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05-22-09, 12:07 PM
(FADEIN: Walking towards the camera is "NEW SCHOOL" LAYNE WINTERS, luggage bag in hands. His eyes are covered by dark sunglasses, and his golden blonde hair is tied back. Tucked into his jeans is his black and gold "Leader of the New School " t-shirt. Behind him is PAMELA, dressed in something slutty, trying to powerwalk in heels to keep up with him but looking quite hookerish as a result)

LAYNE: Three seconds. That's all it takes; the difference between challengers and champions, between put up and shut up, between winning and losing. In this sport, it's all you are, and all you'll ever be. At Wrestleverse, Shawn Hart was three seconds better than me.

I won't make excuses though. I'm not gonna stand here in front of the whole world, and tell you I lost because I'm coming off of major knee surgery, even though I am. Layne Winters isn't gonna say he dropped the ball cause the bicep tear he suffered eight months ago is still bothering him, even though it is. And I sure as damn hell ain't gonna explain my loss away through God having parted the clouds, reaching down from the heavens and handing SHAWN F(BLEEP)ING HART A G*DDAMN MIRACLE, EVEN THOUGH ABOUT A MILLION FANS WATCHING LIVE ON PAY-PER-VIEW SAW HIM DO JUST THAT!

No man, I'm not spouting off about any of that sh(bleep). I took Shawn Hart to the razor's edge, and came up short by three f(bleep)ing seconds. Maybe it was overconfidence, maybe it was complacence, maybe it just wasn't my f(bleep)ing night. But if you think I'm gonna shake your hand or give you an ounce of respect Shawn, you can go ahead and kiss my white ass.

Does respecting you give me back those three seconds? There are no consolation prizes in professional wrestling. Shawn, it's gonna take a lot more than three seconds to earn you my praise, and if we ever meet again...and we will meet again...you're gonna realize that the sun don't shine on the same dog's ass twice.

Nobody, and I mean nobody in this f(bleep)ing organization wants to draw me. One loss isn't gonna make a difference or slow me down, or make me any less of a threat to your pitiful careers. This ain't the first time I've lost, and before my career twilights it won't be the last, but what I won't do is play pattycake with you sons of b*tches or sugarcoat what the f(bleep) I've got to say. I'm out to hurt people, I'm out to make your families starve...I'm out for ugly glory. The blade on the axe that I wield is still white hot.

All Shawn Hart did was piss me off; he shook the hive and ran. But the next time? The next time I'll have my victim.


05-22-09, 12:11 PM