View Full Version : The Lone Destructor

02-21-08, 10:29 PM
(We Enter to the room that has become Natural Destruction's Home in A1E and REBEL. It's a dark room with the faint flickering of flames in the distance. However there is one difference and that is one person.)

Fire God:Well TEAM, you are the next and third e-fed to experience Natural Destruction. However, you will be pleased to know that you will experience one less of us. As you know, my Tag Partner is not here with me. However, I do not need him in one-on-one battles.

(Fire God appears to start talking to himself) It will not be the Maximum Destruction but it, will be Destruction, Yes...

Fire God: Oh, Right! Well I pity whoever is matched against me in the bracket because, while they may not feel all of Natural Destruction, they will feel

(The Fire Picks up violently once before going out entirely, shrouding the room in Darkness.)