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09-16-07, 02:39 AM
(The camera opens on a smiling Chaos)

Chaos: Alright week 1 was pretty good. So let's see if I can keep up the momentum. Let's start with the early games. Now my boys from Tennessee took care of business last week, but this week we got the Colts and that presents a problem. The Titans only have one chance, took keep the ball on the field rushing and keep Payton Manning on the bench. Not likely.

Tennessee vs. Indy: Colts

Bengals vs. Browns: Bengals

Bills vs. Steelers: Steelers

Falcons vs. Jacksonville: Jaguars

Green Bay vs. New York Giants: Giants

San Fran vs. St. Louis: 49ers

Saints vs. Bucks: Saints

Chaos: Now in the later games the big match-up is Pats and Chargers. Look I can't believe they didn't suspend the coach. I really hate Cheaters. So I'll be pulling for the Chargers to teach those cheating Pats a lesson

Seahawks vs. Cardinals: Seahawks

Dallas vs. Miami: Cowboys

Chiefs vs. Chicago: Da Bears

Vikings vs. Detroit: Vikings

New York Jets Vs Baltimore: Ravens

Raiders vs. Broncos: Broncos

Pats. vs. Chargers: Chargers

Chaos: and for Monday night. Well we got a coin toss for two bad teams. Yet I got to think that McNaab has something left in him

Wash. vs. Philly: Eagles

Chaos: See ya next week

09-17-07, 12:51 PM
FADEIN: Little kids wearing Patriots jerseys)