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The Great Eye
03-09-09, 01:23 AM
The First (Real name: Brian Nadalny)

Height 6'0'

Weight: legit 190, announced at anywhere between 205-210

Hometown: Salem, Massachusetts

Face/Heel: Face

Entrance Music: "Happy Birthday" by The Birthday Massacre EPW Edit, Basically all the quiet vocals parts of the song cut out, if you heard it you would know what I'm talking about.

Entrance: Lights on the rampway dim and a purple spotlight comes down, First walks into the spotlight, stands there for a beat and soaks in the crowd's reaction...Then he'll head towards the ring, won't make much effort to high-five people or anything, but might yell/scream/slap himself to get more fired up...Hops over the top rope and lands on the second rope inside the ring, raises his arms to the crowd.

Ring wear: Face painted up white with black in various forms (X, raccoon stripe/Crow face/Joker face) He'll always wear black gi pants with black wrestling boots under then, his right hand will have tons of tape on it, going halfway to the elbow. He'll normally draw something on the tape like an ankh or a happy face, or the saying pax vobiscum. His hair will be black with a either blotches of colors or coated with a purple or blue sheen.

He'll either be shirtless or wearing a random goth/emo band T-Shirt cut up into a wife beater.

For promos, on night he's wrestling he'll be in his ring wear, if not, he'll wear a three piece suit, black jacket, black pants/shirt and either a red or white tie.

Moveset: He's a high flyer, so he'd do just about anything that involves jumping off the ropes/over the ropes...He'll land whatever suplexes/slams he can hit on his opponent depending on size. He also will land a spear for a 2 count.

If the match has no DQ or the ref goes down, First will always attempt to spit mist of various colors at his opponent to blind them.

Finisher: Cut the Thread, front flip legdrop/Harlem hangover

Set-up: Shining Wizard

3 good things: works at a fast pace, explosive offensive, can take a good beating

3 bad things: Is undersized, high risk moves lead to bad results when they miss, doesn't really have a plan entering the ring.