View Full Version : State of the Fed, 05.15.09!

05-15-09, 04:46 AM
Hey all,

As you can see, the forums have been moved back to the main area (out of the archived section). BANNED in the US has finally been posted. Hell, I even went back and finished writing the old VENUS preview show I had from December of 2006.

What does this all mean?

It means that New ERA is cleaning out the cobwebs and resuming its run. I haven't posted any lineups for the next round of shows. Right now I am still finalizing the roster and waiting to hear back from a few people on whether or not they want to return.

There's also a lot of important, not to mention great, things happening in the very near future for New ERA. That announcement will come soon.

Where do we go from here?

Well, assuming that all goes well in the roster department, we'll just continue on with the storylines that I had in my head nearly two years ago. Of course the Tag Team division had always been a bit shaky, and I'm going to try my hardest to get it to where it should be, where I want it to be.

We had a good groove going, I think, with the way that RAPTURE and RAUCOUS were structured (writing wise). That's going to stay the same. We got bogged down because, like usual, I wanted to write as much of the pay per view myself. That got to be too much in the end when I had three people flake out on writing matches .. and honestly, I had burnt out.

Running a league is a lot of stress, as most of ya'll know from experience. At that point it just got to be too much and I just never had enough motivation until lately to sit down and finish the card. But it's done. I've had that tingle in my belly for a few months now to start things back up, and I was just waiting for the right time.

The reason why I never "officially" closed New ERA was because I still had too many things I wanted to do .. and I definitely didn't want to end things with BANNED in the US. When New ERA does close it will be on my terms and with all (or at least MOST!) loose ends tied.

So I hope you all enjoy the pay per view. I really enjoyed writing the last four matches and it has re-energized me for what I hope will be a few more years of this crazy hobby that we've all dedicated ourselves to for the past 10, 15+ years.

New ERA has returned. Here's to everyone whose made it my pride and joy the past few years .... and to those who will come in the future.