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Name: Eli Scheinberg
Aliases: The Hebrew Hitman, Manchester Mauler
Height: 5'11”
Weight: 180 pounds
Hails From: Manchester, England
Music: “Supersonic” by Oasis

Alignment: Neutral. Some people find his carefree approach to life to be enlightening, others might like the glimpses of intensity he may show when he's not being lazy in the ring, while a good number will find his rants to be annoying and think he's an arrogant jerk.

Physical Appearance: Bushy brown hair, sideburns, brown eyes, big nose, and nothing too big outside of that. Jews can't get piercings or tattoos, so so much for that. He has long arms for someone his size. His physique isn't anything too impressive, but that doesn't mean he's out-of-shape. So yeah, besides the bushy hair, sideburns, and the Jew nose, there's nothing too flashy.

Ring Attire: He wears a pair of tights, black cut-off gloves, and boots that match the respective pant leg. On his right leg, the British flag is made out on his tights. On his left, it's the Israeli flag with the blue Star of David resting on the outside of his thigh.

Out-of-ring Attire: No yamakas or anything like that. Pretty average clothes, really. He considers himself an observant Jew, but won't go through the trouble of even dressing like it.

In-Ring Style: He likes to start matches off slow and grind them down with submission holds. He likes to fight in the corners and strike the opposition during those moments. He can keep up with a fast-paced match but would prefer to slow it down to his liking. He'll go to the top rope, but only when he feels lucky. He's a pessimist and doesn't like putting his success down on whether his opponent gets out of the way or not, so he has to feel pretty damn good. Since Jews will nitpick and complain about anything, it has to be just right in his mind.

He's like a Jekyll and Hyde character. He can provide a streak of arrogance and have fun, maybe even showboat with grand arms-out gestures, but one little thing can set him off into a fury. He's calm and calculated, but he'll explode and fight like a pitbull. He'll lose it over the tiniest, stupidest thing, so he could really go off at any moment. When he loses his temper, he'll do something stupid to cost himself the match but won't care as long as he hurts somebody. He's less likely to cost himself a title match or contending match, though. Sometimes after losing his temper, if the match finds it's way back into his control, he'll calm back down and go back to his methodical approach. He will argue with the referee over anything.

He's terrible with tag matches. The referees and crowds aren't the only people he argues with. He'll argue with his own teammates, picking out the most ridiculous thing and flip out. Once again, he's Jekyll and Hyde. When he's on the apron waiting to be tagged in, he'll complain about why he's not in the match. When he's actually in the match, he'll complain about why he has to do the work for the team and will try and tag out when he feels himself break the slightest sweat. He's a lazy bastard, and doesn't mind others doing the work for him.

In a nutshell - in singles matches, he's like a neurotic Ric Flair. In tag matches, he's the one guy in class you don't want to get paired up with for the big project.

Moveset: (Min. 5)

Knife edge chop
Running elbow (either off the ropes or not)
Knee drop
Swinging neckbreaker
Figure four leglock
When he loses his temper, he'll corner his opponent with a relentless assault of punches and kicks until he tires himself out, all while screaming Hebrew insults.

Finisher(s): He has two big finishers. Let me explain...

L'chaim – A fisherman suplex DDT. Prefers to do it to people he knows for sure that he can lift up. If he's feeling a little lazy or the opponent is too big (he'll consider anyone over 260 pounds to not be worth the effort), he'll go for...

English Anguish – Dragon sleeper with legs wrapped around the torso. He likes to be sneaky and will actually go for this whenever given the chance, believing that nobody can break it once locked in. Whether he's right or not, it's yet to be seen.


Shouts at referees and gets in the crowd's face, or may wander over to the announce table and give them a piece of his mind. He likes to use his hands and wave his arms around while doing this.
Will swear frequently in Hebrew during the match, or rant nonsensically to himself. Once again, he's open to flapping his arms about.
Likes to show his arrogance. When feeling on song, he'll open his arms to the crowd, puff his chest out, and slowly twirl around in one spin, smiling with a hint of devilment.
Spits a lot.

Will run his mouth before the bell even rings. If he wins, he'll run his mouth off to the camera and shout out to his wife back home. If he loses, he'll already have a dozen excuses to shout about. He's the poorest winner AND the poorest loser.

Personality: He's very light-hearted. For somebody who works in a business based around chasing glory in such competition, he's quite apathetic to it all. He takes on a cavalier approach to everything in life, but there is still that fire and anger that can burst out. Because of his apathy, he doesn't care about what anyone thinks of him, feeding into his arrogant behaviour and endless trash talk. Even when he's beaten, he's too stubborn. He'll still find a million things to go on about.

He's proud of being Manchester-born and Jewish. While considering himself to be quite observant, even complaining about wrestling on shabbos (sundown Friday to sundown Saturday) or any of the holidays, he doesn't wear the clothing. He doesn't even keep kosher all the time, and might even drive or use electricity on shabbos. It's believed that he only says he's Jewish so he can run his mouth on one more thing, but people close to him claim he's actually quite religious.

Background: Born on 1 October, 1988, Eli grew up in a Jewish neighbourhood in Crumpsall, Manchester. Despite being 21, he was married through old-fashioned Jewish matchmaking when he was 18. The name of his wife is unknown, and he tries to keep her far away from the media as possible. She's not keen on him fighting for a living, and is said to balance him out. She's suppose to be far more humble than he is. She finds his job to be stupid. Away from the bright lights, Eli is a family man at heart.

He grew up in an Orthodox Jewish household, even though he won't always live within the koshier diet or strictly follow the shabbos rules of no work or operating of electricity or vehicles on Friday or Saturday. He'll still complain about having to fight on any of the holidays, but will go on to use a mobile phone during shabbos or eat a non-kosher pizza.

He had a bad temper when he was real young, and wasn't always able to back it up either. He started learning boxing and basic mixed martial arts from a nearby gym so he could beat the average bloke up on the street. As he got older, he learned a lot about himself. He got the idea that he didn't have the work ethic for a real job in this world and decided to go into pro wrestling for a living. That same lazy behaviour is what caused him to fall out with his trainers,but he figured he didn't need them anyway.

He contemplated going into mixed martial arts, but in his outspoken and rude ways, described it as “a bunch of fags rolling around in skimpy tight shorts.” When told that pro wrestling has the same homoerotic features, he said to the guy, “Well at least I can ****ing hit somebody with a chair or some ****.”

He took his wife (also from Manchester) and headed to New York City so he could embark on his wrestling dreams. He fought around in small clubs throughout the north-west region of England and the money was decent. When he heard there was a new league opening up in New York, he wanted in on that action. A regional league in a place like New York is tough, but the rewards are well worth it. They currently live in the thriving Orthodox Jew community of Crown Heights, Brooklyn.

He's a big supporter of the Manchester United Football Club, and attended many of their matches in his youth. Since he couldn't turn the television on during shabbos, he would go out of his way to find a match ticket to Old Trafford or go to a gentile friend's house to view the games. The in-the-moment spectacle of football and the intense atmosphere had an effect of his own competitive spirit, but he also ended up adopting Eric Cantona's nonchalant arrogance.

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12-06-09, 09:57 PM
Any wrestler named Eli is automatically awesome.

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Haha, I see you're from Jersey. Giants fan by any chance?

User Poets
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Haha, I see you're from Jersey. Giants fan by any chance?

Nope. Yankees.

Yes, they're two different sports, but Yankees baseball is the only sport I regularly watch.

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I use to live fifteen minutes from Yankee Stadium. :D One of my best childhood memories was when Mattingly hit his first playoff home run. That was nuts. Gotta love those Yanks.