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The Great Eye
04-02-09, 02:41 AM
Name: Doc Silver
Height: 6'
weight: 225
hometown: Las Vegas, Nevada

Ring music: "Only Happy When It Rains" by Garbage

Ring wear: a Garbage T-Shirt, gray sweatpants with "Doc" bleached into the right leg, 20 dollar sneakers.

Entrance: Talks his sweet time walking to the ring, normally lip synching the lyrics to "Only Happy When it Rains" goes to all 4 corners, does stuff to annoy the crowd.

Face/Heel: Here in EPW he's going to be helping Felix a lot, so I'd think he'd be kind of a 'legend face' along with the fact that he's helping a face out. But he still breaks rules and has 0 qualms about doing so.

Moveset: Suplexes of all kinds, basic ground game stuff, DDT's, neckbreakers, stuff that isn't to flashy. Failing that, he'll just bump like a pinball.


Bleeding, If Doc isn't busted open, something has gone wrong.

Superkick/Faked Superkick- Doc does the "Warm up the band" spot and then goes forward with a Superkick, often this superkick is badly telegraphed and the opponent will duck, but Doc was only faking the Superkick and lands a DDT...If they don't duck, he hits the Superkick...It's uncanny how he knows which of these moves will work here.


Aces Full- A stunner

Bio- Doc's pretty much been around for forever and dominated whenever he's been. AAWC, FWC, WFW, MBE. If he didn't dominate in a league odds are there is some horrible drama and bad blood there (A1E, CSWA)

Doc's also had his share of bumps in the road. He's a recovering alcoholic and was addicted to pain killers.

Manager- Green Machine, Doc's loyal flunkie, Greenie foolishly pushed another one of Doc's nigh infinite minions out of the way of a piano that was being dropped on them. Greenie was nearly killed as a result. Doc felt really guilty about the whole thing and took Greenie under his wing. Greenie basically wastes money on his degenerate sports betting addiction. Greenie normally authentic New England Patriots jerseys and blue shorts. Do not follow his sports betting, you will go broke.

In EPW, Doc exists mostly to try to care for his wife Ryoko, who's currently having a very public drug filled affair with Felix Red. Doc's main objectives are to keep Ryoko safe, keep Felix busy wrestling so he won't have so much time to drug and screw his wife, and when that's all covered to generally harass just about anyone he feels like harassing.

His main goal is to spend his year in EPW and retire fighting Felix Red in some sort of horrific and brutal match once his wife is out of her contract with Felix and can be taken back to Japan per the wishes of her grandfather Susano-No-O-Mikoto.

He will also argue football with Greenie, a lot.