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08-27-07, 08:23 PM
Group A matchup

Big Dog is making his first appearance for Team A1E, and he'll face off against Stylin' Kyle in a battle of each feds' respective World Champion.

RP deadline is Tuesday, September 4th at 11:59:59 PM. All regular RP rules apply. Match is one fall to a finish with no time limit.

08-29-07, 09:20 PM
Sitting backstage at the most recent A1E Warfare show, BigDog makes a little time for the camera crew from TEAM sent to get his thoughts on the second round match-up against the team from REBEL. He seems to be in a pretty serious mood.

BigDog: A year ago, in the inaugural Dupree Cup, we took A1E deep into the tournament. At the end of the day, we came up a little bit short, but we did the federation's fans proud.

Fast forward a year, and the Dupree Cup is upon us once again. This time, however, we have not exactly hit the ground running.

In the first round, MWCW took the victory 2-to-1 over us. That puts us in the unenviable position of looking up at the leaders in our division. While it's not where I'd like us to be, things are far from over. If we take care of business this round, we are right back in the thick of things.

Which brings us to the folks from REBEL. Specifically, a man named Stylin' Kyle Roberts.

Mr. Roberts, I'm afraid I do not know you very well. Yes, I've read a few things about you and your career, but that only tells me so much. I've seen the tape of your first round match against Ulysses Solian in the cage. Impressive. But again, it only tells me so much.

At this point, those watching may be wondering just what would tell me what I need to know.

Quite simply, the only way I will find that out is to stand toe-to-toe with you. That's the only way to know for sure just how I measure up against you.

The standard for excellence in this business is measured by conquest. In my part of the world, I have conquered all others. I wear the belt signifying that I am my federation's World Champion. You can make a similar claim as well, Mr. Roberts.

That's rather the point of these little TEAM tournaments, isn't it?

To measure ourselves across federations. To test ourselves against the best in this business, no matter where they call home.

That is what I'm doing this week. Not only is A1E's run in this tournament on the line this week in a "must win" match-up, but I am also lined up against another man calling himself World Champion. This match by itself would be enough to bring out the best in me. It's the type of match where I can truly put my skills to the test. But, to tack on the additional pressure of having A1E's tournament life virtually at stake, that makes this an absolute imperative.

And that, Mr. Roberts, does not bode well for you.

08-31-07, 01:50 PM
(In a Raleigh condo complex, Kyle Roberts is lounging on his couch, in front of an unlit fireplace. Kyle turns to the camera.)

KYLE ROBERTS: It's a pity that I haven't been able to fire this baby up yet. I moved down here in March to be part of the new startup federation REBEL-Pro Wrestling, and at that point, it was already like twenty degrees outside! TWENTY DEGREES! In March! Hell, if I had a fireplace in my Edmonton apartment, I'd be using it in May due to a freak snowstorm! But that's just one of the changes in my life since last year's Dupree Cup.

Back then, I was on the NAPW team. And with my tag team partner, Bruce "The Beast" Richards, as part of the New and Improved D-X, we ran roughshod over every team they put us against. Frankie Scott and Joey Melton. Hunter McKay and Ice Cold. Troy Douglas and Andy Gilkison. They all went down at my hands last year. And you? Well, you were beating down my ol' friend Bob Ravager in an "I Quit" match. Not that I blame you. If Ravager was against me in that ring, he'd be telling me "You're better than me" once the opening bell rang. Not just because I'm awesome, mind you, but because he and I have some unresolved issues.

But it's a whole new year. Bruce and I no longer speak, I moved down to North Carolina for REBEL, and I was able to get this sweet, sweet condo for a few bucks less per month than I'd be paying for some generi-partment in downtown Edmonton. But that's the oil market for ya. Oh, and this is also new. (Kyle holds up his REBEL World Heavyweight Championship.) Yup. I became the big kahuna two months ago, and I have no intentions of losing this big shiny belt anytime soon, no matter who they put against me. I won it in a mining town in Australia, and since then, I've defended it both here in Raleigh in and, in what was a HUGE experience for me, Tokyo, Japan.

I'm sure you can relate. Look at you. You've been the A1E champ for months now, after winning it from, wait a sec... your tag team partner, Dan Ryan? Yeah, that must have put a strain on your relationship. Maybe not so much the winning the belt from Ryan, but wasn't he feeling that you weren't holding up your end of the partnership prior to the match? Isn't that how you got a shot at the big belt? I was there in Vegas, Big Dog. Sitting far enough away that I wouldn't cause a scene, but I was at Vengeance. Sure, I came for the Beauty and the Beast match, because I've got a big of a vested interest in how my old tag partner does, but I stayed for the main event. And, man, it was a doozy.

You and me, Big Dog? We're not so different. Yeah, you've got some poundage on me and I'm pretty sure our styles are different. You're a power dude, right? Me, my emphasis is on the speed.

(Kyle chuckles.)

KYLE ROBERTS: I just love these feeling out sessions, don't you? You get them all the time in TEAM tourneys. "Huh, I never heard of this guy before, but he's from XYZ-Pro, so I MUST be able to beat him! Because my federation, ZYX-Pro, RULES!" Unfortunately, it's never that black and white, is it? Sure, the Dupree Cup is for huge bragging rights, so it's understood that you bring out the best of your best, but for every winner, there's got to be a loser. Last week, in a steel cage, that loser was Ulysis Solian. Great wrestler. Holder of many a championship. But last week, it just wasn't his turn to win.

Nothing against you, Big Dog, because I know this matchup is going to be tough on both of us. Our fed's big champs. Both no strangers to tag gold. But I know I'm going to be gunning at you with everything I've got. Bring your Dog Pound and your muscle. I'll bring the Beartamer, the Emerald Fusion, and my devastatingly good looks.

You've got a tourney to win? So do I. Even though I beat Solian in the steel cage, my teammates weren't so lucky in their matches. And as REBEL leader and champion, I've got to set the bar high for them. This year? REBEL is the little fed that could, and, sure, it's been a bit of a slow start, but I intend to make our name known. And if that means beating you? I'll be damned sure to give it all I've got.

(Kyle gets up from his couch.)

KYLE ROBERTS: Now if you'll excuse me, I've got some teammates to question.

(The camera fades to black as Kyle exits the shot.)

09-04-07, 10:08 AM
(It's the last evening of a Labour Day weekend, and Stylin' Kyle Roberts is sprawled out on his couch, watching some television.)

HOUSE: I want you to wiggle your right toes.


HOUSE: Your right foot, Foreman.

(Foreman's left foot wiggles under the blanket.)

HOUSE: Raise your left arm.

(Foreman raises his right arm. After a dramatic moment, he TV set cuts to black and credits. Kyle, on the couch, freaks out.)

KYLE ROBERTS: Aaaaah! They can't end the episode there! Foreman's brain is ****ed up!

(Ryan Kingston, Kyle's legal counsel and roommate, walks in. Kyle grabs the DVD remote.)

KYLE ROBERTS: Next episode!

RYAN KINGSTON: What are you doing?

KYLE ROBERTS: I'm almost done the second season! Only three more episodes left!

RYAN KINGSTON: Kyle, you've been watching this show all weekend! Shouldn't you be, I don't know, packing for your trip to New Mexico? Readying for your match? Against the A1E champion?

KYLE ROBERTS: Dude, it's the long weekend! And I've still got to catch up on House Season 3!

RYAN KINGSTON: And what happened to you wanting to ***** out your teammates? Have you even tried to contact Kurtis, Fredrick or Krenshov?

KYLE ROBERTS: Matthew has his own REBEL match to deal with. And Eli Potts isn't answering his phone. Who knows? Maybe he's training both FEAR and Krenshov to be the tag team to beat.

RYAN KINGSTON: (shaking his head) You're the leader of the REBEL team! The REBEL World Heavyweight champ! And you didn't feel like yelling at your teammates for losing their matches against the TEAM free agents last round? Instead, you've found it necessary to vegetating in front of the television with a House marathon?

KYLE ROBERTS: Hey, if they don't want to show up and play, why should I care?

RYAN KINGSTON: How about pride? How about competition? How about that tirade you had two weeks ago, telling me that REBEL doesn't DESERVE losses in the Dupree Cup?

KYLE ROBERTS: Come on, man, they're feeling discouraged. The last thing they need is for me to rake them over the coals about losing.

RYAN KINGSTON: For the Kyle Roberts I know? That would be the first and only excuse to berate your teammates! What about last year? First round of the Dupree Cup 2006, NAPW lost the round handily, and you were all brooding about it for days. But you had the fire. You had the passion to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, grab Bruce Richards and get back into that ring! And you know what? Sure, you didn't win the Cup. But you went from being a team with a 0-1 record to having a 3-1 record before the semi-finals! And history's repeating itself, and you're telling me that you shouldn't bother giving your troops a pep talk? What the hell does that REBEL belt mean? That you're above the company?

KYLE ROBERTS: (muttered) You'd think so, given the lack of competition right now.

RYAN KINGSTON: No! It means you represent REBEL! It means that you look out for your teammates, and kick their asses when you need to! I guarantee, if we go down to Albuquerque and you come back with another set of losses, you'll be mad. You'll be livid. You'll be wanting to barrel into Round Three with something to prove! But what you're going to do now is pack your bags, and then watch a few choice A1E matches featuring your opponent this week. We'll fly to New Mexico, and you'll go to a gym there, looking for someone about the same size as Big Dog, and you'll go over ways you can beat the A1E champion! Because if you come away with a loss against Big Dog, I won't hear the end of it for days. Maybe even weeks. And there's no way I'm going to let that happen. I don't feel like getting abused for a solid week.

KYLE ROBERTS: (looking up at his lawyer, mouth agape) Wow. When did you start caring about this match?

RYAN KINGSTON: Apparently, someone has to. And I'm not the one pausing each moment Jennifer Morrison comes on the screen.

KYLE ROBERTS: Wait a sec, I care about this match! I care about every match!

RYAN KINGSTON: Oh yeah? Then why haven't you been training? Why have you sat around the apartment all weekend?

KYLE ROBERTS: Its Labour Day! I deserve a break sometimes, right? And I've been training!

RYAN KINGSTON: No, you've been exercising. You haven't shown any marked difference between this match and any of your other matches. You've been putting in the time you need to stay in shape, but I haven't seen a damn thing in terms of strategy against Big Dog.

KYLE ROBERTS: Look, the reason I haven't been filming promos is because I had nothing to work with! He never replied to my last one.

RYAN KINGSTON: So? Maybe there's a reason for that! Maybe he's spending all his time looking for strategies to beat you. Maybe he's got an A1E championship defense to worry about. Hell, who knows? Maybe he's on HIS couch, catching up on the last season of LOST! But as your legal counsel and manager, I can't watch you waste your time like this! Now get your butt off the couch and pack your suitcase!


(Kyle walks out towards his bedroom. Ryan looks on, a concerned look in his eyes. And we fade to black. Cue the House closing theme.)

09-05-07, 10:43 PM
Albuquerque, New Mexico.

If Kyle Roberts thinks it's hot in North Carolina, he should really enjoy this. But hey, it's a dry heat here!

On the outskirts of town, BigDog leans against a rock formation and looks out over the unpopulated territory surrounding New Mexico's largest city. He is dressed appropriately for the warmth of the day. As the camera closes in, he begins to speak.

BigDog: You know, we don't get to the southwest nearly enough. I'm a midwestern boy myself. Born and raised in Indiana before moving up to Chicago. Any views that don't involved endless fields of corn are welcome sights to me.

I have to admit, another of those welcome sights is an episode of House. I gotta say, that's one of my favorite shows on TV right now. You just have to appreciate a man that straightforward. Though Kyle ... may I call you Kyle? ... you missed the target when you suggested that I might be in the middle of a Lost marathon over the weekend. Never seen a single episode. Not sure why, other than that I never started and so I never got hooked on it.

I'll give you one other thing too. You got it right when you said that everybody thinks their own federation is superior to all the rest. I happen to believe very strongly that A1E is as good as anybody, if not better. But, I'm not making the mistake of thinking that automatically gives me the upper hand over someone like you. You're carrying around a world title, and I have a lot of respect for anyone that can do that no matter what federation it's in.

It looks like you're doing your homework as well, which is good. Like I said the first time around, I'm looking forward to this challenge. I like to test myself, and the more prepared you are, the better and tougher the test will be.

You probably do have the speed advantage. Lord knows the number of people I've been in the ring with that I could outrun would probably fit on one hand. I do generally have something of a power advantage, though not always. As your little roadtrip showed you, I've been in the ring with guys like Dan Ryan whose strength is on an entirely different level.

So, you might be asking yourself, if I'm not the strongest and I'm not the fastest, how did I manage to capture the A1E World Title?

BigDog taps his fist against his chest.

BigDog: Strongest muscle in the body, right there.

It's all about heart, man. Stepping in that ring night in and night out, facing guys varying from the 180 pound high flyer to the 360 mountain of muscle. With the schedule that we keep, you can't always spend the time to log hours and hours in the video room to study every possible opponent. Waking up in a different hotel every other day and heading off to a different arena doesn't always lend itself to extensive study time.

You have to be able to think on your feet, and you absolutely have to want it more than the other guy.

Come match time tonight, we're going to find out which one of us wants it more. We both have our backs against the wall, and we need to show up big time to carry our respective teams to the next round. I can't even begin to tell you how I can't wait to see who's got it when it counts most.

See you in the ring.

09-07-07, 01:31 PM
(Albuquerque, New Mexico. In a hotel exercise room, Kyle Roberts is running on a treadmill, dressed in shorts and a "Peacock Collegiate" sweatshirt.)

KYLE ROBERTS: Heart. You're right, Big Dog, it's one of the cornerstones of winning matches night after night. When any normal opponent would fall, it's what keeps champions like us kicking out after a two-and-a-half-count. We get up and keep on going for the sake of our pride, for the sake of keeping this title around our waist. But it's by no means the most important muscle.

(Kyle turns off the treadmill. After stepping off, he grabs a towel and a bottle of water.)

KYLE ROBERTS: I received some disturbing news from my hometown this week. An old friend's little brother was found dead in his apartment. Diagnosis? An enlarged heart. Now Mike was a bit of a party guy, known for his prowess for drinking. I guess after a while, it caught up to him. Next thing you know, on a Sunday last night, he keels over from a heart attack. It's a shame, really. Mike was a fun guy to hang around with.

While the heart is a powerful tool in overcoming the odds, Big Dog, you should never rely on it. There's only one large muscle I rely on.

(The camera dips.)

KYLE ROBERTS: (bending over to have his face in the shot) No, Doug, not that one. Well, not entirely anyway. But that's go nothing to do with wrestling in the ring... (Kyle taps the side of his head.) That's right, Big Dog. Stylin' Kyle Roberts goes into that ring and uses his brain in every match. When it comes to wrestling, I try to be smarter than you. Hell, it's my freakin' catchphrase! "Kyle Roberts is smarter than you."

(Kyle sits down on a bench and takes a swig of water.)

Yeah, I've pissed a lot of people off by saying that I'm smarter than them. But you know who's still REBEL champion? The man who's gone undefeated since July. The man who can outmaneuver practically everyone. This ol' noggin is programmed to win. At whatever cost. It's why I'm a legendary NAPW tag team champion. It's how I ended up winning the big shiny REBEL belt.

I've been studying you for a week now. Hell, if we count my focus on A1E whenever Bruce Richards was competing, I've watched my fair share of Big Dog matches. You've got the goods, Big Dog. Hell, you're a multiple champion! A1E World title! A1E tag titles! A year long title reign! And all because of you giving it your all every time you step into that ring. All because of your strong heart.

I've got news for ya, tin man. The brain? It tells the heart how to beat. Sure, with a non-functioning heart, it's still possible to live, thanks to modern technology and the pacemaker. But without a functioning brain? There's no point to living, no matter what American conservatives tell you.

I'm thinking that the scarecrow had the right idea. After all, he's the one who became the great and powerful leader of Oz. The brain IS the master manipulator. Just like yours truly inside the ring.

It's only days away, Big Dog. You and I will get into that Albuquerque ring, and we'll tear the house down. We'll make it one for the ages. Screw all these other competitors in the Dupree Cup! Are they fighting in a champ versus champ match? Does it matter? I'll admit, in the last round, I was a bit disappointed. I faced Ulysis Solian in a steel cage. And yet, I wasn't feeling it. This was the man who was lauded by all these different federations? I mean, yes, he took me to his limit, and falling into a bunch of tables isn't exactly one of the most pleasant experiences, but I know how to take a huge bump. But Solian didn't take me to my limit. I got helped out of the building, yes, and thank god for my Canadian health insurance for the next day in Minneapolis General Hospital. But look at me! I'm still standing and I got the win. Unfortunately, the rest of my team didn't.

So REBEL's in the same situation as A1E. 0-1 in the standings, and it's pretty much do or die. Sure, we can survive with a loss on the record. But two? Might as well just walk out after that. Not that I'm going to. I've dealt with lost causes before. It was me against an entire stable for a while. Yeah, I got beat down. A lot. But I kept on coming back for more. And then I found myself a bit of support. And then I won the REBEL heavyweight championship from Rex Caliber in a small mining town in Australia, in the process making the gold a WORLD title and giving it some meaning. So I don't believe in lost causes. Sure, that could be because of my ginormous heart, but I'm thinking it's because my mind doesn't know when to quit.

When it comes down to the two of us in the ring, Big Dog, I guess we'll find out which muscle truly IS stronger. But don't be surprised if your heart finally gives out. It's only a matter of time.

(Kyle gives one last look into the camera, smirks, and walks out of the exercise room. Fade to black.)