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08-27-07, 08:29 PM
Group B matchup

Both competitors were in the tag ranks last week and will try the singles out this one. Will it be the TEAM FREE FOR ALL~! Champion and #1 Contender to the NEW Title or the two-year and counting reigning EPW Intercontinental Champion and first ever holder of the Merritt Trophy?

RP deadline is Tuesday, September 4th at 11:59:59 PM. All regular RP rules apply. Match is one fall to a finish with no time limit.

09-07-07, 11:20 AM
[FADE IN. “The Dragon” is sitting against a tree, overlooking a wide, clear lake. On the opposite bank, we can just make out the tops of the trees, but it’s clear this is a very large body of water. He’s dressed, as we’ve come to expect from him, in jeans and a white T-shirt – comfortable, not too showy. He’s looking very calm and relaxed sitting in the shade]

Karl: The problem with tournaments like these is that so many people think they’re the greatest. So many people think that one federation is going to walk through, based on their history and name. Last year, it was thought that Empire Pro and NAPW would progress from the group stages, and A One E and MBE would meet in the final. This year, a lot of people were thinking PRIME would sweep through – after all, they’re big names in their part of the industry, so they should have had no problem going through any team.

It’s that kind of hubris that sets people up for the fall. When people believe their own hype, they fall, very easily, into the traps of anyone with sense enough to see through hype to the person beneath. People who believe their way is the best, or worse, those that think theirs is the only way, live with closed minds, and a closed mind has no room to expand. You lose the ability to see beyond your narrow horizons, to the possibility of what’s beyond.

That’s why I’m glad, this week, I’ve got an opponent who sees more than their own hype. Someone who doesn’t rely on their name value to get ahead in life. I may disagree with some of what he does, but his willingness to work is admirable.

Larry Tact. A big name, I’ve heard it since shortly after I started wrestling. Normally in the same list as Dan Ryan, Joey Melton, Jean Rabesque, Rob Sampson, Maelstrom et al, the people who made their names away from A One E. Names that, according to the rumours, could always be counted on to get it done in the ring. They weren’t going to come in and automatically demand a main event place without earning it or being able to back it up – for the most part, they’d happily steamroll over an entire roster to be put in that position first, and that steamroll would be legitimate.

But, as the years have progressed, many of those names have started taking it easy. They get elevated to a main event position upon entry, because their name will bring in a few more ratings points, and as soon as they have to drop below a certain level, they leave; but there’s always going to be a contract open for their return, because of their name alone, until such time as they’ve become a complete parody of themselves, a stale novelty act. Then, the only chance they’ve got is to come in for the one-off, make an appearance, and walk away gracefully, before the younger, hungrier wrestlers get tired of them and decide to make a name for themselves.

I think Larry’s one of the few that hasn’t, yet, happened to. Not that it absolutely won’t, but right now, he’s still dangerous.

Here’s a man who, as the Masked Man, was able to elevate himself up the card in New ERA to being a World Championship contender against Jean Rabesque. Rather than taking the root of, say, Troy Windham, and going straight for the main event matches, Larry took his time, and made it absolutely clear he deserved a main event spot as the Masked Man.

To get to that position once without name recognition is tough enough. To do so twice, that takes a special kind of wrestler. He built new hype around himself to cement the hype he’d built before.

But… he’s left himself too open. I don’t mean he’s focusing on Daymon and Marx, or that he’s more worried about his Free For All title than he is this match.

I mean he doesn’t know what he’s in for, and his mindset – whilst broader than most in this business – is still too narrow. I’ve listened to what he’s had to say, before Wrestlestock, at Wrestlestock, in preparation for Banned in the US and for his match against NFW, and it often sounds like I’m listening to a stuck record. I know what his public opinion of himself is, I know what he thinks of other people who try to read him, and I’ve seen enough of his in-ring work that I should be able to predict certain things based on his body position, his shadow, or the sound he makes as he comes in for the attack.

But one thing I know above all else, is Larry likes to be in control. He likes to consider as many variables as possible. He likes to build an advantage and exploit it, even if that means gaining the illegal advantage as at Wrestlestock.

And that, above all else, is why he’s actually at a disadvantage. Yes, I say the same things fairly frequently – but in the ring, where it counts, gaining an advantage over me, let alone incapacitating me long enough for the three count, is significantly harder done than said.

The fact is, professional wrestling is one of those industries where anything can and will happen. As such, it’s useless going in with a game plan. It’s pointless making plans for getting out of this hold, or breaking up this sequence, or trying to get inside the head of your opponent before the opening bell rings. What’s important is staying in a calm state of mind, being at your physical and mental best, and for the minutes you’re in the ring, focusing on nothing else. Matches further down the line, are unimportant. Your friends backstage, or your family at home, are unimportant. Worrying about them won’t achieve anything but failure. You have to take the match as it comes, take the shots as they’re given, and have an ability to adapt second to none.

There’s no room to plan, to prepare for each opponent as a stand alone entity. All you actually need to do is have the basics perfected.

[Karl stands, walking down to the edge of the water, before crouching down, slipping his right hand into the water. The camera pans round, zooming in so we see him from the left, slightly behind]

Karl: If something unexpected were to happen, who would make the better use of it? There’s long been a discussion about whether reason or instinct is better in such a situation. Personally, I think instinct will get you out of a situation quicker, and allow you the time to reason. Reason takes too long, whilst instinct is instantaneous.

[He takes his hand out of the water, letting the excess drip back into the lake]

Karl: I think this might be, for the fans, either a very exciting, or a very dull match. You’ve got two quick-minded, quick-witted and confident people going head to head. Both have success, both have been called future world champions. It’s one of those matches I look forward to – because I know Larry’s confidence won’t go to his head.

What will give me the advantage, though, is the amount of preparation he’s done. If he’s treated this match as he has others, I think he’ll find that the preparation he prides himself on usually, is his downfall.

Prepare too much, and you leave yourself open.

He can’t get into my head to play the same mind-games that clearly outwitted Rocko in New ERA. His in-ring technical abilities are no better than others I’ve already beaten. His strength, height and weight are all less than others I’ve beaten, and his mind is no quicker than my own.

This is one of those matches which is pretty much over before it’s begun – the match between two highly skilled opponents at or near the top of their game. Nothing much, except Larry’s experience, between us that the other can’t counter.

Whatever the outcome, I hope to face him again when we’ve both got more time, and with nothing on the line. His Free for All title and New ERA World Title opportunity mean noting, and my Intercontinental Title means nothing.

All that matters, in this match, is can Larry Tact continue building on his hype through sheer grit and determination…

Or will his carefully laid plans come to nothing at the hands of someone with no plans, and thus more room to manoeuvre.


09-07-07, 06:48 PM
OORP: Yeah, sorry for taking so long... I totally don't deserve a gold star this week.

"The fibers of the ring mat were softer than they had been. I reached up with the fingers of one hand while pushing off the mat with the opposite, expecting blood, but only wiped a few drops of perspiration that had gotten in my eyes. It wasn't much help, but would do until the sweat came slipping back down again. As I got to one knee, a few stray drops fell to the mat, saturating it further. The missile dropkick had surprised me. I thought I had Professor Tremendous, but having my focus on him made Yori's move catch me off guard."

"That opportunity was gone, but I wanted to end things sooner than later."

"Standing up, I saw Hart on the ground and Yori being restrained. I gave a second away to wonder, "What happened?"

"That was my downfall."

Fade in: on Larry Tact, sitting on his plush leather sofa, in his skyline apartment, watching a television. On it is a replay of his Round 1 Dupree Cup tag match.

"Next thing I knew, Tremedous had me in his triple strike and, well..."

He diverts his attention from the screen to the camera's lens, shrugging and adjusting the collar of the blue polo shirt he has on, along with khakis.

"Here we are, in round number two. Not much I can do to change the past. Foreign objects aren't my job to check for, and honestly it was a hard fought match. Shawn and I just came up a little short, out of our element."

"This week, we're both back in it: singles competition. And against our pseudo-rivals of sorts. Empire Pro Wrestling."

He grins a little, clasping his hands together in his lap.

"Of course, with Karl Brown as my opponent, it'll be another close one, I'm sure. We've never met before, Karl, and I don't know when the next time is that we'll cross paths. But at the moment, we're playing in the here and now. All week, I've been looking over this footage...(indicates television)... thinking about how, if I had just been a second quicker, or looked up for just a moment, that tag match could have been a whole lot different. But why?"

"I didn't watch it to mull over, or to help cope. I did it as a reminder... of just how important each moment in a match is. Because this week, I know I'll need every bit of focus I can muster against you."

He holds up a finger.

"This is only one match in our respective round, but it is also our only encounter. And I'm not the type to take well to being just another statistic on someone's win record, so easily passed over in the grand scheme. When we meet, I want to make every blow.. every wrenching of a hold... every drop of exertion hold meaning, because I don't want you to forget, Karl. I want you to remember me... for the next time we meet, however long away that may be."

"I have nothing personal against you. But there is no question... you are one of the best technical minds and specimens around. Accolades aside, who talks about you aside, because I honestly don't know all of it about you.... I don't need to. All I need to know is that you are competitive everywhere you go, and I expect no different in our encounter. It's a thrill, Karl... I want to see just how I size up. And the best way to do that... is to make everything count 100%. Every hold... every move... every moment."

"I don't settle in the role of loser very well, either, is another part of it. And I've already had to suffer that fate once. Now, in my element... with no stipulations except to use our skills to the best advantage possible... and with this being NEW vs. EPW... Karl, you can expect I'll make every moment count...."

"I have no intention of doing permanent damage to you, this match. I am not here to slay the "Dragon." But for two points to NEW, there is one thing I must do to the "Dragon" ... and that is...."

"Humble him."

Fade out.