View Full Version : What was the 2007 EPW Roleplay Thread of the Year?

02-07-08, 04:55 PM
Choose from the following four choices....

Keep in mind that the following choices are also links, for the purpose of clicking on each and re-reading the thread in question if you so choose.

1. The Sergeant vs. Karl Brown vs. Troy Douglas - EPW Intercontinental Title Match (http://www.fwrestling.com/fwc/showthread.php?t=16403)

2. "Triple X" Sean Stevens vs. Rocko Daymon - King of the Cage Semifinals (http://www.fwrestling.com/fwc/showthread.php?t=15446)

3. Ice Tre vs. "Triple X" Sean Stevens (http://www.fwrestling.com/fwc/showthread.php?t=16505)

4. JA vs. Rocko Daymon vs. Kin Hiroshi - #1 Contender's Match (http://www.fwrestling.com/fwc/showthread.php?t=16117)