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07-29-08, 06:53 PM
DIRECT LINK (http://www.nfw.fwrestling.com/cnews/EkEZFZEZppCX.shtml)
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07-30-08, 02:18 AM
If I had three thumbs, they'd all be standing.

Once again Katz you along with the slew of bandits you've recruited here have made a boring Tuesday into an interesting one and will go as far as to say I think that was one of the best Brawl's of recent memory.


The introduction was classic and I think flowed with the general idea of the matches properly. Too much consistency in matches would get bland but instead, I enjoyed the different angles on the "reporter on duty" those who contributed have.

The Grand Prix matches were generally well-written although I think the main event and sudden "on-the-fly" booking, we should be oh so used to now from Miles, sorta took away from the idea but I have a good feeling that the Grand Prix will defenitely establish itself as the tournament crowning other challengers for other belts.

The main event idea seems to be consistent, everyone wants a peice of Nova's gold and feel like a Four Way Fatality would be pretty fitting in the near future... wink, wink.

Cameron Cruise has the ability to step up and get his beak wet in the World Title scene after the recent "vendetta" he may have against Kin Hiroshi or will CC's motivation to score a decent pinfall over Alyas collect more of his attention?

Kin taking the belt should be interesting, at what lengths is it going to take Craig Miles to retreive the belt. From experience, not much but I'm pretty darn sure a lunatic with a "whatever it takes" outlook towards cheddar could be a reasonable bounty hunter, if you catch my drift.

Also Miles using Alyas as a roadblock on Kin's attempt to earn the World Title strap around his waist again was an interesting, unpredictable turn. You got me again, Katz.

Awesome show.


07-30-08, 02:56 AM
Great show, the chase for Nova's belt between Kin, Brock and whoever wins the GPX will be quite fun to see unfold!

The matches that Legion and Luci were done well, shows that in the eyes of NFW the anything can happen mentality , Teresa managed to get her win back in a dominant fashion but what lurks in the shadows of course others have to watch out for, if you've seen the promos with the 'cult' setting you'll know that the time will strike soon, the Charlotte stadium has the right name for it ;-)

All in all the revolution rides on!

07-30-08, 11:26 AM
I think Kin's surprise match fit the theme of what a house show is supposed to be - anything goes, and surprises can happen at any time. I don't think it took away from the GPX at all, since it was just the first series of matches.

If this round of matches decided the winner, I'd have questioned putting Kin/Nova non-title over it, solely because of the push that the Grand Prix is getting.

Grand Prix matches were great, and mostly what I would have picked out. But again, it's just the first set, so it's not like anyone is eliminated yet.

Brock vs. Kin will either be the making of Brock Alyas, or the resurgence of Kin Hiroshi as a main eventer. Or both. Probably both.

But Kin steals the belt!

Aces to all.

07-31-08, 03:00 PM
C'mon boys don't be scared to review!