHAMPIONSHIPS: PRODIGY© Classic Xtreme Champion
WRESTLING STYLE: All-Rounder / Power

1. Spinning Heel Kick
2. Shoulder Tackle
3. Double Underhook DDT
4. Spinebuster
5. Running Powerslam
6. Sidewalk Slam
7. Vertical Suplex
8. Standing Vertical Suplex
9. Flying Clothesline
10. Inverted Piledriver
11. Neckbreaker (usually done as a counter when coming off the ropes)
12. Standing Elbow Drop
13. Back Elbow Smash
14. Shoulderbreaker
15. Russian Leg Sweep
16. Sleeper
17. Camel Clutch
18. Step-Over Toehold
19. Half Boston Crab
21. Bearhug
22. Abdominal Stretch
23. Russian Leg Sweep Anesthesia (Cobra Clutch variation can be used as an alternate finisher if an opponent is physically unable to be put through the Payne Killer. Payne has also been known to use a Cobra Clutch supplex pinning combination as well in lieu of the Payne Killer.)

SETUP MANEUVER: None; Payne can execute the Payne Killer at any point in time.