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The Great Eye
05-06-09, 05:40 PM
Main Event

Strip Championship

The Captain Vs Olvir Arsvinnar

Elimination Series Round 2

Man that loses the fall is Eliminated

7-10 Hudgins Vs "Cowboy" Jimmy Donovan Vs Bill Bellmoth

Steve Johnson Vs The Spaniard

Mack Mugsey "Knuckles" Malone Jr. Vs Nate Dakota

And the LVW Champion J1D will be on hand!

RP Deadline is May 15th at 11:59 PM PDT

The Great Eye
06-01-09, 01:44 AM
Here's the deal guys, I had this card written up to the intros of Olvir/Captain and then my internet went out and like a moron I restarted my computer in an effort to fix the problem and in doing so deleted the card.

I know I don't belt out epic LVW cards, but I'm really gonna short form this one because I want to get it done and get it out there and hopefully get to work on building up a roster for the push to Showdown on the Strip.

Steve Johnson Vs The Spaniard and Knuckles Malone Vs Nate Dakota

While The Spaniard was waiting for his opponent to come to the ring, Knuckles Malone made his debut ahead of schedule and began beating the daylights out of the masked man. When Nate Dakota tried to break up this melee, he was then beaten up by Malone, who used brass knucks to knock Dakota out before anything could get started...Malone left the ring while various LVW staff attended to the two men he laid out.

Elimination Series Round 2

Before the match began, The Floor came out and stated that Jimmy Donovan had shown up in no condition to work and had been sent to one of Las Vegas' many rehab centers, this triggered an outraged tirade from Bill Bellmoth who declared he'd spent all his time readying for a 3 way dance and not a straight up match with a maniac like 7-10...7-10 then hit the ring, the bell rang and in short order the whining, complaining Bellmoth was beaten senseless and pinned by 7-10 Hudgins who has now advances to a LVW Title shot at Showdown on the strip.

Challenge championship match

After a back and forth battle, Olvir went for a big boot on The Captain, but missed and clipped the ref...After a bit more combat, Olvir finally landed the Nordic Bomb on The Captain and appeared to be closing on the win. Then A-Rod came from the back and broke a baseball bat over Olvir's head...A-Rod quickly gathered up the evidence and fled the scene...The Captain made the cover for the winning fall obtaining the bracelet and now being set up to begin his streak towards a title shot. If he even knows about A-Rod's help is unknown...

Next card up tomorrow, along with a recruiting effort.