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12-10-09, 02:38 PM
HT: 6'6"
WT: 255
Sweetwater, TX

BIO: The 21-year-old nephew of Troy and Mark Windham, Bobby Jack's the latest star to come from Sweetwater. Bobby Jack was an All-State athlete in football, wrestling and track at Sweetwater Area High School and was named by the Abeline Reporter-News as its Texan Athlete of the Year two years in a row. Bobby Jack accepted a wrestling scholarship to Texas Tech University, where he lost only twice in his career, both in the NCAA finals his freshman and sophomore year. Bobby Jack had to sit out the Beijing Olympics because of arthroscopic knee surgery. Instead of waiting around, he's decided to be the latest in his lineage to become a pro wrestler.

THEME: "La Grange" by ZZ Top

APPEARANCE: Bobby Jack has a dirty blonde mop-top and a scruffy beard. This is not done out of any concern from style, but more that he just likes it that way. He's stocky in build and looks farmboy strong. In the ring, he wears wrestling headgear and a singlet, usually in Texas Tech colors.

IN RING STYLE: Bobby Jack wrestles a strong/amateur style of wrestling. He's incredibly strong but also surprisingly agile and quick. He likes to use a variety of simple, traditional moves (and suplexes) but will throw in a strike or two, but usually nothing more than a slap or a punch. If he's able to get an opponent on the ground, he likes to try and use submission holds. He will never climb to the ropes. He's definitely prone to showing off his strength to a disadvantage, is arrogant with his mat skills and can definitely be out-paced by smaller and faster wrestlers.

1. West Texan Bulldog
2. Olympic Slam
3. Scorpion Deathlock
4. Deadlift Suplex (suplex from when opponent is on the mat)
5. Belly-to-Belly Suplex
6. West Texan Stampede (Oklahoma Stampede, but no self-respecting Texan will ever give any credit to Oklahoma)
7. Rolling German Suplexes
8. Ankle Lock
9. Jumping Piledriver
10. SlackKnife (Snap Reverse Neckbreaker -- Troy's finisher.)

FIN: Sweetwater Dreams (Clothesline From Hell)