View Full Version : WFW:NE Unplugged!

06-16-09, 03:42 AM

Today WFW:NE officials finally clarified the Unplugged program that had been listed on the website but led to a dead page.

"Unplugged will be taking the place of New ERA's LIVE from... programming," Marcus LaRoque stated. "Instead of broadcasting the show live to all viewers as LIVE from... was going to, the event will be live "tweeted" by former RAPTURE commentator Jason Tripp on the WFW:NE Official Twitter page."

LaRoque went on later to state that the full results would later be available for all fans to enjoy at their leisure, but that fans would be able to follow "live" with Jason Tripp as he watches the action in the arena with those fans in attendance.

"Live tweeting of results. You'll see what Tripp sees. You'll hear what works, what doesn't work. Then later, when the show is available for everyone, you can go back and see what exactly he was referring to and make your own decision," LaRoque concluded.

WFW:NE unveiled its official twitter today and it can be reached at http://www.twitter.com/wfwnewrestling ...

The WFW:NE posted its Upcoming Schedule on the official website ( http://www.neweraofwrestling.net ) and it reveals that Unplugged will occur after the 1st rotation of RAUCOUS/Almost Live and again after the 4th rotation of RAUCOUS/Almost Live. It seems that, after finally revealing the Unplugged Line Up page, that the show will feature four matches as a "mini event."

No word on when the first Unplugged will be set, as the organization still awaits the main event of WFW Superbowl of Wrestling III, but the event is scheduled to take place in Birmingham, Alabama sometime in July.