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12-01-09, 08:12 PM
NAME: Michael Bastard
HEIGHT: 5'11"
WEIGHT: 228 lbs.
FROM: Flint, MI

APPEARANCE: Wide-eyed, bags always underneath them. He always looks like he hasn't slept in days. Buzz-cut brown hair, permanent five o'clock shadow. Very little body fat. Tattoos adorn his shoulders, upper back and upper arms up to his elbows.
RING ATTIRE: White wife-beater shirt, black elbow pads, hands taped from the knuckle on the finger up to half-way up the forearm. Dark gray sweatpants. Plain black wrestling boots. The sweatpants cover the boots.

ENTRANCE MUSIC: "All Secrets Known" by Alice in Chains
ENTRANCE: No pyro, no frills. "Psycho Killer" hits and Bastard comes out looking pissed off at the world. He stalks to the ring with his manager, The Amazing Logan, following behind. Logan plays to the crowd while Bastard just plows forward.

WRESTLING STYLE: Brawler with sociopathic tendencies. Offense based on hard strikes, stiff enough to make the crowd do a spit-take. Relentless in his pursuit of making the opponent feel pain. Takes a lot of punishment - not really known for blocking moves, but has a high threshhold for pain.
BASIC HOLDS: Boxing jabs and crosses, chops, short kicks, stomps, scoop slam, headbutt, clothesline
FIVE MOVES OF DOOM: Stiff gordbuster, knee drop from the top rope, Car Crash (running snake eyes into turnbuckle - Bastard doesn't drop opponent into turnbuckle, he throws him hard into it), Sucker Blast (Short-arm clothesline to the back of the opponent's head), Black-out (Chris Hero's Death Blow - starts out like a swinging neckbreaker, but instead of dropping down with the neckbreaker, Bastard rolls around and nails the opponent's head with a roaring elbow)
FAVORED SUBMISSION: The Rusty Spike (Asiatic spike applied with body scissors and the opposite arm of the victim held in a chicken-wing)
FINISHER: The Bastard Driver (Scoop tombstone where Bastard drops to his knees on the impact)

CHARACTER ALIGNMENT: Heel. There is an underlying innocence to him, and he doesn't really do anything "wrong", but his relentlessness and unbridled aggression lead the fans to fear and boo him rather than get behind him.

HISTORY: Not a whole lot is known about Bastard. His story will begin to unfold at Aggression 50.
MANAGER: The Amazing Logan
HEIGHT: 6'0"
WEIGHT: 237 lbs.
FROM: Parts Unknown

APPEARANCE: Parted black hair, handlebar moustache and pointed, satyr-goatee. He has the semblance of being in shape, but it looks like he's been out of sorts for awhile, as the body fat is there.
RING ATTIRE: Band t-shirt (Faith No More, Local H, Nirvana or the Dead Kennedys, usually), gray blazer with lighter gray pinstripes, jeans, black belt with big silver buckle in the shape of a dragon, black boots. Walks with a black-finished oak cane with gold-plated handle

HISTORY: The Amazing Logan was once a professional wrestler, although no one really ever remembers him in any of the major feds. His relationship to Bastard is unknown, although they seem to share a close bond. Bastard rarely ever talks, so Logan does most of the talking for him.

While Logan accompanies Bastard wherever he goes, he will never interfere in a match unless someone else interferes against his charge.