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08-07-07, 07:19 PM
Floater matchup.

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08-10-07, 02:00 PM
Earlier in the week, the Free Agent team that had been rumored to participate in the Dupree Cup became fact. Tom Holzerman announced and confirmed the Free Agent team and named them Team TEAM.

Taking part in Team TEAM, Team Invitational Tournament finalist Ulysis Solian, Former TEAM Free For All~! Champion Harley Ace Douglas, frequent TEAMer Sean Edmunds and TEAM newcomer, Shin'ya Funabashi.

Fuyabashi and Edmunds will team up against FEAR and KRENSHOV of REBEL Pro Wrestling, Harley Ace Douglas will battle "The American Nightmare" Matthew Kurtis in a singles match, and Ulysis Solian will face Kyle Roberts in a cage match.

We interviewed Harley Douglas over the phone tonight to get his thoughts on the recent Dupree Cup news.

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HDOnline correspondent (ok, the only correspondent) Rufus Cor Von III (illegitimate son of Jason Cor Von) interviewed Harley Ace Douglas over the phone.

<b>Cor Von</b>: First off, it's good to see you Harley, how are you doing?

<b>Harley</b>: First off, it's not good to see me... you're on the phone with me. Second off, I'm doing well, not great, not fantastic, just well.

<b>Cor Von</b>: Now Harley... before I get to asking you about the Dupree Cup, I have to ask... how are you feeling after losing two matches at SuperShow VI?

<b>Harley</b>: I feel like ****, Rufus. Not only did I let myself down, I let Kin Hiroshi down. It's one thing to let yourself down, it's another to let another person down. It's rough being a part of a team, and it's not any easier jumping into this Dupree Cup business after how things went down SuperShow VI. I have to pull through for Team TEAM in the Dupree Cup. I don't want to feel like Scott ****ing Norwood after missing that field goal in Super Bowl 25. After the Dupree Cup, I probably won't be teaming with anyone for ANYTHING, any time soon. I don't want that burden on my shoulders again.

<b>Cor Von</b>: Have you talked to Kin Hiroshi since the event?

<b>Harley</b>: No. I left him a voice message the day after, I never received a call back from him. I don't blame him.

<b>Cor Von</b>: Now you mentioned how you don't want to compete in a team for a long time after the Dupree Cup, what made you accept the invitation to Team TEAM in the first place?

<b>Harley</b>: ...

<b>Cor Von</b>: Mr. Douglas, are you there?

<b>Harley</b>: Yeah uh... strictly for money.

<b>Cor Von</b>: Uh... okay... now, have you done anything, trained differently maybe, to ensure things don't go the way they did at SuperShow VI?

<b>Harley</b>: Yeah, I've had a reality check and I'm taking it everything in slowly. I'm not overtraining or undertraining. I think a lot of people forget, hell... I forget, that I've only been wrestling since late April. Wrestling twice at SuperShow VI was a rookie mistake, and a mistake I won't be doing anytime down the road. It was very hypocritical of me to do so. It was only 4 months ago in April when I was calling Jason Payne an idiot for facing Dan Ryan and defending the FFA title in one night. Unless it's some sort of tournament deal, I don't see myself double booking myself in one night any time soon. It's a deathtrap. You either lose both matches, or win one and lose the other, there's no winning both matches. Just look at Lindsay Troy, she tried to do it at the first night of EPW slash NEW WrestleStock show. Lost her EPW World Title because of it.

<b>Cor Von</b>: What are your thoughts on your teammates?

<b>Harley</b>: Well... I don't really know this Funabashi cat, I don't follow the Japanese wrestling scene so I wouldn't really know what to say about him. I will say Tom Holzerman is no fool and if he flies Funabashi from Japan, it's because he's good. Sean Edmunds is solid, you can't go wrong with Sean Edmunds. I heard we were going to get some guy from some other place, but I'm glad Sean Edmunds is in Team TEAM. As far as Ulysis Solian is concerned, when I was first approached to do Team TEAM which at that time was just called the Free Agent Team, and they told me Solian was on board, I was sold. Solian is really something, I thought he was going to win the TEAM Invitational Tournament a few months back when I debuted. I still think Solian would beat Ryan 9 out of 10 times, it just happened that night it was 1 out of the 10 times Ryan would beat Solian. With our team I see no reason why Team TEAM can't sweep Team REBEL and go on to do the same to a banged up A-List.

<b>Cor Von</b>: Banged up A-List?

<b>Harley</b>: Yeah, they're going to get their asses handed to them by WF like we're going to do to Team REBEL this week.

<b>Cor Von</b>: Who do you feel is the captain of Team TEAM?

<b>Harley</b>: Well there's no official captain... but I'd say I'm the de facto leader.

<b>Cor Von</b>: Now, a lot of people have been buzzing about the possibility of a match between you and Jason Payne in a few weeks when Team TEAM faces Team NEW. Your thoughts?

<b>Harley</b>: Yeah, here's the thing though... I don't know why people are quote;unquote buzzing about it. I've already beaten Jason Payne, and I will beat him again.

<b>Cor Von</b>: Alright, sounds good. Before you hang up, any thoughts on your opponent for your first match in the Dupree Cup, Matthew Kurtis?

<b>Harley</b>: Funny you leave this for the end of the interview, because he's exactly that, an afterthought. I know I said I'd be taking things slowly and I wouldn't undertrain and overtraint, yadda yadda, but it's been two days since the line-ups were announced and I've done my homework. Matthew Kurtis is just a big man, and he's a BIG man, but big guys in pro wrestling are a dime a dozen. Good and great big men in pro wrestling are rare and they are difficult to take down and defeat, but Matthew Kurtis is NOT a good or great big man. He can go "Fee Fi Foe Fum" and I'll chop him down, not with an axe, with my kicks.

<b>Cor Von</b>: Alright, that about wraps up our interview, thank you Harley for the interview, it's been a pleasure.

<b>Harley</b>: Yeah uh, Rufus? You're terrible at conducting interviews.

Harley Ace Douglas hung up the phone, ending the conversation.
credit: Harley Douglas Online (http://harley.ewcentral.com)

Matthew Kurtis
08-14-07, 12:35 PM
(((Matthew Kurtis is in his basement studio in front of a REBELPro banner when he is joined by his manager/girlfriend Mandy...)))

MANDY: Matt,sweetie have you heard what your opponent in the Dupree Cup this week had to say about you?

MATTHEW(a little irritated): Obvious Mandy. Why else would I be down here for. I mean I've already done all my REBEL promos for the week.

MANDY(sounding flightly): Oh yeah I guess that makes sense. Oh well I'll be upstairs in the shower when you get done.

((((Mandy leaves and Matthew watches her bounce up the steps...))))

MATTHEW(mainly to himself): Damn that girl might not have brain one in her pretty little head of her but the rest of her is defintely put together right. (To the camera) Anyway like I said I saw Harley Douglas' little phone interview,nice use of split screen tech there by the way, and heard his stupid little remarks about me being an afterthought. I guess it's true what that say. "Opinions are like assholes everyone has one and most of them stink". Harley you did have one valid point and that was yes big men in wrestling are a dime a dozen but not big men like me. See even though you want to lump me in with stiffs like the Great Khali,Matt Morgan,or Nathan Jones let point out some things that make me way different from your average wrestling "giant".
First of all unlike most big men I can wrestle for a long time I don't have to go and pummel my opponent in the first five minutes if I am to have any hope of victory. You see you either forgot or didn't know that before I became a wrestler I was a college basketball player and I ain't years before either like say Kevin Nash,I when right from playing college ball and one year overseas to being a wrestler and even though I added muscle I brought my cardio training routine with we to my wrestling career and it's a big part of training still today. And that college wasn't some small rinky-dink school like Jerkwater State Community College no it was the University of Kentucky and under Rick Pitino no less so that should give some idea of how good my cardio conditioning is. So ifyou had any thoughts about how you could tire me out and eventually win that way...too bad so sad it ain't gonna happen.
Secondly I have technical skills that are way better than you and most would give me credit for. I don't just rely on pure power and brawling, even though I could and still be successful. I ain't claiming to Dean Malenko but I can go hold for hold and then some with most opponents. You see it pays off having a brother and regular tag team partner who was a college All-American and Goodwill games medalist in wrestling to train and spar with to help develop one's technical skills.
Thirdly just to make me that much more dangerous my strength,power, and brawling skills are just what you'd except from a man my size. So maybe you're right and I am "just another" big man with all the speed of a glacier and all the technical wrestling skill of a lamp-post but I doubt that. You seem to like to run with mouth before you get your facts straight and hey it your right to look like a dumbass if you want. If you still believe all that dumb **** you said,well I hate to be the one to tell you but you're in for a rude awakening. You see our match will be a wake up call to you to not judge everyone by appreance only. Sadly for you not only will the match be a wake-up call it'll also be a nightmare for you and it be one you can't wake up from. And that nightmare has a name it's "the American Nightmare" Matthew Kurtis.

(((Matthew walks over and switches the camera off.)))

08-14-07, 11:39 PM
<i>(<b>Fade IN</b>: To Harley Douglas, former TEAM Free For All~! Champion standing behind a TEAM Dupree Cup backdrop. The TEAM crew had a long day, but they still made the trek down to Harley's hotel to set up a backdrop and a suitable promo place. Most of the TEAM crew and wrestlers in Saint Paul were staying at the Holiday Inn RiverCentre, only a few minutes away from the Xcel Energy Center... but not Harley. Harley Ace Douglas was staying at the Grand Hotel Minneapolis, fifteen to twenty minutes away from the Xcel Energy Center, just for luxury's sake.)</i>

<b>Harley Ace</b>:You know earlier today while I was getting ready to go out for the day and visit the Minneapolis-Saint Paul metropolitan area, seeing as how I've never been here, I saw a rather low budget promo air. I noticed that this guy sitting on his cheap sofa in what I can only assume was his basement, was the guy whose pictures I had seen earlier in the week. The guy was Matthew Kurtis, so I paid attention, digested what you had to say, and went about my day thinking I would have a good time sight-seeing in this city which I had never been to before.

But something kept bugging me, Kurtis. Something kept nagging at me and I just... had a bad day. You see, I was appalled at what you had to say Kurtis. It wasn't that your mother was probably off-screen ironing your pants in her basement. It wasn't the lame nickname you've given yourself, "The American Nightmare". It wasn't that you use lame catchphrases like "it's going to be a nightmare for you and one you can't wake up from" or whatever the hell it is you said.

It was just that... who are you to say that poor sweet girl, Mandy, doesn't have a brain? You two were meant for each other, you two together are dumb... and dumber.

You know Matthew, you remind me of a guy I've faced here in TEAM before, that man's name is... Minkcoat Monsoon... Manson Munsoon? Well, it doesn't really matter what his name is, the point is, you two are very similar. He's a big guy, not as big as you, but just as dumb as you.


Yeah, that's it. You're just stupid. You're the "My Momma says I'm Speshul" kind of guy, Kurtis. If you weren't, then you wouldn't be saying how good you are at this, that, and the other. You wouldn't even mention that you played basketball.

But here's food for thought, Matthew, maybe you should have stuck with basketball if you really were playing at the University of Kentucky with Rick Pitino. And the thing I find about guys from other sports who come to professional wrestling is that, usually, the only reason they transition to wrestling is, they simply couldn't cut it in their former sport. So you could sit there in your basement and lie about how it was your decision to become a professional wrestler and how you could have been a professional basketball player but, I wouldn't buy it.

See, you sports guys think it's all gravy to come here to professional wrestling. I've seen guys who were injured in football and couldn't continue that so they became professional wrestlers! Yeah! That makes sense! Leave a physical sport because of an injury and join one that's just as physical, and maybe more dangerous. Most of the time, you guys are all the same. I know, I was a jock, still am. You think that because you were a former ballplayer, football, soccer, baseball, rugby, basketball, it doesn't matter, that you can just waltz into professional wrestling and become somebody.

You even think you can use your skills from whatever sport you were in, in the ring. You might have great cardiovascular training, you might have great athleticisim, great agility, great everything! But the fact of the matter is, the only thing that matters is, can you step into that ring, and defeat your opponent?

Because I can, and I have, and I will.

<b><i>(Fade OUT.)</b></i>