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12-10-09, 12:22 PM
Wrestler's Name: 'Reckless' Aran Dishon

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 212lbs

Date Of Birth: December 5, 1988

Hometown: Dallas, Texas

Entrance Music: "For The Love Of The Game" by Pillar

Physical Appearance: Aran is 21 years old going on 16, he has youthful looks, to be honest he's actually a good looking guy with short brown hair and light hazel eyes. His body is well toned, not the most muscular in the world but enough to get him by as a good looking human specimen, he has a slight tan to his body.

Ring Attire: Aran wears white elbow pads, and has black tape wrapped around his fingers. He wears white trunks with red trimming in the ring, with his last name written across the back of the shorts in red block letters. White boots finish off the look.

Wrestling Style: Highflying/Technical/Old School

Signature Move: Kids do the Darnedest Things - Flipping neckbreaker converted to a sit-out DDT, using the ropes as a springboard. See: Modified Sliced Bread #2 with a full rotation to convert it to a DDT

Finisher: A-Dishon by Subtraction- Aran lifts his opponent so that he and his opponent are back to back in a Widow's Peak position. He then pulls and spins his opponent over his head so that they are in front of his body and in one fluid motion hits a sit-down powerbomb. See: Stu Hart Special

Other Moves: Alternative Finisher#1: Flipping out - See: Standing Star Press.

Alternative Finisher#2: Bow But Not Break - Aran locks opponent into a standing half crab, reaching over and pulling up on the back of opponent's head; further stretching them out. See: Modified Bow and Arrow submission.

* All moves are dependent on weight of opponent *

Rolling/Flipping Neckbreaker
Cradle Neckbreaker
Tiger Suplex
DDT- Modified to focus on back of the neck with a leg pump for added impact.
Double Underhook suplex
Brainbuster Suplex
Spinebuster (If opponent is light enough high angled to add impact)
Fireman's Carry Slam
SnapMare quickly followed by a dropkick to the back of the head/neck area.

Shooting Star Press.
420 Press.
Missile Dropkick
Spinning Wheel Kicks
Suicide Plancha's
Diving Neckbreaker (From top rope, high impact high risk)