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User Poets
01-14-10, 11:30 AM
Name: Impulse
Real Name: Randall Knox
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 188 lbs
From: New York, New York
Music: "Revolution Baby" - Queen V

Physical Appearance:


Ring Attire: Long tights, usually black with a muted design on top, darker colors like dark blue or green. Taped fists and wrists with "JFZ" written on the back of his hand with a sharpie.

To the ring he also wears an old, beat up leather jacket and a T-shirt. Writer's choice on the shirt, if it's old and vintage he'll give it to a ring attendant, if it's new, it'll get tossed into the crowd.

Style: Everything. Technique. High Flying. Submission. Shooting. Hooking.

Moveset: Limited only by the size of his opponent and the imagination of the match writer. Will never cheat, use weapons, rake the eyes, choke, or anything of the sort. Intimate knowledge of the human anatomy and may go for a dislocation or pressure point if backed into a corner by an opponent who does use the foreign objects.

Also, is double jointed in both knees, both wrists, and both shoulders.

Finisher: Sudden Impact, a superkick

Signature spots: Shooting Star Press, standing Kata Hajime (since he's usually not heavy enough to force his opponents to the mat), any number of hold - counterhold reversals.

Personality: Stoic. Has so far never lost his temper. Incredibly sarcastic. Does not swear.

Life Story: Grew up in Washington Heights, wanted to be a wrestler his entire life. Trained at Coop's Gym, the same place that produced 'Total Elimination' Eli Flair as well as his best friend Johnny Fizzbin (deceased, the JFZ on the tape is a tribute). Essentially a wrestling sponge, he soaked up everything anyone even half - handedly attempted to teach him.

The upshot is, on paper at least, the perfect wrestler. If his metabolism ever allowed him to bulk to 230-240 he might have been unstoppable.


Name: Calico Rose
Real Name: Rosalyn Callasantos
Nicknames: Rose, Rosie, Cally

From: Da Bronx

Ring Attire:

Mostly casual. Anything from a T-shirt, jeans, and sneakers to a dress and high boots. Not a fan of high heels. Thin and non-enhanced. Bartender in her 'day job.'

She is a non-combatant, IE she will not get involved in a match, but she can defend herself. She trained at the gym with Impulse, but would never make it as a wrestler due to lung damage on top of severe asthma.