View Full Version : Week 2 Deadline Extension

09-04-07, 04:18 PM
Because most of you haven't RPed yet, and because two teams are still looking for replacements for guys dropping out, I'm extending the deadline for Week 2 RP until Friday. I kinda figured most people wouldn't get an RP up due to the long weekend. It really is a social weekend.

So people, you can breathe easily, but not too easy. Please get RPs up, or confirm your replacements so they can get RPs up. Thanks in advance!

New deadline: Friday, September 7th, 11:59:59 PM EDT, give or take a few seconds.

09-05-07, 03:34 PM
Thanks a bunch ... I ended up getting a new apartment this weekend and totally lost track of time .. plus I don't get electricity in the new place til tomorrow.

09-05-07, 09:18 PM
I appreciate it also. Was out of town all weekend, and then last night was my anniversary.