View Full Version : [WF vs. PRIME] Shawn Arrows and Onslaught vs. Dusk and Eliot VanNess

08-27-07, 08:43 PM
Group C matchup

Everyone in this match is looking to rebound from last week. Will it be the former Rev-Pro superstars, or the PRIME hot property and newb?

RP deadline is Tuesday, September 4th at 11:59:59 PM. All regular RP rules apply. Match is one fall to a finish with no time limit.

09-03-07, 11:58 AM
A Demon Awakes

A man sits in front of a black backdrop, his head droops, and he looks nearly lifeless. His elbows rest on his knee as he looks lost. Just from looking at the top of his head you can tell who it is, but as he looks up at the camera, his red eyes give it all away. The man known as Dusk looks depressed as he sits there, wearing a black sweater and a pair of tan pants. Weeks have gone by and he’s been ridiculed and humiliated. From the look in his eyes, he’s a lost cause.

Dusk: People have asked me for weeks, months now, what’s wrong with me? I look at them and think I have the answer on the tip of my tongue yet I don’t. Instead, I look at them like they’re crazy and then move on so I don’t have to deal with the question any longer. Yet, just because I ignore it doesn’t mean it’s going to away any time soon. I kept seeing it in the corner of my eye, but I keep passing it by like a car on the highway determined to make it to the next mile marker the fastest. However, last week I stepped into the ring with one of the best in the business, and I thought I had her. I thought the victory was in hand, and in the end she defeated me.

Dusk then begins to sit up, feeling the pressure on his back. He’s felt that pressure for so long that he’s now become used to it. He has much to live up to and so little time to do it in. He’s exhausted as is evident by the look in his eyes. The whirlwind schedule that he’s trying to keep up might be too much for him at this point with the added pressures of the job starting to mount up.

Dusk: Some have thought that Troy and I were friends, and at one time I thought that myself. See, you work so hard in this business to make yourself into something that you start trusting people that you shouldn’t. I should’ve seen it when she chose EPW over PRIME, but I continued to be blind to it. I heard her words as she tried to make it clear to me that we weren’t friends, but I ignored it. I had bought into the hype of those around me who saw us as friends or people who at the very least trusted us. She tried to warn me that she didn’t see us as that though, and I didn’t listen. I was naïve. I had failed my team.

He then leans back in his chair and sighs heavily. Much weighs on his mind that much is obvious, but he is also not the kind of person to reveal everything.

Dusk: So I lost. I let my team down in the pivotal match that could’ve given us some much needed points in this tournament. Yet, that doesn’t explain everything. It doesn’t explain the series of losses that I’ve been experiencing as of late. So I tried to reason with myself and say that it had to be PRIME. Maybe they were putting too much pressure on my shoulder, trying to crown me as the person to lead them into the future. However, I can’t put the blame upon them. That blame has to rest on me. That’s why I tried to quit. Because I was starting to feel like a failure and I didn’t want them to continue to thrust these things on me for me to only let them down in the long run. However, they refused to let me quit or even remove me from the Universal Title match that I have in a few weeks time. Instead, they made me face the problems that I’ve been having, and become a man. The man that I used to be, the man I’m destined to be again.

He taps his hand on his left leg, the thoughts racing through his mind. His eyes no longer stare at the camera, but at the stone floor below him. He blinks his eyes a few times involuntarily as he tries to piece everything all together. Then, he looks back up, and that fire is renewed.

Dusk: That’s why I have to apologize to apologize to Shawn Arrows and Onslaught, who sounds like he’s fresh out of a X-Men comic book. Because, this week you have to deal with a man who is possessed and not quite himself. A fury burns inside of me and for so long I’ve been trying to keep it wrapped up, but I can’t hold onto it anymore. Maybe I’m weak or maybe it’s because I want to let it out because for all I know that might be what I’m missing. I wish I knew for certain, but I know this much is for sure. I refuse to let this be it for me. I refuse to keep looking at myself in the mirror and wonder to myself why I can’t do what I know I’m capable of. I refuse to keep letting those down that believe in me. So, for you two, that comes at a cost to you.

Dusk then stands up, his red eyes burning brightly.

Dusk: The cost of victory.

The camera then fades to black as he walks off.