View Full Version : Sniping, Deadline Extensions

12-21-07, 09:14 AM
* - If your opponent roleplays within the last hour of the roleplay period you will be given 24 hours to respond. Although, if your opponent puts up a roleplay in the last hour and you haven't responded all week, while you may still use that 24 hours extension time you probably shouldn't bother. You had all week.

* - Extensions may be given on a case by case basis so long as it doesn't give an unfair advantage to one handler over another. These will be given at my discretion.

The Great Eye
12-22-07, 02:50 AM
If I sniped I didn't mean it, I started my Rp like, 6 hours prior and never got around to finishing it due to Warcraft. But we killed Gruul, so it was all good.

12-22-07, 11:36 AM
On that point, I don't give any penalty to the late poster. I simply give his opponent an opportunity to reply.

Plus, there is the unwritten Warcraft addendum.......