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08-27-07, 08:34 PM
Group B matchup

Jason Payne carried his Dupree Cup dominance into this year, but he still needs a partner since HAL dropped from the tourney. Can whoever comes to his aid help him against the formidable but unlikely duo of the Queen and Triple X?

EDIT: Jason Payne's partner and HAL's replacement is John Doe

RP deadline is Tuesday, September 4th at 11:59:59 PM. All regular RP rules apply. Match is one fall to a finish with no time limit. ***If HAL's replacement takes awhile to be named, then extensions may be granted in this match***

Jason Payne
09-04-07, 04:37 PM
Fade in on Jason Payne standing in front of a TEAM banner. Wearing his black sunglasses, leather jacket, he looks imposing as he stands with his arms folded and staring at the camera.

Payne - "I told the world. I told the world what a sham Kin Hiroshi was and I went out there and I proved it. If Hew Frontier had any sense about them whatsoever, they would name me the new world champion right this minute. But you see the Miles/Sullivan circle jerk continues. One balancing the other. If one blows his goat before the other, then the end of the universe will most certainly occur. But my battle against New Frontier will have to wait for now, as I continue to dominate the Dupree Cup competition. Now I look to the upstart promotion of Empire Pro. And lo and behold, who do I see that I have drawn this week. None other than Mighty Hermaphrodite herself, Lindsay Troy, and the latest in overused, non appreciated, boy toy gimmicks, Sean Stevens."

"Troy, you know I'm going to get to you in a minute, seeing as I can't let an opportunity go by to drag you through the mud. Sean Stevens. You know son on paper, you look really good. And I'm sure that you have got some latent talent when it comes to in ring ability. You the kind of performer that commentators use words like athletic, resilient, incomparable. It's disgusting really. Wrestlers of your ilk must be produced by a factory somewhere for there to be so many of you. How on earth you escaped obscurity is quite beyond me. But here you are, in the fight of your life against Jason Payne, and my partner. Whoever he may be. And you know something? It doesn't matter who the hell it is. It could be MWG. It could be Phantom Republican. It could be Fukko the Clown for all I care. It doesn't matter who my partner is going to be. The result is still going to be the same"

Payne takes off his sunglasses and casts a steely glance into the camera as it slowly zooms in on him.

Payne - "The only thing that you have saving you in this encounter Sean, is the fact that you're paired with Lindsay Troy. Lindsay I'm going to save you the trouble of having to say anything this time around. All you're going to do is come out here and tell the world that it hasn't mattered what I said the last four times we've been in the ring together. All the words in the world couldn't help me defeat the great Lindsay Troy right? And no matter which Jason Payne shows up, you're going to be one step ahead of him because rather then worrying about which Payne is going to show up, you're focused on the task at hand right? Well guess what Troy? You go ahead and channel your focus. You go ahead and bring everything you got into this match."

"I'm not even going to waste my breath sitting here and explaining just how badly I'm going to beat you from pillar to post. No brooding comments about your destiny being at hand. No vignettes from Payneville with cryptic messages foretelling your impending doom. No, quite the opposite. You're just going to have to wait till we get in the ring to find out just what I have in store for you. What I can promise you Linds, is that you're in for a real treat. A really....nice treat."

The camera closes up on his face, the scars in his head visible, the lines in his eyes clear. The intensity, and the determination in his voice clear as a bell.

Payne - "And to my partner, whoever that turns out to be, I have one thing to say. We might be on a team for this match, but if you think for one second I am going to trust you, or depend on you for anything, well then you have another thing coming. At this point, I'm thinking I'm going to wind up in a handicap match, which is more than fine with me at this point. More for me to beat on. Rest assured, regardless of how the match goes down...Troy, Stevens, get ready for the experience of a lifetime as I take your bodies to the limit and beyond."


09-04-07, 06:21 PM
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The scene opened up focused in on the 'blue-eyed badass' Triple X sitting in the middle of a flight of stairs, in a very apartment building hallway.

STEVENS: And, if I didn't love this business with every fiber of my being, I swear to God ... that small fact alone would've probably caused me to jump off a bridge somewhere, or at the very least quit. I mean, put yourself in my position, Payne. Things have gotten so far out of hand that it's ridiculous. 'F_ck spontaneity! To hell with creativity! I'll just call him a boy toy, a porn star, a wigger or an actor and all will be well!'.

"This business died when individuality stopped being promoted, and it became cool to be ... what's the word I'm looking for?" He snapped his fingers. "...predictable."

His long golden hair hung gently down his back, with a few wisps occasionally causing his face to itch. The night was nice, warm, and he dressed the part, clad in khaki colored cargo shorts, and a thin white 'V neck' tee. On his wrist was a gold trimmed watch that looked to be worth well over one hundred grand, and his brown Yves St. Laurent sunglasses easily set him back five hundred bucks.

STEVENS: You can say whatever you want about me. You're not the first, and you definitely won't be the last. But, let me fill you in on another first that you won't be. You see, thousands of wrestlers have stepped up to the plate and sang the same song as you. They thought I was too small, that my image was carefully constructed at some wrestling laboratory, and that the sh_t that I talked couldn't be backed up. They said I was too handsome, too much of a pretty boy, and that it was only a matter of time before they ended my career.

"That was ten years ago, Jason, and each and every one of those sons of b_tches are sitting in front of their televisions - this very moment - in their one bedroom apartments, pissed the F_CK off because I am still here, doing what they said was impossible, living their dream, and mine."

He ran his fingers through his hair, looking up, as the camera zoomed in on his face.

STEVENS: .... what makes you so different? Because you beat Kin Hiroshi? Newsflash, Jason ... EVERYBODY has. You don't know me from a box of rocks, yet you blatantly disregard everything that I've done in this business, like I'm the preliminary and Lindsay Troy is the real challenge. That's cool. I'm not offended, because you don't know enough about me to realize the mistake that you're making. And, truthfully? If somebody asked me two weeks ago about a Jason Payne, I'd have guessed it was a Ethiopian drink, so I guess that makes us even. But, I'm a student of this game, and I watched your match last week and while first impressions can be deceiving, I've come to the following conclusions..."

"You're fat. Ugly. Corny. You look like you stink. And, your chin hair looks like something from an old ladies pubic region."

He smirked.

STEVENS: Your whole spiel may have worked on Kin, but you'll soon find out very early in our match, that you're dealing with a whole different level of competitor. You don't have to believe that I am the best that there is, nobody does. But, I will promise you this ... I - not Lindsay - will beat you, and burn your little house of payne down brick by brick. Don't like it? Most don't. You're just going to have to deal with it."


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Jason Payne
09-04-07, 08:22 PM
Fade in on Jason Payne, walking down som nondescript street in the middle of nowhere.

Payne - "Predictable is a great word for you Sean. It's great. You see, you come out here, immediately insulted by what I have said, and you automatically play the 'thousands of others before you' card. Here is the facts son. This 'old ladies pubic region' on my chin has more shower time, then you've got ring time. So the thousands can go right out the window. Hundreds maybe, but I think that is stretching it a bit. Secondly boy, you have no idea who you are dealing with. You better do some more research other than Kin Hiroshi before you even think you have me pegged. I've beaten bigger than you, smaller than you, uglier than you, and better than you. Keep running off with that million dollar mouth of yours and I'm going to beat your ten cent brain out of you."

Payne turns from the camera and continues down the street slowly.

Payne - "It's funny Sean. You talk about burning the House pf Payne down brick by brick when you have yet to even step through the doors. Mighty pretentious of you. Why don't you go ask Kin Hiroshi, Derecho, Harley Douglas, Ronaldodinho, Ravager, and everyone else that TEAM has lined up in front of me. Even your partner Lindsay Troy can't claim a clean victory over me in our last match. She defeated someone else in that match, not me. So the way I see it, neither one of you really have a shot against me straight up."

"You can sit there all you want Sean and call me fat. Tell me I stink, and that you're going to take me down. But like I said, you better do your homework son because you have no idea what you are dealing with. I am Jason Payne. I stand six foot six, I weigh almost three hundred pounds of solid muscle. I have no soul. I have no conscience. If my own mother were on fire I wouldn't piss on her to put her out. I'd just as soon throw my own children under a bus if it meant getting what I want. If I'm willing to do that to the people I care most about, think about what I'm willing to do to the next punk who thinks he can play in a man's world without consequence."

Payne turns towards the camera slightly as he continues walking.

Payne - "Bring your confidence to the ring with you. Bring Lindsay Troy to the ring with you. It's not going to matter, partner or not. TEAM can make it a handicap match for all I care. I'm prepared for this match Sean. Are you? Are you really? I've done my homework. Think you can get your Cutter on me? Can you lift up 300 pounds like that? Probably not. So what's that leave? Oh yes the vaunted Superkick. Won't see that coming from the latest Micheal Hickenbottom clone. Think your speed and your technical saavy is going to save you? Maybe it will, or maybe you just might end up surprised."

"Sean Stevens, Linds, understand. All of these words don't mean a lick. But once you step through those ropes, you're both in for a rude awakening, courtesy of the man who is 'Too Hot for TEAM'. The man who is carrying Team New ERA all the way to another Dupree Cup victory."

Payne turns from the camera and slowly walks out of frame as we FTB.

09-05-07, 12:00 AM
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Sean Stevens in a wife beater, and gym shorts, in front of a TEAM backdrop.

STEVENS: Let me see if I got this straight. Having blond hair, blue eyes, and ability makes me predictable, right? But, then you turn around in the same breath and tell me you've beaten bigger, better, and badder, sounding like random robotic wrestler number one hundred. But, you were just warming up, weren't you Jason? A couple of seconds later you started telling me how you've done your homework ... like NOBODY in wrestling does their homework, only to turn around and call me a rip-off of the same exact person that everybody else in your position have compared me to."

"And, I'm predictable?"

"You're a f__king idiot. And, while my claims are based on the little that I've seen of you, chances are you were one long before I ever met you. But, that's neither here nor there, Jason. I'm not you, I'm not a walking contradiction. I don't call people names, only to follow the exact same blueprint of everything I criticized the person of."

"I get that you're big, I understand that you've beaten a couple of people here and there, but you need to understand that all of that has little relevence to what we have in front of us right now. You can name all of the names in the world, and it would mean absolutely nothing to me, because those same people that you've beaten are probably some of my fans. I don't have to name drop, I stopped having to a long time ago. I don't have to remind anyone who I am, because at the end of the day, it no longer matters what you think of me."

"Jason, kid ... I win matches. And, my wins come in all sizes. I could care less how big you are, or what you think my chances are of X-terminating you, because at the end of the day, the results are always the same. I win, you lose. But, you're not going to believe me, because nobody usually does. And, when I beat you, you'll have a whole list of reasons as to why it happened, and judging by the man that you are, none of your reasons will be realistic."

"I'm going to beat you because I'm better than you. I'm going to beat you because I'm smarter than you, and if you make me angry, I'm going to hurt you. Surprised, Jason? You shouldn't be. If you really did your homework, you'd know the type of man that I am. But, considering the fact that you really don't know me, I'll do you one better and give you a lesson, free of charge."

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