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The Great Eye
06-04-09, 12:16 PM
(FADEIN: Jeff Mayes in a three piece suit standing in front of an LVW banner)

MAYES: Fans we got a lot of action and a big announcement ready for LVW 4:18...Why is this show 4:18? It's in honor of the longest run at a craps table in history, 4 hours and 18 minutes! Boy I wish I'd been at that table!

The main event will be full of drama as the 3 men who will be fighting for the LVW Championship at Showdown on the Strip will be in the ring, but not all competing against each other!

MAIN EVENT "The Lord's Rules" Match

Born Again Vs 7-10 Hudgins

Special guest ref J1D

With the controversy surrounding the Challenge Series Title, we're going to have a big time grudge tag match to see what's going on.

Tag Match

Olvir/"Knuckles" Malone Vs The Empire

And we'll be getting more info from The Floor about a huge plan to replenish LVW's roster. More updates soon.

(End Mayes Kayfabe promo)

OK everyone who's not on the card, here's your chance to join up for LVW and get into the thick of things ASAP. I'm going to run a tournament starting on this card and ending on Showdown on the Strip, with the winner getting an LVW championship match. So anyone who ever wanted to try LVW but didn't get around to it, now is the time

I'm gonna leave sign-ups for the card/tournament open till I get home from work Sunday Morning between 4 and 9 AM PDT...I don't care if I only get 2 people, they will fight and the winner will get a title shot, but I hope I can get more then that.

Rp threads will go up at the same time as tournament registering closes. So please, harass people and get them to sign up.

06-04-09, 06:11 PM
Put the Captain in.

06-06-09, 03:45 PM
The Spaniard will show up for this one.

The Great Eye
08-04-09, 03:36 AM
(FADEIN: The black mat LVW ring inside the House of Blues at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino. In the ring are JEFF MAYES wearing a black suit jacket, black pants, white dress shirt and a black tie with white polka dots. Standing next to him is VIC WATERS, in a blue suit jacket and pants combo, no tie and a black shirt.)

MAYES: Welcome everyone to another night of LVW! (Crowd: "EL-VEE-DUB! EL-VEE-DUB!) Tonight, the Empire fights the rather makeshift tag team of Olvir Arsvinnar and "Knuckles" Malone....Also The Spaniard is in action...And the main event will feature all three men who'll be in the main event at Showdown On The Strip, but tonight, J1D is the special ref for a "Lord's Rules" match with Born Again and 7-10 Hudgins!

WATERS: I got to be honest Jeff, I really wasn't paying attention to a word you said because I got called back to the big time! WFW: NE needed Vic Waters to bring his talents back to the big time...(Waters pulls out an envelope) Let's see what they paid me for the night's work shall we? (Waters opens it up and then pulls out a sheet of paper, his eyes bug) MY GOD...I FORGOT WHAT REAL MONEY IS!!! Oh you can all go to hell, I'm out the door! (Waters drops his mic and leaves the ring. A "You sold out!" chant breaks out as Waters hits the back.)

The Great Eye
08-04-09, 03:37 AM
(FADEIN: The Spaniard and 1248 circling each other...The bell rings.)

MAYES: Sorry fans the ads went a bit long and we had to find a replacement for Vic Waters, I'm joined here at ringside now with Al the Smark...We just pulled him out of the crowd..

ATS: This is AWESOME I can't believe I'm calling a match!

MAYES: Well you are...The two men lock up...Spaniard with a knee to the gut and another one...He goes for a hiptoss...No luck and 1248 ROCKS him with a clothesline!

ATS: Spaniard needs to keep with the strikes and quick offense, he's giving away a lot of size to LVW's resident enforcer.

MAYES: 1248 now pulls Spaniard up and CHOPS him down...1248 picks him up again and sends him into the corner...Spaniard staggers out into a BIG FOOT!

ATS: 1248 using simple power moves to keep control of this match, he's really enforcing his will on this match.

MAYES: You know Smark guy, you really have a good understanding of match the storytelling of a match...You might just make it here in LVW...

ATS: Thanks a lot man...

MAYES: 1248 now picks the Spaniard up...HIGH ANGLE BACK SUPLEX!

ATS: That's the move that killed Misawa!

(In the ring 1248 covers Spaniard for a two count, then locks on a chinlock while a disturbing silence lingers at the broadcast table for a beat or two longer.)

ATS: I...Shouldn't have said that...I'm fired aren't I?

MAYES: Yeah production is all over me...You're fired, you're so fired you're going to have to leave right now...

ATS: Dammit...Why can't I just watch what I say?

(We hear a headset being taken off)

MAYES: And so ends the short lived broadcasting career of Al the Smark...LVW wishes him all the best in his future endeavours...And in the ring the big man 1248 trying to keep The Spaniard down...Spaniard fighting to his feet...Now throwing a series of elbows into the gut of 1248...1248 with a knee to the mid-section of The Spaniard and hooks him for a powerbomb...NO! HURRICANRANA OUT OF IT BY THE SPANIARD!!! HE HOOKS BOTH LEGS!!! 1....2....3!!!! What a reversal and pin by The Spaniard!

[Bell rings!]

HARWELL: Time of the fall 5 minutes and 46 seconds...The winner of the match...THE SPANIARD!!!

MAYES: The Spaniard back on the winning track...We'll be back with more right after this!

The Great Eye
08-04-09, 03:37 AM
(FADEIN: The entraceway as OLVIR ARSVINNAR, rocking his usual loin cloth over black short trunks, fur covered boots, viking helmet, flask of mead and unkept beard makes his way towards the ring “I Am A Viking” by Yngwie Malmsteen’s Rising Force blaring in the background. A deeply confused looking "KNUCKLES" MALONE, in a black three piece suit, with a fedora, follows behind him. The crowd cheering wildly for the giant Viking Warrior.)

MAYES: We're back fans as Olvir and Knuckles make their way to the ring...I'm joined at the broadcasting desk by Bethany, she says she's a big LVW fan!

BETHANY: I only said that cause my boyfriend put me up to this, he's like, a huge fan of LVW and stuff, I just don't get it...Although that Viking guy is Hawt!

(Suddenly the Empire, A-ROD and THE CAPTAIN charge from the back and begin beating on Olvir and Knuckles, finally throwing the two men into the ring. Ref Lamont Jackson tries to get order, but then gives up on that and calls for the bell!)

MAYES: This is crazy...The Empire, the Challenge Champion Captain...Say that three times fast, and A-Rod, have taken the fight to their opponents, Olvir now being isolated in the ring by The Captain who's working him over with kicks to the chest.

BETHANY: Oh my God, I can't believe she posted that on facebook, what a friggin' tramp!

MAYES: Ummm...Right,..The Captain now continues to throw right hands into the face of the man he beat for the Bracelet...Olvir working his way back to his feet...Meanwhile Lamont Jackson is busy trying to keep Knuckles out of the ring...I don't think he really understands how a tag match works.

BETHANY: Not understanding how things work is what my BFF Tiff is all about, my gawd I spent like 20 minutes last night trying to get her printer installed, she was crying over it and everything...and she just had it unplugged! So unreal...

MAYES: Good eye for talent production is...I almost miss Waters...Olvir now back to his feet and he's trading shots with The Captain! Now Knuckles has gotten past the ref and he's beating away on The Captain also! the ref counting now trying to get Knuckles to leave the ring...Olvir trying to talk Knuckles into leaving the ring also...KNUCKLES CLOCKS OLVIR! OLVIR AND KNUCKLES NOW TRADING SHOTS! This is chaos!

BETHANY: Chaos is like what happened my mom walked in on my brother and his girlfriend...She forbid him from seeing that hussy but like he's ever gonna find anyone else to sleep with him...Really...

MAYES: Lamont Jackson calling for the bell as the team of Olvir and Knuckles have gotten disqualified due to Knuckles Malone's complete and totally non-understanding of tag team wrestling...Or wrestling at all...I'd say he's about as clued in as Bethany here...

BETHANY: Can you quiet down, I'm twittering!

MAYES: The Empire leaving the ring with their tainted win while security trying to keep Olvir and Knuckles from continuing this fight...We'll be back with our main event and hopefully somebody who's not busy using apps on their iPhone to help me call the match next!

The Great Eye
08-04-09, 03:38 AM
(FADEIN: The ring where JERRY HARWELL looking good as always in a black suit with white pinstripes, white shirt, light blue tie, stands ready to announce the main event.)

HARWELL: The Following contest is a LORD'S RULES match...Set for ONE FALL!

(CUEUP: "Down" by 311. J1D, rocking a ratty looking black/white striped ref's shirt and his standard white board shorts with blue stripes on the sides walks to the ring, the crowd popping big!)

HARWELL: Introducing first...The special guest referee...THE LVW CHAMPION...JAY!!! ONE!!!! DEEE!!!

(J1D hits the ring and soaks in the cheers. While his music is still playing, the ever addled and confused "7-10" Hudgins makes his way out towards the ring. Hudgens wearing a horrible lime green bowling shirt with "Hudgins" in dark blue cursive on the breast. His pants are tan dockers. He's wearing a white bowling glove and carrying his bowling ball bag in his right hand.)

MAYES: And one of our two combatants makes his way to the ring, the deeply ill 7-10 Hudgins now on the apron, looking a bit startled by this crowd. And I'm now joined by...What?! YOU?!

GREENIE: Hey look, I was making some bets at the sportsbook and heard you needed color, you can take go to sleep Mayes, the Green Man has this on lockdown...

MAYES: I wish that promo in TEAM was accurate and you were in fact being held hostage to playing Guitar Hero.

GREENIE: Don't even bring that crap up, I'm getting carpel tunnel already.

(CUEUP: "Awesome God" composed by Rich Mullin, sung by a church choir. BORN AGAIN, wearing a dark warm up jacket, black suspenders, white shirt, black pants and black ring boots, makes his way to the ring to a chorus of boos. Born Again has his "Holy Water" in one hand and a collection plate in the other. He puts these items in a one corner and then takes off his jacket...He kneels in prayer.)

MAYES: Look at this huckster, this con artist...Born Again is a disgrace!

GREENIE: I can't abide by anyone who kneels in prayer and it isn't to Tom Brady.

MAYES: Aren't you mandated to list Shirley Manson in there also?

GREENIE: Screw Doc, I'm punchy tonight!

HARWELL: Introducing first, fighting out of the blue corner...Hailing from Las Vegas Nevada...Weighing in at 225 pounds...SEVEN! TEN! HUDGINS!!!

(Crowd jeers a bit at 7-10, who continues to be spaced out)

HARWELL: And his opponent...Fighting out of the RED corner...Currently residing at the corner of True Happiness and Salvation, currently visiting the Sodom and Gomorrah of America, Las Vegas Nevada. Weighing in at 150 pounds...BORN!!! AGAIN!!!

(The crowd boos Born Again loudly. "Praise be" shouts Born Again at the crowd.)

(Harwell leaves the ring...J1D eyes both men and then calls for the bell)

MAYES: Born Again grabs his collection plate and charges across the ring, he CRACKS 7-10 in the skull...AND AGAIN! 7-10 staggering...ANOTHER SHOT with the collection plate...Born again off the ropes...CLOTHESLINE sends 7-10 to the canvas!

GREENIE: The little guy fights like a maniac!

MAYES: Born again drops a knee to the face of 7-10 and covers...ONE...TWO...NO! 7-10 powers out...Born again now to the outside...He's got a chair now...BORN AGAIN ACROSS THE BACK OF HUDGINS WITH THAT CHAIR! AND ANOTHER SHOT!...7-10 flops over on his back...Born Again with another cover! ONE...TWO!...NO! Born Again now yelling at J1D about that count!

GREENIE: Jesus may well have counted faster then that, and he's been dead for 2000 years!

MAYES: Born Again now going and getting that "Holy Water" of his...Oh geez...I can smell the stink of that stuff from here as he's uncapped it...WAIT 7-10 KNOCKED THAT BOTTLE INTO BORN AGAIN'S FACE!! BORN AGAIN THRASHING ON THE GROUND BLINDED!!

GREENIE: This is awesome, they are killing each other for what, 500 bucks?! Amazing!

MAYES: 7-10 now stomping away on Born Again...WAIT! HE JUST PUNCHED J1D! 7-10 with a cheapshot just sent the LVW Champion to the mat...Now he's stomping away on J1D...This is insane!

GREENIE: This is amazing, and J1D can't do anything about it, this match is no DQ, crippling the ref is all good clean fun!

MAYES: Born Again getting to his feet...AND NOW BOTH MEN ARE BEATING ON THE WORLD CHAMPION!! This is absurd! The two men who'll be fighting J1D for the LVW Title at Showdown On The Strip are now allied in maiming him before that match!

GREENIE: Sounds like a smart gameplan to me!

MAYES: Born Again now telling 7-10 to get that chair...Born Again holding J1D for 7-10...WHO COMES FLYING WITH THE CHAIR...J1D DUCKS! BORN AGAIN TAKES THE CHAIR IN THE HEAD!!!! J1D Trips 7-10, who falls on Born Again...123!!! J1D with a LIGHTNING LIKE COUNT HAS GIVEN THIS MATCH TO 7-10!!

(Bell rings)

HARWELL: The time of the fall 4 minutes and 13 seconds, the winner of the match...7-10 HUDGINS!!

GREENIE: What?! That's an outrage!

MAYES: Oh give me a break, J1D was getting KILLED in there, the only thing he COULD DO to save himself was to end that match..And it's not working...7-10 back and he and J1D trading punches...The two men spill to the floor...Now still throwing punches at each other...Born Again back to his feet in the ring...He climbs to the top rope...BORN AGAIN OFF THE TOP ROPE WITH A CROSSBODY ONTO BOTH MEN!!! THIS IS INSANE!

GREENIE: No, what's insane is I just hit an 8 team parlay! I'm loaded! You know what Jeff, I'm gonna BUY this company, that's right baby! I'm your new boss! Lemme cash this baby in and then I'll be in charge!

MAYES: I...I hope he's joking...Meanwhile outside the ring now all 3 men back up, being pulled apart by security...The LVW Title will be decided, the Showdown On The Strip will be where it happens...See you then fans!

(All three men trade shots at each other as we...FADEOUT)