View Full Version : [NFW vs. MWCW] Professor Tremendous and Yori Yakamo, Jr. vs. Drunken Tiger and Blade

08-27-07, 08:38 PM
Interbracket matchup

Bizarro Team Tremendous eked out a win last week, while Drunken Tiger gets to team with the upstart fed's team's newest member.

RP deadline is Tuesday, September 4th at 11:59:59 PM. All regular RP rules apply. Match is one fall to a finish with no time limit.

08-30-07, 05:42 PM
Note: This promo is a joint roleplay written cooperatively by Blade and myself for the tag team match.

The Sergeant’s office is such a tiny place for such a large Korean, especially when the MWCW owner and Drunken Tiger are accompanied by Tiger’s protégé Kim Chee and his tag team partner in the second meet of the Dupree Cup, Blade. All three men are here to have a heart-to-heart discussion with Sarge, and at least one of them isn’t very happy.

Here’s a hint:

He’s six-foot-eight.

Here’s another:

He’s Korean.

Got it yet?

Drunken Tiger: Mister Sergeant, I thought I had made things abundantly clear. I was to ally myself with MWCW and then you would put me in singles matches. I came here to help you out, of course, but I also came here to show the world that the Unified Korean Pro Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion is a force to be reckoned with. I do not see why I should be tagging with this man.

Blade looks over at Drunken Tiger with a very annoyed look on his face.

Blade: This man? What is that supposed to mean, you overstuffed Korean turkey son of a bastard kim chee eating dog?

At the mention of the word “kim chee” Kim Chee’s eyes open wide and he seems to become more attentive.

Tiger: Choose your words lightly, Detroit city street scum. You’re far beneath me. You should feel privileged.

Blade: The only reason I feel privileged is because the boss man called me up from the reserves in order to make sure we are ready for NFW.

Sarge interrupts the exchange between Tiger and Blade.

Sarge: Gentlemen, gentlemen! Could you both shut the hell up long enough for me to explain?
Blade listens and obliges, while Tiger glares holes through the MWCW owner.

Sarge: I brought you two together for the tag team match out of necessity. Three reasons pop into my mind right off the bat:

Number One - Adam Cash was proving to not be a team player. He had to be sat on the bench and Blade was brought up to fill the void.

Number Two – Although I am paying Franklin handsomely for his services, if he and I tagged together again I would have probably had to kill him. We managed to get by one of the best tag teams around in Chronic Collizion, but I believe Professor Tremendous and Yori Yakamo would be a different story.

Number Three – Blade and Franklin are involved in an upcoming number one contenders match for the MWCW Midwest Heavyweight Title. There is a huge conflict of interest there. Sure it makes for compelling television shows, but we are here to win this whole damn thing. I could care less about the ratings TEAM garners.

So, have I made things painfully obvious to you two yet?

Neither of the two men says a word. After about fifteen seconds of silence, Kim Chee speaks up on behalf of his teacher.

Kim Chee: This type of match doesn’t suit Sunsaengnim (teacher). He is essentially fighting with a handicap.

Tiger: Essentially? First of all, how did you learn such a long English word? Secondly, I am fighting with a handicap. Truthfully, I am fighting with a handicap man!

Blade: That’s it you dog-eating…

All hell breaks loose in the MWCW main office. Blade reaches out and tags the Korean behemoth on the left jaw, then attempts to take him down for an ankle lock. It’s like watching a small child trying to take down his father. The scene is almost comical, until Sarge takes control of the situation.

Sarge: STOP!

Both men freeze in mid-action. The pose is extremely humorous, as Blade has his arms and legs wrapped around Tiger’s left leg, and Tiger’s right leg is propped on Blade’s forehead in an attempt to force him loose. Finally, Tiger lowers his leg and Blade releases the other leg. They stand up, situate their clothing, and face Sarge again.

Blade: I think it’s obvious who started it, but I’ll leave it at that.

Tiger: Intelligent decision… if you value your life.

Sarge: Would you listen to yourselves? If you two can’t get it together, then it looks like all of that hard work versus A1E will have been for nothing. Yeah, it’s a boost to our pride… something that some of us have entirely too much of anyways… but in the end it’ll be looked at as a fluke.

Drunken Tiger, do you like being viewed as nothing more than a fluke?

Tiger: I have never been viewed in that manner, so I don’t know how to answer that question?

Sarge: Well, then if you were viewed as a fluke in the future would you enjoy it?

Tiger: It’s impossible for me to be viewed as a…

Sarge: Just answer the damned question! Yes or friggin no?

Tiger: If I’ve only got two options, then I guess I’d have to choose no.

Sarge rolls his eyes and then continues.

Sarge: Okay… so Blade, how would you feel about being viewed as a fluke?

Blade: I’ve always been viewed as a fluke. It sucks. Its like I’m constantly trying to prove myself.

Sarge: Exactly. That’s why I’m telling you both that you have to work together. If you don’t, all of the effort put into the last couple of weeks will have been for nothing. MWCW will be looked at as the little engine that COULDN’T. They’ll say we got lucky, and I’m not about to let that happen of my own free will.

Now tell me what’s going through your head now?

More silence from both, but finally Drunken Tiger says something.

Tiger: I’m thinking that you make a compelling argument. You basically said that if I don’t step in here and carry this tag team that it doesn’t matter who will be paired with Blade… he will lose.

I guess it is my duty to fall on the proverbial hand grenade for the benefit of the team. I have always considered myself the best team player of all, so I will do it.

Sarge rolls his eyes again.

Blade: Well, I’m thinking that you’re the boss. If you think teaming with this ugly son-of-a-***** is in the best interest of MWCW, then it will in turn be beneficial for me. I’ll do it.

Sarge: There, now don’t you two feel better?

Scene fades as another argument breaks out between the tag team partners.