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08-07-07, 07:19 PM
Group A matchup.

RP deadline is 8/15 @ 11:59:59 PM Eastern Daylight Time. All regular rules apply.

08-10-07, 01:16 PM
Another TEAM event for The Sergeant, and another Dupree Cup as well…

The Sergeant is dressed in his typical wrestling gear plus a black tee shirt with an MWCW logo on it, in front of a TEAM Dupree Cup backdrop. His demeanor is much less stressed compared to how he was in the Lethal Lottery. He’s ready to do business.

Sarge: This year I’m in my second Dupree Cup, and once again I am part of a small wrestling organization… an organization that is just trying to make a name for itself. The only difference is that this year I OWN the organization that I will be competing for. I’m not saying own in a sense that I am the superior athlete there, but in the sense that I actually bought the company and physically own it.

Sarge pauses to let the last sentence settle into the mind of the viewing audience.

Sarge: You heard it right. I actually own a professional wrestling company. Most of you have probably not heard of it. It’s called Midwest World Class Wrestling, or MWCW for short, and it’s based in my hometown of Springfield, Missouri. The unknown status of my small regional promotion is exactly the reason why I entered us into the Dupree Cup. I have some of the best young talent in the wrestling world today, and I feel like the Dupree Cup is a great place to showcase these guys.

Tagging with me in my portion of our first Dupree Cup Meet is a man that needs no introduction here in TEAM. He’s done very well as of late here, and in MWCW he is a top contender for our Midwest Heavyweight Championship. His name is Rob Franklin. While I’m not the biggest fan of his attitude or the way he likes to get things done, there is no denying the man’s talent and ability to get it done in the ring. He’s stood toe to toe with some of the best in our industry and has developed into one hell of a wrestler. He’s a cornerstone of MWCW, and I couldn’t think of anyone better to tag with. This is especially true with the task that we have ahead of us: Chronic Collizion… formerly known as the Crimson Calling!

Another short pause before continuing.

Sarge: I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that these two men are one of the best tag teams on the scene today. I can guarantee that A1E wouldn’t have put them into the Dupree Cup if that weren’t the case. In fact, I have it on good authority that when A1E found out that their tag team champions would not be competing in the Dupree Cup, there was no hesitation Big Dog and Dan Ryan with these guys. Chronic Collizion are that good.

Please don’t mistake my kind words as anything other than professional respect. While A1E might be one of the top wrestling organizations EVER, the MWCW roster does not fear a single solitary one of them. We’re here for one reason and one reason only: to make MWCW a worldwide name.

It could mean that we get one upset in our meet. It could mean that we sweep it and help to eliminate them.

Sarge raises his right hand to his chin in a sort of thoughtful pause.

Sarge: Many of the “wrestling experts” out there think that with the cast I’ve assembled for the Dupree Cup, MWCW is doomed to failure from the very beginning. Rob Franklin is battled tested but still unproven as a franchise player. Adam Cash is the Paris Hilton of professional wrestling. Drunken Tiger is a known and unflinching anti-American that works for his only personal gain by hiding behind his fellow Koreans.

Me? Well, people say that my ring rust could make me one of the most disappointing sophomore wrestlers this year, considering how well thought of I was during my rookie year.

Let me stop and explain something to you, though.

As the owner of the company, don’t you think I can make it worth my roster’s while to put their egos aside and compete for the greater good of MWCW?

A huge smile grows on Sarge’s face.

Sarge: So, have you all come to the realization yet that this team is a little more than just a group of guys thrown together on a team? MWCW’s Dupree Cup entry isn’t just a hodge podge collection of individuals like many of the teams we will be facing.

We’re here for a purpose. We’re here to show the entire world that the best in professional wrestling reside in the Midwestern region of the good ol’ US of A. We’re here to claim some of the recognition that we so rightfully deserve.

We’ll start it off by having Franklin and I defeat a very worthy tag team.

The combat tested and mother approved juggernaut is leading a team into battle once again. No combat air support or indirect fire to cover our movement in this battle, but make no mistake about it. We are just as dangerous!

Scene fades…

08-14-07, 01:18 AM
(Guess what, everybody? The narrator has successfully gone SIX DAYS without smoking!)

Erik Black

(Oh, give me a break, I need a job!)

Erik Black
WE’RE you’re job! Ain’t you figured that out yet?!

Here you’ve sat on your ass for the past WEEK and we’ve been waitin’ to get these here words out! And now you’ve gotta go and kill our INSPIRATION!!

(Okay, I’ll admit, I’m miserable… but I’ve got a Heineken with me this time.)

Ivan Dalkichev

Erik Black
Shut up, Ivan… drunk promos aren’t HALF as interesting as stoned promos!

(Would you guys stop breaking the fourth wall and get started with this thing already?)

Erik Black
Fine, fine… SCENE AWAY, oh glorious narrator!

(We fade in on Erik and Ivan before a standard A1E backdrop.)

Erik Black
(god, a backdrop? can we say SLACKER?)

GREETINGS, fans and talents of TEAM! For the first time, you catch a glimpse of what will one day be known as the GREATEST tag team of the era! Allow ourselves to introduce… ourselves.

I’m the “ESCAPE ARTIST” Erik Black.

This mutha-fuggin’ BEHEMOTH beside me is “THE RAGING RUSSIAN” Ivan Dalkichev!


Ivan Dalkichev
Formerly the Crimson Calling.

Erik Black
Thanks for the clarification, Ivan.

Some of you are familiar with us based on our most impressive work in A1E and EPW. In the former, we are CURRENTLY the number one contenders to the tag titles. In the latter, former and FUTURE tag champs. Of course, that may mean nothing to the overwhelming majority of you who have never heard of us… which is why we’ve come to TEAM, in conjunction with A1E in this Dupree Cup tournament.

Think of us as televangelists, only instead of spreading the word of God and “Give Us Money”, we spread the word of BADASSEDRY!

Ivan Dalkichev
But Black-Man… we LOVE money! The money gets you the women… and the women… I VJORK IN ASS!!

Erik Black
Well, yeah, I guess we can’t deny the fact that a good reason why we ARE here is that big fat paycheck Nathan Houston offered us…

But if I’m not mistaken… we’re the ONLY true tag team in the Dupree Cup. The rest are merely random pairings of teamsters from the other feds thrown into this shindig. Sometimes, you can see a fine team form from that kind of combination… but ‘Van and I are going to prove the point that a truly successful team is one that includes two members who are thicker than blood and always on the same page.

Here’s a little background on ‘Van and myself… we’ve been wrestling together for nearly five whole years as an inseparable duo. The name has changed over the years… as have our appearances, and our theme songs, and our overall behavior. But the two of us have always been together, through thick and thin. In that time, we’ve come to know each other very well, in ways that I can only assure the masses are very hetero.

We practically think alike. I know what Ivan does in the ring, and he knows what I do likewise. And because I know what he knows, and he knows what I know, I know what to do after he does what he does, and then HE does what he knows I have to do, and does what he knows HE has to do.

Ivan Dalkichev
…I’m confused.

Erik Black
The point is that we work together as a unit. Most of the so-called “teams” in this tournament wouldn’t know how to begin mastering that kind of in-ring cooperation.

Our being in this Dupree Cup tournament is quite a unique standpoint. We’re practically SET to dominate every match set before us! That should give quite a bit of relief to our other teamsters, Big Dog and Troy Douglas. A guaranteed win from us means they only need to win one match for the point to go to Team A1E.

Ivan Dalkichev
Now Erik… you’re beginning to sound dicky.

Erik Black
You mean “cocky”? Well, okay, maybe I am… but even when our first opponents consider us to be one of the best teams in the business today, who am I to disagree?

I’ll be fairly blunt… the team of Ivan and myself are as of yet undefeated. That spans some THREE YEARS of activity.

Ivan Dalkichev
Well, not including two year hiatus.

Erik Black
Well, okay… we did take some time off when I got a job working as a talent rep at Las Vegas Wrestling and Ivan tried to pursue his dream as a pornstar. But ever since then, we’ve been undefeated. We’ve overcome old foes and new faces alike.

In this case… we get a little of Column A and a little of Column B.

Ivan Dalkichev
But we are Column C! As in CHRONIC!!

…or COLLIZION!! Take your pick.

Erik Black
Now in one hand we have Rob Franklin… whom we met over in A1E during their invitational Tag Team Tournament. Granted, the team of Rob and his brother Jacob didn’t amount to much compared to us…

Ivan Dalkichev
Buzzed through ‘em like box of condoms at Hollywood teen starlet party.

Erik Black
It was a stone-cold SQUASH, to say the very least. Which is why when people make a big deal about Rob Franklin as a big up-and-comer, sometimes I’m left wondering if he’s all he’s cracked up to be. The man’s turned some heads, sure… but maybe he works better on his own than with a fellow on his side. At least when said fellow is his own brother.

But this time, Rob’s got the Sergeant in his corner. Dunno if that makes things any different on his end… but anything would be better than two Franklins teamed together.

Ivan Dalkichev
We can only hope.

Erik Black
Neither of us have had the pleasure of facing off with the Sergeant in the professional wrestling ring before… although I’m not sure if “pleasure” would be the appropriate word. You see, the whole “military” thing… just isn’t the two of us.

Order and discipline… it just doesn’t mix well with a pair of free spirits like us. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but if I can’t wear my hair long, slouch when I want to, and partake in a bit of the ganja every now and again, then am I really being true to myself?

But that’s neither here nor there. The Sarge’s main point is that MCMW’s here to prove itself for what it’s worth, and that sounds just peachy. But Ivan and I don’t need to send a message: it’s obvious we’re a step above the rest of the tag teams in this Dupree Cup. That’s our purpose here in TEAM… to send the message across all federations that the CHRONIC COLLIZION!! (formerly the Crimson Calling) are a force to be reckoned with!

Franklin’s already failed at the task of taking us down in a tag team match… and Sarge has already admitted to carrying a little of that unenviable ring rust. So are the two of us intimidated by a pep talk promising to make an impact? Not in the slightest…

Ivan Dalkichev
I could be…

…if they were Spider People!

Erik Black
…shut up and eat your Cheez-Its, ‘Van.

Bottom line… to our opponents at this first match, and to the REST of the teams in the Dupree Cup: the CHRONIC COLLIZION!! (formerly the Crimson Calling) have long maintained a perfect record and an air of excellence. And while the ambitions of our opponents seem most noble and valorous, we just aren’t willing to let ourselves be used as a means of proving a “point.”

MCMW… it’s not like we don’t think you guys will one day rise to greatness. And who knows… maybe the CHRONIC COLLIZION!! (formerly the Crimson Calling) will one day grace your ranks and prove to all who the best tag team on the market really is. But here and now, in TEAM, the glory goes to A1E… a federation that soon enough we will be proud to represent as its tag team champions.

Ivan Dalkichev
Champions in one federation… but here in TEAM, we become Tag Team GODS of ALL federations!

Erik Black
Time will tell, ‘Van…

But we’re willing to take this one step at a time.

(We fade to black.)

Erik Black
…that’s a lame finish, by the way.

(Give me a break. I’m tired, and I have work tomorrow.)

Erik Black
Needs a job MY ASS!!

Ivan Dalkichev

(Again… we fade to black.)

08-15-07, 01:07 PM
Let me shoot it straight for a second.

We fade in to an MWCW backdrop, with Rob Franklin standing in front of it, with a small grin on his face.

TEAM's "Dupree Cup" may be the most stupid, pointless thing I've ever heard of in my freaking life.

I mean, honestly, how can people lower themselves to think that something like this matters?

And really, don't think that I've sold out by being here. I'm not here to prove that MWCW is a great wrestling organization, no. I'm here to prove that I'm the best there has ever been. I'm here to prove that I am the present, and the future of the business. I'm here to prove that when I'm on top of MWCW, that MWCW is on top of the world.

I could care less about Sarge.

I could care less about Adam Cash.

I could REALLY care less about Drunken Tiger.

The only one - and here's a shocker - the only one I care about on MWCW's Dupree Cup team is...me.

....Then....there's the team we're facing in the first round.


Yeah, you had the distinct pleasure of beating me in A1E, but let me tell you something, I don't take kindly to being defeated by people lower than me on the talent scale.

Now, I'm getting paid big money to be here. And I intend to make good on my end of the bargain.

Sarge may be an idiot. Sarge may be the most ignorant, naive, piece of garbage to ever have enough brains to run a wrestling fed...

But he signs my paychecks.

And am I proud that I was chosen for MWCW's Dupree Cup team?

No, but let me say this...

MWCW's "champ" Cameron Cruise wasn't offered a spot.

And rightfully so. Not only did he SCREW me out of my title, he drug our whole team down during the Lethal Lottery match right here in TEAM.

...but that's fine, because at Midwest Pride, I will win the number one contender's match, and have one more go at the mighty Mr. Cruise.

However, this is not the time, nor the place for such conversation.

No, for god sakes, this is about me and Sarge, eliminating the mighty A1E scum.

I've been in A1E, and it was no accident that I didn't stay.

My message to Sarge: Stay out of my way, pay me my money, and I'll make you the happiest son of a ***** on the planet.

My message to A1E...

Rob fumbles around with something out of camera shot, and puts it into frame. It's a broom.

...Let's just say you will soon meet a "sweeping" demise.

...Oh god, did I seriously just say that?