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08-02-07, 07:37 AM
All RP for the LARRY TACT / DAYMON (c) / JONATHAN MARX (c) match at New ERA BANNED in the US should be posted in this thread.

*This match is for the New ERA of Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship..s. It is an elimination match where either World Heavyweight Championship can be lost during the match if a champion is the first one eliminated.

RP and angles are due Sunday, August 12th at 11:59pm PST. All angles should be sent to secandido@san.rr.com ... enjoy!

08-05-07, 11:06 PM
(We fade in, and NEW’s most notorious couple appear before a standard “BANNED IN THE U.S.” backdrop. Rocko Daymon, wearing his usual jeans and a black t-shirt, greets the camera grinning ear to ear. Standing behind him near his shoulder, Caitlyn eyes him somewhat critically.)

Rocko Daymon
It was about a year and a half ago I made my much anticipated debut to New Era of Wrestling… right around the same time Jonathan Marx was leading the lost cause known as DREDD and Larry Tact was making his less-than-spectacular return while incognito…

And yet, in that length of time, from the very bottom of the ladder, I have surpassed the both of them. Since my coming here, I have defeated this federation’s top contenders, single-handedly dismantled on of it’s most feared stables, and outlasted nearly the entire roster in the BattleBRAWL main event!

And at the end of the road, it comes down to this right here…

(Rocko holds up the NEW World Heavyweight Title… or perhaps an exact replica, we’re not quite sure at this point.)

Rocko Daymon
This right here, fans… is the result of seven long years of hard work in that ring, busting my ass and putting my body on the line to put your butts in those seats.

(Behind him, Caitlyn clears her throat.)

Rocko Daymon
Nobody truly expected that I could pull it off. Many of my critics thought I was too stupid, or too boring, or in some cases, just a tad too cliché. Oddly, not very many of them paid much attention to my actual in-ring ability.

Yet against all the doubt and alienation and sheer JEALOUSY that was put up against me on all fronts, I overcame the odds to win this title!

(Caitlyn clears her throat again, this time a little louder.)

Rocko Daymon
At Wrestlestock, ONE MAN stood above the rest! ONE MAN defined himself as a TRUE professional wrestler, and that ONE MAN claimed his keep by becoming New Era of Wrestling’s World Heavyweight Champion!

And that single man was ME!

(This time, Caitlyn practically hacks up a lung on her husband’s shoulder in a deliberate attempt to interrupt him. Rocko scowls… but then smiles again, stepping back to stand aside his better half.)

Rocko Daymon
Of course… I guess some credit goes to the warrior woman who stood in my corner, and kept her eye out for a few unexpected goings on that could have spelled doom for yours truly…

Caitlyn Daymon
You’re welcome. Though I have to admit, I took a little pleasure giving Brandon Jacobs the ass-kicking he’s been asking for ever since he screwed me over on the island years ago…

Rocko Daymon
Well, Caitlyn… you’ve proven yourself loyal to me, in spite of the fact that you jeopardized my condition going into such an important match…

Caitlyn Daymon
Like I said, you HAD it coming.

(He narrows his eyes.)

Rocko Daymon
…we’ll just consider it water under the bridge.

But because you were there to tip the scales back in my favor when the odds were suddenly stacked against me, I’m finally giving you the recognition you deserve. And as such, I’m making YOU my honorary belt-carrier person.

(Rocko hands the belt off to Caitlyn, who bears it over her shoulder.)

Caitlyn Daymon
Thanks… I guess.

Rocko Daymon
After all, I suppose it’s as close as you’ll ever get to ever carrying a title. Especially considering the Women’s Title was retired before you were ever able to get your revenge on Karla Starr.

Caitlyn Daymon
…perhaps I should’ve finished the job on that first night of Wrestlestock.

(Smiling like the son of a b*tch he is, Rocko turns from his fiery-eyed companion to face the camera. He juts a thumb to the title resting on Caitlyn’s shoulder.)

Rocko Daymon
It’s a beaut, isn’t it? Yet sadly, not one of a kind…

I mean, I’m damn proud of having earned this belt. But still… something doesn’t sit right in my brain, knowing that I’m simply A World Champion, as opposed to THE World Champion.

The circus surrounding what was once the prestigious NEW World Heavyweight Title continues, as now we have TWO champs…

But you know, Jonathan Marx… just because you have a belt of your own, and because the fans back you, and because you THINK you hold some sort of mental edge over everybody else… the fact that you scurry away from every match clutching that strap ever so tightly only proves that you are anything BUT a champion. Rather, it reveals you to be insecure and afraid of the fact that without that belt… you’re really nothing more than a run of the mill mid-card talent.

A talent I almost effortlessly put flat on the mat in what was only my second match in this federation.

(He chuckles.)

Rocko Daymon
You really thought you had everybody fooled… but little did you know, I had a guardian angel watching over me.

I have to admit, though, it was a clever scheme… but just what the HELL did you think you could accomplish through it? Did you think, maybe, the referees wouldn’t accept a counterfeit title, and thus wouldn’t recognize the holder of that title as the champ?

Well, whether or not the belt you see here before you is the REAL one or not… the decision has already been made, Marx: I AM a World Champion in my own right.

This time, Marx, you won’t be able to run away with that title. The only way you can walk off that cruise ship as NEW’s World Champion is by putting MY shoulders to the mat, thus eliminating MY status as this federation’s co-champion. Considering you haven’t done much pinning AT ALL in recent months… I’d say you have your work cut out for ya, amigo.

For a guy who always thinks he’s champion based on his ploys as opposed to his actual talent… your last ruse certainly backfired.

Caitlyn Daymon
Though at least he walked out with a little more than Larry Tact…

Rocko Daymon
Right you are on that note, Caitlyn.

Ah, Larry… I confess, I was slightly amused to see your temper tantrum when you opened that briefcase only to find a piece of paper staring back at you. But really… even if one of these straps had been in YOUR piece of luggage… would it make any difference? Inevitably, you’d only come to LOSE IT at Banned In The U.S. to yours truly… and you’d be right back at square one.

Ironically, for all your bravado and speeches and three to four backstage appearances at every show… you end up with nothing but a mere title shot. That gives you a final, fleeting hope, Tact… one last chance to back up your words in the ring. But your chances were slim from the get-go. As it is, everything you’ve been planning and working over in the past year has—and will—amount to absolute jack.

You made your mark in this federation as its first World Champion… and the fans won’t soon forget that. Hell, even I somewhat respect the fact that you laid the foundation for this federation. But we’re living in the year 2007…

…and it’s time for the better man to pick up the torch and rekindle this title’s legacy before it quickly becomes forgotten in light of all the ridiculous incidents that have been occurring in the World title picture.

(Rocko turns to his wife and gestures for the belt. She hands it over, and he holds it level with his chest as he looks to the camera again.)

Rocko Daymon
I’ll be honest with you, guys… the credibility of this here title has been DAMAGED so much with it being handed around more times than Joey Melton’s jockstrap at Beau Michaels’ after-party, it’s practically being overshadowed by a lower tier belt and a MUCH lower tier champion.

I blame guys like Hart and Rabesque who were obviously not talented enough to carry the burden of this piece of leather and gold…

I blame you, Jonathan Marx, for being too much of a coward to actually defend the belt like a man…

And I blame you as well, Larry Tact, for working your way into the main event through backstage politics instead of actually winning matches.

The lot of you are responsible for making this belt worth less than what it should be. It’s because of all your antics and drama and smoke and mirrors instead of actual wrestling that the fans have lost faith in NEW’s main event scene. They tune in week after week hoping to see a HERO stand up, kick ass, and give them a reason to keep coming back… but all they get to see is you and your attention-whoring.

But luckily, the fans of NEW will no longer have to put up with sub-par paper champions and cowards who consistently duck out of title defenses. I hold the belt now… and after I step into the ring and prove myself as this federation’s one, only, undisputed, TRUE World Heavyweight Champion, I’m going to breath new life into this belt’s dying legacy.

I’m going to show these fans what they’ve been dying to see: a TRUE professional wrestler representing this federation as a TRUE professional wrestling champion!

(We fade on the image of Rocko Daymon slinging the belt over his shoulder and walking off the stage, Caitlyn following.)

08-08-07, 12:10 AM
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Fade in...

A flickering, black & white shot trailing Larry Tact, as he stands at the top of a stage. Bright lights and an arena filled of fans is before him, though the sound has been cut. Still, even silent the scene is familiar, as we are only recently removed from what he takes in here: WrestleStock. Flashbulbs and spotlights dot the camera shot as Tact begins walking down to the ring before him, where two briefcases are prominently displayed.

LARRY TACT [v/o]: "I am clearly focused on nothing short of victory, and I will not walk in without my own plan. Because this is it. This is the match that everyone cashes their chips in on."

FADE TO: another B&W shot, this time from backstage at WrestleStock. Larry Tact looks at the World Heavyweight Championship, resting inside an open briefcase in front of Marcus LaRoque.

LARRY TACT [v/o]: "And for all I want us to give to the circuit with this year's WrestleStock... there is but one, singular thing I want to take from it...."

"N.. E.. W..."






FADE IN: a B&W shot of Caitlyn and Rocko Daymon coming to the ring together, at WrestleStock.

LARRY TACT [v/o]: "I wanted to finally put you on the spot, and see what you have to offer. I want to know, beyond the talk, in the ring... how far will you go?"

CUT TO: shots of Caitlyn Daymon interfering during the match.

JIVE [v/o]: “I thought you said that no one was supposed to be at ringside…”

GHEORGHE [v/o]: “Caitlyn Daymon isn’t supposed to be out here, Nick .. those were the rules I thought everyone had agreed to follow.”

FLASH CUT: to full audio and color footage of the match, as Brandon Jacobs interferes, elevating the briefcases.

LARRY TACT [v/o]: "You've been a good Champion, Marx, I'll give you that. And you think it'll take a "great escape" to get out of WrestleStock with your title. That is not the case, though."

CUT TO: the third briefcase falling amid the other two.



INSET CUT: of Tact and LaRoque again, backstage before the match.

TACT: “I wanted to make sure that everything was in order myself.”

LaROQUE: “So I was just told.”

[Tact looks down at the briefcases.]

LaROQUE: “But you need to be out .. you should be heading to the gateway to make your entrance.”

TACT: “No. After all the **** that New ERA management has put me through I want to make SURE that what they say is going to be in these briefcases is ACTUALLY there.”


FADE IN: post-match, as Marx, Daymon, and Tact open their briefcases.

LARRY TACT [v/o]: And for New Era, only two can move on from WrestleStock to compete for the right to usher in that New Era. Two of us six, who will keep our eye on the prize, and not hesitate to give everything, to actually wager all we have worked at up to this point... just for the chance."

FADE TO BLACK. The audio continues on through the dark screen.

"I am willing to take that step, gentlemen. And I have stood at the top of the mountain before. I can do it again."

"Are you ready?"


On Larry Tact, wearing a long, black leather coat and boots; "sandblasted" blue jeans; a ribbed, white shirt; and silver-framed, blue-tinted sunglasses. His hair tied back, he stands in front of a royal blue backdrop. The lights shine down on the logo displayed across it, for BANNED in the US, as well as on Tact, who looks infinitely less agitated than after the Dueling Ladders match. He keeps a stoic expression, however, raises a hand from a pocket of the sleek coat. In his grasp is a piece of paper, neatly folded twice-over; presumably, the contract for his World Heavyweight Championship shot, at BANNED in the US.

TACT: "Because, here I stand... chance in hand."

He slips the paper back into the pocket, hands lazily hanging on the edges of either coat pocket.

"Although it wasn't my preferred entry into this match, going in... things certainly changed between then and the end of the Dueling Ladders match. Things changed for BANNED in the US... as did my options for getting there. And between the time I took the contract from the briefcase, and the time I got back to the hotel, that intense adrenaline rush from the Dueling Ladders had drained away. I had begun taking the big picture into care again."

"So by the time I arrived down here, for BANNED in the US... everything had come into focus. Given what happened at WrestleStock... claiming the World Heavyweight title shot was the best thing I could have walked away with, of the three possible options."

He gives a small grin.

"That's right. There is no better place, of the three choices, for any of us to be entering this Main Event. Because why in the hell would I want to be coming in with one of two World title belts that Marcus LaRoque and the rest of NEWs officials have not been able to differentiate between? Neither is legit anymore. That's why they will both be eliminated in this match, and replaced with a new World Title. Truly, it is the end of an era for New ERA."

"But it is hardly the end of the turmoil."

Removing his hands from coat pockets, he crosses his arms across his chest.

"Because of the actions of Jonathan Marx, the World Heavyweight Championship has only been marred by controversy, now. And the "great escape" that he was looking to make from WrestleStock... the one he thought would score him his survival as World Champion... has only lost him his distinction as the World Champion. The grand scheme left him with a nearly worthless belt."

"Do I sound judgmental to you, Marx? Daymon? I should. Because after what you did at WrestleStock, between the two of you, that match was clearly tainted. I invited you in to see if you had what it would take to hang with the upper echelon of this promotion... and you both have proven anything but that, needing outside help from a true friend and a true ***** to get here."

"Because Brandon Jacobs must be a true friend, to drag his name so far into the muck as he has, just to tag along with you to this point, Marx. Desperate to hold onto the title, you seem to be willing to do anything to keep it. But now you don't even know what you have. Pretty soon, it'll just be a collectible. Maybe you can try buying your credibility back, because it's long, long gone."

"And Caitlyn Daymon.. well.. night one of WrestleStock. Need I say more?"

He shakes his head.

"Really, Daymon, you chose to allow your wife to come down to the ring, knowing full well what could happen. Because of your greed-- not passion-- for a World Championship, you threw your integrity out the door. Or maybe your doubts about surviving the match to this one were just too overwhelming. You didn't have the confidence to try sending your master-- er, wife, away...."

"Of course, what do you care? You've got a shiny gold belt. And if it looks like a World title, and it says 'World Championship'... well.. I know how greed can warp a mind, make it believe crazy things. Look no further than your wife's constant quest for recognition. You had a disease standing right next to you... sleeping with you this whole time. What you said in the past couple days is just recognition that it's infected you, made you willing to accept even the most tainted type of victory. But it won't matter soon enough. I'm gonna take your greed, your so-called "true" wrestling, and that belt, and I'm gonna humble them all... on your way down."

"In both cases, though, the result is the same: two tainted titles, and one legitimate title shot. Now I don't claim to not have had my own plan for getting an edge in the match. I even said I would go in with a plan. But whereas Daymon didn't care about letting his amazon waylay on the competition... and Marx didn't care if he attacked the very credibility of the title I built up from its inception.. I found a more.. tactful means for achieving my end."

He grins.

"There is a fine line between clever planning and foolish scheming. Daymon and Marx, they **** on everyone else, and each other, to get where they are. Daymon, you're so infected that you even took a shot at Marx for not pinning anyone lately? Tell me, excuses aside, who was the last person in NEW that you pinned?"

Laughing he puts his hands on his waist and shrugs.

"For your efforts, you two have been so deservedly rewarded... because I have never before seen such clear examples of fool's gold. Those belts are symbols of the turmoil and, now, controversy that you've managed to sink yourselves further into, regarding the World title scene here. Which is why my place is so important."

"The title shot I earned isn't just a chance to regain the World Championship, anymore. It makes me the only one-hundred percent legit participant in this match. This was a dance for two, not three. But since we don't know who's the true Champion... you both get an asterisk, while I have nobody questioning my place here."

"Because, after we set out our chips at WrestleStock, three of us survived... but only one of us survived, truly unscathed."

"My opposition has been reduced to two, from six... or four, from eight, even..."

"But my goal remains the same. My focus remains the same, and there is still nothing I see that will stop me. Neither of you have pinned me. Neither of you have gotten here on your own, as I have."

"No... if anything, we've come full circle. Because the truest NEW World Champion, right now..."

He removes his shades, staring deadpan at the camera.

"... Is its first."

Fade out.

08-09-07, 11:16 PM
(We fade into a studio, finding Rocko Daymon standing before the same “Banned In The U.S.” backdrop. He’s wearing his usual jeans, a Mastodon t-shirt, and, oddly, a black and red floral-design shirt. His wife and manager Caitlyn stands near his shoulder, bearing the NEW World Heavyweight Title on her shoulder—or perhaps its uncanny copy, we don’t know at this point.)

Rocko Daymon
My oh my, Larry… before today, I knew you to be pompous, laughably headstrong, a bit overzealous, and slightly unoriginal, considering you seem to ape my every sentiment. But after watching that promo, I think I can add the term “hypocritical” to that list.

Caitlyn Daymon
Mother Hecate! Where did you get that shirt?

Rocko Daymon
I’ve had it. Why?

Caitlyn Daymon
It’s absolutely hideous.

(It is, actually. Regardless, Rocko rolls his eyes and looks back to the camera.)

Rocko Daymon
Week after week, you’ve come out and repeated practically everything I’ve said—about bringing in a new era for New Era as its champion, and the loss of integrity for this title. The only difference between you and me is that I’ve been dominating the competition match after match on my way to the top, whereas you don’t have sh*t to show why you even belong in this match.

To make matters worse, you try to turn everything I’ve said about you back onto me. I’m sorry, Larry… but it doesn’t work that way. You think I traded away my integrity just to add this title to my resume? Damn, Tact… you obviously haven’t listened to a word I’ve said over the past half a year.

I practically worship this belt! I care so much for its image that I’d do anything in my power to see that morons like yourself never come anywhere near it! It doesn’t matter how many toes I step on in the process, or what methods I use to score the win, because what I do, I do for the greater good of NEW—not simply for myself.

That’s your M.O., Larry, and Wrestlestock proved that…

Caitlyn Daymon
No, seriously… absolutely hideous. I can’t believe you’d even think of wearing something that mind-numbingly ugly.

(Rocko throws her a glance, then looks back to the camera.)

Rocko Daymon
You want to talk about greed? What the hell was that business with marking the bottom of the title-holding briefcase with a razor blade, then? “Tactful means”, my ass; you were in it for the gold. You can’t sit there and point the finger at me for just wanting to walk out of the ring with a shiny gold belt around my waist when it was your plan to do just that.

No, Tact… you are the one carrying the disease of greed, just like Marx. The fact that you try to turn that around on me is laughable, seeing as how I’m the only one of us three that didn’t do anything to deliberately make myself walk out with the belt as opposed to the title shot.

I went into that match with absolutely no knowledge of what was in either briefcase. As I climbed that ladder, I knew there was only going to be a fifty-fifty chance I’d be leaving with the belt or with the money in the bank, and I was willing to accept either outcome, because I knew I’d ultimately stake my claim at Banned In The U.S. And it almost didn’t come to that, had my wife not been there as my back-up.

But like I said… I had a guardian angel watching over me that night. An angel from hell, perhaps… but a saint, just the same.

Caitlyn Daymon
That shirt looks like a dozen aborted fetuses crammed into a blender and dumped over a steaming pile of rhino sh*t…

Rocko Daymon
You consider having Caitlyn come with me to the ring as a sign of being greedy, Larry? Personally, I see it as well-thought out strategy. I know well not to walk into a match of your design—especially one that includes Jonathan Marx—without knowing somebody will be there watching my back to make sure nobody tries to screw me over. Besides, it’s not like I was the only one to benefit off her “interference”…

You see, if Caitlyn hadn’t jumped onto that platform and taken out Brandon Jacbos… the briefcases wouldn’t have got switched around. Jonathan Marx would have stolen that belt again, and one of us would have been left with a known counterfeit title. Considering you marked the briefcase holding said title… I think it’s safe to say that I would have walked out of there with the title shot, and you wouldn’t have this fleeting second chance at reclaiming your belt.

I think you also owe a little credit to Brandon Jacobs being up there on that platform. Had he not been pulling those briefcases up, the Phantom Republican and I would have walked out of that match the winners. We’d be prepping for a match of epic proportions that the fans will remember for all time. You’d just be a thing of the past. But that’s not the way it turned out; Marx had to toss a decoy belt into the mix, which caused a third position to appear in this match.

You sit there and berate the two of us, calling us less than men because we didn’t fight the good fight on your terms… and yet, you wouldn’t even be in this match had Caitlyn and Brandon Jacobs been sitting beside themselves backstage.

But really, this isn’t about what happened at Wrestlestock; I’ve done plenty in this fed to show WHY I am it’s true champion. For example, I have an entire year and a half of nothing but impressive wins over every one of this companies top contenders. Grabbing that briefcase and winning this strap was merely a technicality. I worked my way from the very bottom of the ladder to get to the point where I can stand as its champion, and all that hard work has caused me to earn my place in this match.

You, on the other hand… you’re here because of namesake. You’re here not because you earned a spot here, but because you were this federation’s first ever icon. But this isn’t the past, Larry, and you’re no longer the top dog around here, regardless of what you say.

Caitlyn Daymon
I wouldn’t wipe my ass with that shirt if I had just sh*t DICK CHENEY.

(Rocko lets out a grumble, but continues, not letting himself get distracted.)

Rocko Daymon
Let’s not also forget the fact that since my coming here and your unmasking, my pinfalls outweigh yours… and that’s including the past year where I haven’t pinned a single person.

Yes, I’m all too aware of that fact… but, Larry, is it really a laughing matter, or is there something else that you’re just not realizing with that walnut-sized brain of yours?

This entire time, I’ve been all but too kind not to point out that I made it all the way to the top of this federation without going for the pin. You point it out like it’s some sort of evidence that I can’t get the job done. But whereas Marx has eluded pinning opponents through running away and flying out of arenas in helicopters, I’ve been tossing asses out of the ring and leaving them lying there to be counted out. A little less spectacular than the climactic three-count, but nevertheless, the job gets done.

There’s a reason for that, Larry… and it’s not simply about ego. Part of it was to simply prove a point. If I can debilitate ANY man in this federation to the point where he can’t even pick himself up off the ground and crawl back into that ring, imagine just how easy it’s going to be to pin a set of shoulders to the mat for a quick three seconds.

Truth is, ever since BattleBRAWL, I’ve been saving that one, single pin for this very match… the one bout that would solidify me as this federation’s champion. I’ve kept that one pin in the reserve tank this entire time, until I found an opponent worth taking the cover. After all this time, Tact, with you accusing me of being anything but a TRUE professional wrestler and pointing out that I have yet to beat you cleanly, I finally have something to prove somebody.

Rest assured, Larry… I won’t leave you lying unconscious on the outside of that ring as I’ve done with so many others. You get to experience an end that I’ve been too merciful to give my previous opponents. I’ll drill your head into that mat, and your lights will go out. And there in front of thousands of fans in attendance and watched by MILLIONS more at home, New Era of Wrestling will see Rocko Daymon finally cut the crap and PIN his first opponent since he pinned our so-called “WHADDAT” champion an entire YEAR ago.

You get that honor, Larry. Pat yourself on the back.

Caitlyn Daymon
Rocko, you’ve done pretty well for yourself lately, but wearing that thing is by far the most ridiculous thing I’ve seen from you since you ran for the presidency of the United States in ’04. What in the name of Stevie Nicks possessed you to wear such a repulsive thing?

Rocko Daymon
To get you to spend more time criticizing my wardrobe as opposed to my arguments…

Caitlyn Daymon
Well, good for you, it’s working. That thing looks like Lindsay Lohan’s snatch after a trip through the L.A. Raiders’ locker room.

(He shakes his head, but lets it roll off his back. His attention remains on the camera.)

Rocko Daymon
But you don’t have to worry, Larry… your ultimate dream will be fulfilled. The integrity of this title will be salvaged. New Era will enter its “new era.” Only it won’t be ushered in by the likes of yourself, or some equally repugnant coward like Jonathan Marx. It will be carried out by a more talented, more deserving, more original, and more visionary athlete who represents the very thing these fans NEED at the helm of this company!

It’s everything you see here: It’s one, only, undisputed, TRUE champion… Rocko Daymon.

Caitlyn Daymon
Everything… except that atrocious shirt. For the love of the Witch Goddess, take that thing off before I gouge out my own eyes.

(Having enough, Daymon strips off the Hawaiian shirt and tosses it over his face.)

Rocko Daymon
There… take it, then.

Caitlyn Daymon

(Flailing wildly, Caitlyn sends the strap into the air and collapses out of the frame as she tries to rip the shirt from her face as though it were a face-hugger from one of the Alien movies. Rocko catches the belt out of the air and holds it proudly on his shoulder as the cameras go to black.)

08-10-07, 05:16 AM
"If I'm being hypocritical, Daymon... then you're contradicting yourself."

Fade in...

It is sunrise. A slight breeze whistles through, rustling branches every so often; though the green leaves are still too full of life at this time of summer to be detached yet. There is no morning mist, but instead a clear shot of Larry Tact, dressed in black slacks, shoes and blazer, with a pine green dress shirt underneath, standing on a hill, with the tops of trees visible over the horizon of it. A pair of black gloves cover his hands, one of which holds a thin, long rectangular box. His expression is solemn, his tone calm, as he speaks.

LARRY TACT: "The reality is that those statements are both partly true. That's often the case, especially in wrestling, where you're bound to be influenced by what is around you. Namely, a lot of shady activity and immorality. But I'm not here to preach that everyone should clean up their acts. I'm here to give you, Daymon, and everyone else in this business something that I rarely provide: a glimpse into my past. A past that a privileged few know about, and that you know nothing of, Daymon."

He pauses, looking down at the box and turning it over in his hands. As the sunlight reflects off of the clear plastic cover, we cannot see what is inside.

"But first, let's look at those statements. It seems like some people, including yourself Daymon, think I care what others think about me as a person. But in wrestling, people are scared of being honest, so they bull****. Then there are people like me, who call out the bull****ters on what they say. I do it because I can, just as I entertain the masses of drunks and fat asses who shell out money to sit, chug beer, and watch people like me call out the bull****ters. And so I'll do it once, twice, three, or however many times it takes, at each show. It's really nothing you need concern your little self over."

"Unless, that is, I decide to introduce my old friend Slugger to you again. I'll admit, though... that's more to entertain myself than anyone else."

He stops turning the box, but holds it in both hands while continuing.

"Yet, you do take some fascination in my appearances on shows, along with this urge to compare yourself to me. If it isn't your entrance and my re-entrance, as the Masked Man... then it's our records in NEW since you arrived. Despite having few blemishes on it, I haven't attempted to flaunt my NEW record nearly as much as you. In fact, I don't really bring it up unless someone else tries, futilely, to belittle it. And while I was making my way back up, under the mask, I didn't have the luxury of drawing off of what I did before."

Pausing, he looks off to the rising sun, still below the treetops.

"And the whole point of the Masked Man was to show I didn't need the status, or "namesake." I showed to everyone that I could rise back up by starting from the bottom, without any of what I did during New ERAs first year. I certainly didn't do it because I had to, like you, Daymon. No, I worked my way back up, under the blank identity of the Masked Man... simply because I could."

"It wasn't intended to be "spectacular." It was intended to be a statement. My statement, because that's what people do in this sport, Daymon. It's not just you who can prove their point. And so again I'll say, no, I am not copying you. I am merely continuing with what every successful talent in this business does, which is continue making statements for the rest to bear witness to."

He gaze returns this way.

"Go ahead and call me pompous all you want. Maybe someday, Daymon, you'll understand that those who work their way up the ranks, and state as much, aren't just copying you... and that you sound more pompous than anyone by claiming as much. I won't be expecting that day anytime soon, though, even despite you're contradicting yourself."

He gives a short laugh.

"Because for all your ranting about how I'm just "aping" your sentiments... you also said I must not have listened to a word you've said over the past half year. Now how do you figure those two statements add up? Although, I can't really disagree much with the latter."

"It's not completely true, of course, but partially. I've heard what you've said, but listened? Well, I hadn't really cared about what you've said, because it didn't make a damn difference until you did something worth mentioning, here. You were just another at the bottom, looking to work your way up the ranks, and making the same bold claims as the next guy. What mattered was what you did."

"Sure, you can excuse your lack of pinning opponents to whatever you want. Call it your proving a point, fine. But excuses aside, know this: every opponent you beat without pinning will say you couldn't put their shoulders to the mat. They'll all come and say you knew you couldn't hold them down, and so you resorted to other means."

He looks back up at the sun, a ray breaking through the tree branches here and there.

"And what is your reasoning? You call it "debilitating" someone enough that they can't get back up? You don't know what "debilitating" truly is. The fact is, every opponent you did that to, Daymon... they could have merely decided you weren't worth getting back into the ring with. Because what did it matter to any of them if they pinned you? Dan Taylor is probably the only one who would have gained anything from it, because he was a nothing here, the same as you were."

"Why do you think people try to gain a pinfall or submission victory in the first place, Daymon? It's the most effective way of showing that they're able to control someone who is on their level or beyond it, keeping them on the mat by force. But all of those opponents you ride on, saying you beat without pinning? They had nothing to gain from even showing up to face you. I know I wasn't exactly focused on you in the tag match we were both involved in. Just ask Frenchie for confirmation..."

"You could have been Dan Taylor to them. Just another guy looking to make something off their name. Except you gave them an easy out; you allowed them to just stay down, and not even have to waste anymore effort with you."

"And sure, you can say I'm just spinning the truth, but ask yourself: what did they have to gain from pinning you back then, Daymon? The title match against Mr. Entertainment was just a microcosm of it all. He had nothing to gain from pinning you, and nothing to lose if you didn't pin him or make him submit. You say you could have pinned him, just like you could have pinned any of them. And sure, maybe that's true. But maybe it isn't. You never took the risk to find out if you were right, and by doing so could never be completely proven wrong."

Another short laugh.

"Funniest part of it is, you want to believe everyone is thinking like you. And why not? It'd be convenient for you if everyone was actually so intrigued by the whole fiasco. But really, it's just as you said: it's crap. All you're doing is pulling a giant load of crap. And maybe the saddest part is, you think you really got to this point because of all that crap. You really think you did something..."

He walks up the hill to its peak, where the horizon shows a wooded area not far in the distance.

"But let me lift that cloud of ignorance you've got over your eyes. You wouldn't have that faux title, or even a shot at it, had one person not been willing to give you the chance to actually stand up and finally do one damn thing that mattered in this promotion. And do you know who, Daymon?"


"I was the one who granted you admittance into a title match. And I don't regret it; it didn't cost me a damn thing, because I sit in a position unmarred by controversy, my chance in hand. But know that I didn't let you in because you managed to pick up the most consecutive inconclusive wins over your opponents in New ERA history. I did it because someone finally needed to put you on the spot. Someone needed to stop bull****ting with you, and start being honest. And the truth is, it was time you did something significant around here, or got exposed."

"Of course, in a match like Dueling Ladders, with all those variables, I suppose anyone could have ended up here, which makes this the proving ground I wanted WrestleStock to be. But for you, given the fact you hadn't had a title match in seven years, as you've ingrained in everyone's mind... I thought WrestleStock would be quite meaningful to you. Or does it just eat away at you that you ate from the hand of your enemy, entering that match? Don't feel that way, if you do... in the end, it just turned out as another inconclusive result for you to log, this time courtesy of Marcus LaRoque and his stipulations."

He shakes his head.

"Because remember, I never planned the WrestleStock match to be anything but a match. I didn't want ladders, although the rule was made to keep any non-participants away from ringside-- a rule you and Marx couldn't resist breaking with your "well-thought out" strategy. I guess add premeditated cheating to your list."

"I, of course, was forced to improvise. I never said I wouldn't have gone for the briefcase that didn't have the title. I did state the title was my goal, and so until I knew someone had claimed it, I wasn't going to try getting anything less. If you had been sharp enough to think of it, instead of praying for your master to pity you, maybe you wouldn't have settled for... whatever you could get."

"But I guess that suits you just fine."

The grass around this area has been kept more recently trimmed, and there is a multitude of flowers planted in the ground. They surround the slab of a lone headstone, which stands facing the woods. It is here that Tact stops, standing next to the grave.

"Some time ago, Daymon, I thought I was always right, like you. I thought I was invincible, and that everyone followed in my footsteps. In truth, I was ignorant, but I was also just a teenager. I felt entitled to everything, whether I had earned it on my own merit... or obtained it from namesake. In short, almost all the things you say I am now, Daymon, I was. But back then, I didn't have control over my flaws, and nobody tried to be honest with me."

"And then, one day, I did something that I am not proud of. I swore I would never be the same after that day, and I never have been."

He kneels on one knee, sweeping away some dead grass from the grave, and lays the box down on it. Opening the box, he takes out a pair of long-stemmed, white roses, and places them in front of the headstone. After pausing in silence for a few more moments, he closes the box and stands again.

"So when I heard people continuously bringing up the past... and then you telling me I was being pompous, and such... I thought to look back at my past, and not just the past of the man you know to be Larry Tact. Some things never fully disappear, but had I not changed and become a person who can face up to defeat, and move past it, rather than linger on it and let it enrage... then I would not have been able to succeed as the Masked Man. I would have needed my name, and my already built-up image."

"In fact, Daymon... you are closer to the way I was back then."

"But if that's the case, then I will strike at you until you fall, as I was struck down. And each time you kickout of a pin, maybe you'll realize how different it is to try pinning someone than just having them counted out. But I will not stop until you realize you have no choice but to be controlled by another, unable to get yourself off the mat, despite having the energy to move, because you are simply incapable. Then maybe you'll realize what it is to truly leave someone "debilitated."

"And you will know what it is... to be humbled."

Fade out.

08-10-07, 11:43 PM
::the press is gathered in the garden at the Marx Mansion where a podium has been set up a dark, cold rainy day. Brandon Jacobs and Jonathan Marx walk out in suits and Jonathan, with the world title over his shoulder, takes the podium:

JONTHAN MARX: I’d like to thank you all for coming today and hopefully we can clear up all the controversy around the NEW World Heavyweight Title. I yet again defying all the odds, successfully retained my title at Wrestlestock and I’m am outraged at that Lex Loser perpetrated this crime of tainting the NEW World Heavyweight Title lineage by making a counterfeit title. I have had the authenticity of this belt checked and double checked by the leading experts in the field across the world and I am 100% certain that this title over my shoulder is the REAL NEW World Heavyweight Title and EVERYTHING IS FINE. Now, does anyone have any questions?

REPORTER #1: If Rocko Daymon really isn’t the World Heavyweight Champion, where did he get the title?

JONATHAN MARX: I have been pondering that same question, the belt he has look like some cheap replica belt some twelve year old bought off Highspots to use for their backyard wrestling fed. I am shocked that so many people have been fooled, but so few have been around the real NEW World Heavyweight Title as much as I have. Next question!

REPORTER #2: When you wind up beating Rocko Daymon for his version of the title, will that make you a two or three time champion?

JONATHAN MARX: While I refuse to recognize that cheap imitation as the genuine article, if I win the title, as a good company man who has been the back bone of NEW since day one, I will recognize it as my third NEW World Heavyweight Title win out of the goodness of my heart. Next question!

REPORTER #3: Your title reign has been plagued by constant interference in your matches, which has been greatly unfair to you, what do you think NEW should do about it?

JONATHAN MARX: I think we must remember that the referees are only human and cannot see everything that is going on. I applaud the fact that NEW is willing to employ the visually impaired in compliance with the Americans with disabilities act…. Any more questions?

REPORTER #4: What did you think about Larry Tact’s performance at Wrestlestock?

JONATHAN MARX: My respect for Larry Tact goes way back, he is one hell of a wrestler. While we may have had our disagreements, it is a privilege to be able to defend my title against him despite his advanced age and declining reflexes. Hell, if I had kids, I would even let Larry Tact babysit them. This match at Banned in the USA really should be between the two of us and it is a down right shame that Rocko Daymon ruined Larry Tact’s moment in the sun after he worked so long to get back to the top of the mountain. Rocko Daymon desecrated all of that. By planting that title, he crapped not only on me, but every other champion who has held that title. I plan on taking that toy from him and putting him in his rightful place..

REPORTER #5: With Rocko Daymon winning the “World Title” and now recently, Cameron Cruise having won World Heavyweight Title as well, is this the sign of the pending Apocalypse?

::Marx is taken aback and looks a bit shaken::


::Marx storms off, followed by Jacobs and the press starts to buzz::


08-12-07, 04:44 PM
::Marx is dressed in suit, sitting at a tea house with guest just out of camera view::

JONATHAN MARX: That is where the trouble lies, while I know I am the best wrestler alive today, I keep on being put in this situations where I have to come up with complex plans to over come the odds that are repeatedly stacked against me but one day, someone is going to find a way to foil one of my plans. That is why I need a plan to commit the perfect crime at Banned in the US Mrs. Fletcher.

::the camera pans to Marx’s guest who is none other than Angela Lansbury of Murder, She Wrote fame::

ANGELA LANSBURY: There is no such thing as the perfect crime and I wish you would stop calling me Mrs. Fletcher. Please call me Aunt Angela.

JONATHAN MARX: Thank you darling. My head is simply a mess lately. I fear that I have strayed too far off the path in order for the greater good.

ANGELA LANSBURY: I’ve know your family for ages and a Marx is always a gentleman except when circumstances dictate otherwise. Speaking of which, how is your father Arthur?

JONATHAN MARX: Married to his work, he is busy working on syndication deals over in Europe. I hardly see him these days.

ANGELA LANSBURY: He is an incredible man, but everything and anyone besides your mother was a mistress he always had to struggle to find time for.

JONATHAN MARX: To be the best, you can never let yourself be satisfied. That is the trap that Larry Tact fell in, once Rabesque beat him for the World Title, instead of having that fire in him to take it back, he walked away content. As for Rocko Daymon, he is just experiencing the great success in his career now after a long struggle to get where he is, the question, after Banned in the US, does he have the drive to continue?

ANGELA LANSBURY: As a lady, I very rarely speak ill of anyone, but Mr. Daymon is the most miserable man I’ve ever encountered since Jean Rabesque, and at least, he could wrestle to make up for it in the ring, but I have yet to even stumble across one endearing quality about Rocko. He keeps on going on about beat this guy and beating that guy, a real braggart, but all of that history doesn’t matter because all counts it what happens at the PPV. Is he supposed to be a fan favorite?

JONATHAN MARX: I really don’t know, but just think about how arrogant he’ll be if he walks out the winner of the match.

::Angela Lansbury pauses deep in thought for a second::

ANGELA LANSBURY: Johnny, while it goes against my general principals, I’ll call upon my good old friend Jessica Fletcher and between the both of us, we will come up with a plan to foil Mr. Daymon.efforts and maybe you can locate Arthur for a nice quiet dinner for two.

::Marx reaches out and kisses her on the hand::

JONATHAN MARX: Your wish is my command, I knew I could count on you.


08-14-07, 04:27 PM
(Sunset… the final glimpse of the day’s light. As the burning globe sinks below the horizon, a number of emotions and feelings are brought to the consciousness. One normally associates this scene with peace and serenity, but there’s an underside to it as well. With the fading of light, one could also see the fading of hope and ambition; a peaceful death, if you will… quiet, and painless. One might think of Dylan Thomas’ words…)

Do not go gently into that good night
Rage, rage against the dying of the light

(There will be nothing gentle at Banned In The U.S.; only rage and frantic struggle against the oncoming shadow that falls upon the light of the mortal soul. And yet, one way or the other, the rage of Rocko Daymon will carry that soul into the darkness, as the sun sets on his career.)

(We find the man of subject sitting on the back porch of his home, eyes gazing beyond the clouds at the red horizon across the mountain range bordering America’s Pacific Northwest. On a patio chair, with his legs crossed and prepped on a cooler, Rocko enjoys a cold one. One would normally take a look at that sunset and the man and contemplate the significance of the two… but like daggers, the viewer spies that G*DDAMN FLOWER SHIRT, and all thought abruptly ends.)

(Allow Rocko to fill your head with something better…)

Rocko Daymon
You know… it just occurred to me that in the past year I’ve been touring the globe and working my ass off to entertain the fans of NEW, whether they cheered me or jeered me, I have yet to have taken time off for a little R&R.

Tomorrow, I take the ol’ Daymon clan to the airport where we hop on a flight down south to catch a cruise ship that will be taking a tour of the Caribbean. But even as we travel through the beautiful blue ocean and take in the tropical scenery that surrounds us, I know I won’t be on a vacation.

The job of true professional wrestler doesn’t end for Rocko Daymon. It never has, and it probably never will.

And to be honest, I’ll be damned if I want it to end at all.

(Caitlyn enters the scene, sporting the NEW World Heavyweight Title over her shoulder. Her eyes immediately go to the piece of Hawaiian dress he’s casually sporting.)

Caitlyn Daymon
All-Mother help us, it returns! The SHIRT! The UGLY, HIDEOUS SHIRT!

Rocko Daymon
A few days ago, I came out and called Jonathan Marx a coward who would rather plan and scheme and cheat his way into keeping that World Title as opposed to defending it like a man. Seeing as how he’s already appeared on air, claiming the legitimacy of his title and stating that another plan is in the works… I guess he’s just living up to his reputation. No surprises there.

Last time you fans saw me, they heard me associate the word “hypocritical” to Larry Tact. That still stands, seeing as how Larry tries to explain his methods as “entertainment” whereas everybody who isn’t him is just a g*ddamn cheater in his eyes…

Today, for both of these individuals, we can tack on another word: DENIAL.

(He smirks.)

Rocko Daymon
Yep, there’s that dreaded “D” word. Normally, I don’t like to bring it up unless there’s a good reason to, but that’s typically because I have faith in my opponents that they actually have half a mind to know what they were going up against. The same can’t be said for Larry Tact and Jonathan Marx. Under normal circumstances, I would just leave them in doubt and allow them to discover for themselves what I’m capable of the moment that bell rings. But seeing as how my hard-earned title is on the line… I think it’s high time I came out and explained a few things. Not for my opponents, mind you… but for the loyal Daymonites that tune in every day to see what their champion has to say.

I can’t say I’m surprised to find myself taken lightly. Ever since coming to NEW, the talent here has done nothing but deny my ability. Week after week, I would go into that ring and dominate the competition, and my opponents have done nothing but continue to doubt my ability to get the job done. Even after witnessing my strength and ability first-hand between the ropes, they would still sit there and say that I’m nothing but a bullsh*tter…

Ever since the beginning of competitive sports, there’s been the typical “sh*t-talker”, and I may very well be NEW’s prime example. Can’t say I’ve earned a great deal of respect for myself as a result of that, but then, I didn’t come to this federation to kiss ass and make friends. Now typically, the doubters like to whip out phrases like “put up or shut up” or “all bark and no bite.” Yet, just looking over my past year in this federation, everything I said would happen… HAS happened.

But the doubters refuse to see it—or rather, believe it. And why? Well, in theory, it proves to be a bit anti-climactic. People want to see the over-arrogant braggart be humbled, and revel in the justified karma as his elaborate platform of self-hyped bullsh*t comes crumbling down around him. So even when physical PROOF that defies everything they WANT is staring right back at them, like a Christian looking at the bones of the missing link that proves the theory of evolution, they steadfastly refuse to believe the obvious. In fact, they go as far as to pick out every flaw and point out every glaring loophole as a means to turn the truth around in their favor. That’s Tact-ism, for ya.

Caitlyn Daymon
Kind of like me. As I stand here, I don’t want to believe I’m looking at this atrocious scrap of attire he’s wearing. I try to make myself believe… maybe I’m just imagining things. Or maybe it’s a visual trick with the lighting. I can’t POSSIBLY be standing here looking at it…

(Rocko reaches into his pocket and pulls out a long piece of black cloth.)

Rocko Daymon
Here, Caitlyn… out of mercy, I’ll give you this blindfold so you can stand by and hear what I have to say without having to interrupt me every two damn minutes with a jab at the way I dress…

Caitlyn Daymon
Works for me!

(Caitlyn takes the blindfold from her hands and straps it over her eyes. Her body language quickly adjusts into something less irritated and on-edge.)

Caitlyn Daymon
My, this is SO much better…

(Rocko takes another sip of his brew and sets it aside, clearing his throat and turning back to the camera.)

Rocko Daymon
It’s obvious the two of you like to take my wife’s example. You’d rather cast a blind eye to that aspect of me that you fear and loathe… which is my talent. It’s something you can’t ignore, but have flagrantly slandered on air…

That very kind of mentality is what brought me to this title. People have done nothing but belittle my accomplishments and refute everything I’ve said, and it pushed me to try even harder. And do you think I haven’t heard any of it before? Mr. Entertainment, HAL, Shawn Hart, Jean Rabesque… they all looked at me for being a talker than a wrestler. That’s the very reason why none of them are in my spot. All that jive has done nothing more than fuel the fire that keeps me going, and it motivated me to overcome ALL challenges and take this belt.

Here I am, a year later, getting the same load of crap from a pair of wrestlers who cannot, under any circumstances, view me as a viable threat in the way of their goal. But this time, neither of them will be let off with the easy excuse that Rocko Daymon “failed” to pin their shoulders to the mat. This time, on the cruise ship, I prove those last remaining doubters out there—my opponents included—just WHY I stand as this federation’s one, only, undisputed, TRUE professional wrestling champion.

The proof is there, Larry and Johnny… you’re just too stupid to see it.

Caitlyn Daymon
Or maybe it’s not so much a case of stupidity… but dumb, bull-headed pride?

Rocko Daymon
Perhaps, my dear.

I can understand it in your case, Larry. Here you’ve made a return with this “Masked Man” routine, working your way from the bottom of the ladder to… well, merely the middle, thinking you’d make a powerful statement to reclaim this title on nothing but your own talent and power. And yet, after all your hard work and plotting behind the scenes, all of your ambitions and planning have seemingly gone down the crapper as this other talent has seemingly exploded from out of nowhere and is swiping that strap right from under your nose.

And I didn’t so much as make a peep to LaRoque and Marceau in my rise to the top.

I find it funny how you consider the Dueling Ladders match to be the “proving grounds” that would determine this federation’s top contenders. A match that didn’t involve pinning or submission… or any other factors. All it took was the opportunity to climb a ladder and grab a briefcase without any of the other five getting in your way. The match had “bullsh*t” written all over it before the bell even rang. And yet, just like yourself, it was my arms, my legs, and my strength that brought me to the very top of that ladder and grabbed one of the remaining briefcases. That alone should be proof that I can get the job done, but instead, you’d rather fixate on the fact that I had Caitlyn protecting me from a Jonathan Marx screwjob.

Caitlyn Daymon
I have no idea what Tact is complaining about. It’s not like I touched him at any point during the match…

Rocko Daymon
I still maintain that there was a legitimate reason why I pulled out of the agreement to keep unassociated parties away from the ring. To be honest… I wasn’t going to watch seven years of patience and hard work float away in front of my eyes just because one man is too much of a chicken-sh*t to defend his belt like a man. You want proof? Fast forward to that part in the match where GOP and myself were standing at the top of the ladders, reaching for the briefcases. Tell me I didn’t beat you at your own game, Larry.

But then you go and discredit all my hard work against previous opponents… saying not a single one of them was really beaten to the point where they couldn’t stand, but just sat out there and waited for the count, because apparently, I’m not worth being pinned.

What did ANY of my past opponents have to gain from getting up and going back into that ring? A chance to stop me, for one thing. They had the opportunity to derail the train that has been barreling down a one-way track to this federation’s most prestigious title. They had a chance to silence this over-zealous, over-arrogant ego that’s been proving everybody wrong since day one. They had a chance to HUMBLE me… and not a single one of them could pull it off. Even you had the same opportunity, Larry—TWICE. And you yourself failed to pull it off.

And now I’m here… representing this federation as its champion.

So the real question isn’t if they had anything to gain from beating me, but did I have anything to gain from beating them? What was the point of pinning them, or as you say, showing that I could control them at or beyond their own level?

Caitlyn Daymon
You could have gained something from pinning Mr. Entertainment… a decision that many still criticize you for.

Rocko Daymon
But let’s not forget that I DID pin Mr. Entertainment’s shoulders in that mat for the three count, in a previous match where the title wasn’t on the line. I could have easily gone in there a second time and done it again. I could have settled for the Television Title, where I wouldn’t have had to have put up with the never ending circus orchestrated by that coward, Marx. But I couldn’t simply sit by and settle for second best, all the while allowing NEW to suffer with Marx as its champion. I would be robbing myself the glory, and those fans the true entertainment that they should be getting.

But the part you seem to be missing, Larry… is not what I’ve done, but what I’m going to do. After an entire year of flapping my gums and talking trash to everyone, I’m finally poised to step up and put my words to the ultimate test.

Don’t think I can’t do it, Larry…

Do you think I bring up all these past opponents as though I were trying to give you proof that I’m going to win at Banned At The U.S.? No, Larry… it’s just there to give you something to consider. I only refer to them to point out a fact that you seem to be missing entirely: I worked my way into this match.

I know you like to sit there and think that my being here is all your doing… and maybe it was your decision to bring me into the Dueling Ladders Match. But that decision only sped up the process of my ascension to the top of this federation. Even if I had just stayed home and missed out on Wrestlestock entirely… I would have eventually worked my way into a match for the title, like I am now.

If you don’t believe that, Larry… then you’re in denial.

But you aren’t alone.

(Rocko smiles.)

Rocko Daymon
Honestly, Jonathan… if you really think I planted that extra title, then you’re obviously showing signs of delusion. The way you appear on camera and insist you had nothing to do with that third briefcase—even while THOUSANDS in attendance and MILLIONS at home witnessed Brandon Jacobs up on that platform—is an amusing sight, to say the very least. And while you can consistently reassure the press that “everything is fine” when YOU are the cause of all this trouble… nothing will be fine for you when the bell rings.

Already, you’re talking to the old chick from “Murder, She Wrote” into developing a new scheme to protect your tainted reign as the champion. But it doesn’t really matter, Marx… the decision’s already been made, and Rocko Daymon is officially recognized as this federation’s champion, legitimate strap or not.

You know what that means? It means the only way you can walk off that boat as the champion is by doing the one thing that nobody… NOBODY in New Era of Wrestling has ever done before…

Pin me.

Caitlyn Daymon
Quite an undertaking, seeing as how nobody in this federation has managed to pull off that particular feat…

Rocko Daymon
But can you step up and do it, Johnny? Personally, I don’t think you can. That seems to be the one act you shy away from every time you step into the squared circle. Why is that? Well, maybe you’re exactly what Tact thinks of me… a man who is just trying to prove a point by avoiding the absolute victory. Or maybe it’s because you realize you can’t rightfully defend that title like a man… so you have to run and hide like a coward.

I know you too well, Marx. I’ve had my eye on you since I pinned you a year ago and you went on to win the title. I know you’ve got a plan brewing… and whatever it is, it will only blow up in your face as my lucky guardian angel will be keeping a close eye on things from my corner.

Caitlyn Daymon
That’d be me.

Rocko Daymon
It seems that for the longest time, these fans have looked to you to represent this federation in a fitting manner. But all you’ve done is make a spectacle of yourself. Helicopters, ziplines… gets a fine pop from the crowd, but could you actually go that extra mile and pick up a legitimate win?

I’ll be honest… I’m not too happy about the fact that I have to share the title of World Heavyweight Champion with a professional wrestling failure such as yourself. I’m not here to whore myself to an audience; I’m here to entertain them by showing them what a true professional wrestler is and what he does.

I’ve been doing it for the past year, and I’ll do it again at Banned In The U.S. Regardless of what you have planned, my talent will prevail.

If you don’t believe that, Johnny… then you’re in denial.

But there’s one thing the both of you can’t deny: I AM HERE. And if either of you had half a brain to figure out how I came into this federation, worked my way up from the very bottom of the ladder, and came to be it’s WORLD CHAMPION… then you might actually understand what the hell you were going up against on that boat. As it is, you’d rather just pass off all my hard work in the ring as nothing to so much as blink an eye at.

Maybe I’ve just spent the better part of last year setting you two up to think I can’t finish the job like a man. Maybe the both of you are in for a wake-up call when we finally hit the ring and settle this.

Caitlyn Daymon
I highly doubt you have the brain cells to pull off something of that kind of magnitude…

Rocko Daymon
And yet … this entire time, while the two of you were thinking me as too arrogant and saying I have yet to do anything to prove myself… not once did I discredit your talent. NEVER did I suggest that neither of you has what it takes to finish this match as the winner. But the fact that you think I CAN’T is ultimately going to be the cheap, arrogant mindset that will be your undoing, as it has undone so many before you. As was said before, you two don’t get the luxury of being counted out. At Banned In The U.S., I finally deliver that cold, hard proof to the two of you first-hand, and beat it into your face. When I finally make that final step and pin your shoulders to the mat, and you find yourself without the strength or the motivation to lift yourself up, maybe then you’ll finally realize that this entire time, you’ve had absolutely no idea who ROCKO DAYMON is and what he represents.

But whether you like it or not, I AM HERE. Nobody understands that fact more than I do. I am here, and MY hard-earned NEW World Heavyweight Title is on the line. It took me seven years to get here, and I won’t let it slip away.

More importantly… I’ve got something to prove, to the both of you, and to ALL of New Era of Wrestling.

I’m fully aware of the fact that for the past year, every single man and woman on the New Era of Wrestling roster has looked at me as nothing more than a bullsh*tter. Even after going into that ring and doing the job my way, they would still deny me the respect I deserved. I’ve long carried this stigma of being nothing but a pompous, ****-spewing ego that can’t back it up in the ring.

Well… to be honest, I’ve grown tired of having that sort of shame associated with me. I’ve put up with it my entire career, and finally, at Banned In The U.S., I prove for once and for all that I can step up and be the World Heavyweight Champion I promise I can be.

This time, I won’t come into the ring with any allies, or any schemes. Only my fists and my strength will do the talking this time around. No longer will I toss my opponents to the outside as a means of proving a point; I’ll pin your shoulders to the mat for the three count to prove THE point!

Once I’ve finally secured myself as this federation’s one, only, undisputed, TRUE NEW World Heavyweight Champion, denial will be a thing of the past. This federation will come to learn that I put up to shut up, and my bark pales in comparison to my bite.

(Rocko comes to his feet, enters the house, and slides the patio door closed behind him. Caitlyn follows, but is unaware of the door being closed, having been blindfolded…)


(Her face bounces off the glass and she collapses to the floor in a heap. Fade to black.)

08-15-07, 02:42 AM
::Jonathan Marx is outside on the balcony of a mansion he rented out in Cuba over looking the ocean smoking a Cuban cigar in the moonlight::

JONATHAN MARX: It is shame that the right of witnessing the beauty of Cuba has for so long been denied to American citizens because for decades this was an island paradise for the elite of the elite. But politics have tainted paradise…

::Marx takes a puff of his cigar and slowly exhales as the moonlight accents the smoke::

The world unfortunately isn’t this ideal place where you can simply leave faith in God’s hands. You have to be pro-active. Simply because you are the best at what you do doesn’t mean that at the end of the day, everything will work out.

::Marx takes another puff of his cigar::

Life is full of suffering and misery. I use to be an idealist like you when I was young and naïve, but unfortunately, I have experienced life… I know what it is like to have lost Eden first hand. I watched my mother die a slow and painful death to Parkinson disease first hand. I saw my father lose a piece of himself when she died that he never recovered. I watched the league that he helped build fall when passed it on because his lost his spirit and wrestling crash down around him in the ashes.

::Marx shakes the ashes off the tip off his cigar::

As bright as you claim to be, you don’t know a damn thing about how precious the good things in life really are, nor that you have to do everything in your power to hold on to them for dear life. I could go on and on but until you experience it yourself, you will never truly know what I am talking about.

::Marx takes a puff of his cigar and exhales::

If you want to judge me, quite frankly, I don’t give a damn. This title is as precious to me as life itself and you are going to have to pry it out of my hands as I pull every god damn trick out of the book in order to retain it and walk out as champion. The NEW World Heavyweight Title is most prestigious title in the world and if you aren’t willing to do everything and anything to retain it, the REAL NEW World Heavyweight title doesn’t belong around your waist.

::Marx takes a puff of his cigar, he holds it in and slowly blows it out::

I am the great pure wrestler alive today. But Rocko, you and Tact won’t be in for just a wrestling match, you will be in a WAR and don’t worry about me pinning you, because in your case, the only victory I will accept is total surrender.



08-15-07, 06:12 AM
Fade in: on a TV studio, where Larry Tact sits, dressed casually, with his friend and media personality, Et Cetera.

Et Cetera: "We're back and still talking wrestling with New ERA of Wrestling's former and first World Heavyweight Champion, Larry Tact! Now, Larry, I saw a spot air a couple days ago, where you revealed-- at least, symbolically-- a part of your past. Even I didn't know what it was, and I've known you for years. Care to explain?"

LARRY TACT: "Actually, E.T.C., I'm gonna have to decline comment for now. I decided that, at BANNED in the US, I'll get into it a little further. But I felt it might be time to address it."

Et Cetera: "I have to ask, seeing you at the grave.... that grave... it did bring one idea to mind. Does it have anything to do with your dead--"

TACT: "Don't go there, Et. Not now. At BANNED in the US, I will speak on it."

Et Cetera: ... Alright, if you're going to be that way, then let's turn to your other opponent, Jonathan Marx, at BANNED in the US. We've heard you speak on Daymon, and now Marx has had some words recently. Any thoughts on wrestling him again?"

TACT: "Marx is the only two-time World Champion in NEW history, and constantly seems to have a scheme in mind to get an edge in every match he's in. Combined with his wrestling ability, it makes him a formidable challenge."

Et Cetera: "He seemed very sportsman-like when regarding you, as opposed to Daymon, recently. Any idea why?"

TACT: "It isn't really my concern. I know what Marx is capable of; he showed at WrestleStock that he can hang with the best of NEW, and also rise up above the rest to be in this match. I don't agree with the way he did it, and I don't feel he is doing anything to help his own image. If anything, he's reduced his credibility as Champion."

Et Cetera: "So you don't feel he's been a worthy Champion?"

TACT: "He's been a good Champion, but he has a shadow of controversy that has followed him for a while now. He seems to rely quite a bit on his friend, Brandon Jacobs, rather than trusting his wrestling ability, which is surprising and disappointing. I feel that Marx has shown he is capable of being one of the best technical wrestlers in the industry, but he chooses this path instead."

Et Cetera: "If you feel that way, then how do you feel your chances are?"

TACT: "Well Marx, like Daymon, is not an opponent I can take lightly, but I don't doubt I can win. I've gotten here on my own, without help from outside intruders. This is one more match I need to survive in order to get what I've been working back to the top for. So, I'm psyched and ready to stake my claim to the title again."

Et Cetera: "Any doubts?"

TACT: "I know it'll be tough against the two of them, I'm not saying it won't be. But even the best schemers can fall through, and the truest technical wrestlers have their vulnerabilities. I am no different, in that I am not perfect. I may very well not walk out of this match with the title. But when you've been to the top of the mountain before, you know how to walk the path up again. You never forget it. And where they have had help, I have done it on my own. So I feel I've got more of a reason to feel confident than they do. Not that it will stop them from feeling they can win, nor should it."

Et Cetera: "It's on record that Rocko Daymon has been pretty adamant that you have failed to pin him. What do you say to that?"

TACT: "He, and Marx... neither of them have pinned me, either. What's the point of bringing it up? I don't need to think about that, when I have what got me here, inside of me and ready to go. And there's nothing they can say that will change that."

[b]Et Cetera:[]/b] "Well, thank you for coming, Larry, and good luck to you. I'm sure we'll be having you on again, and perhaps as the reigning World Heavyweight Champion."

TACT: "That's what I'm aiming for."

Et Cetera: "Stick with us, fans, because when we come back... we're going to air Larry Tact's latest promo for BANNED in the US! And this will be the first run of the promo, right here, right now! That's on the other side of this commercial break!"

Fade out.

A BANNED in the US hype package airs and ends with the PPV logo fading from the screen, replaced by no picture. Instead there is a brief silence, and then audio kicks in. It is audio NEW fans would recognize: the voices of Rocko Daymon, and then Larry Tact.

ROCKO DAYMON: "Last time you fans saw me, they heard me associate the word “hypocritical” to Larry Tact. That still stands, seeing as how Larry tries to explain his methods as “entertainment” whereas everybody who isn’t him is just a g*ddamn cheater in his eyes…"

LARRY TACT: "Entertaining the masses with TV appearances? Sure. But in-ring methods? Wrong. "Entertaining" is the least of my concerns in there...."

DAYMON: "Today, for both of these individuals, we can tack on another word: DENIAL."

TACT: "Here we go."

A pause. Then...

DAYMON: "Yep, there’s that dreaded “D” word."

A pause in audio. Then muffled, or attempted muffled, bursts of laughter.

DAYMON: "Normally, I don’t like to bring it up unless there’s a good reason to--"

TACT: "Oh, now he's in trouble..."

DAYMON: "... but that’s typically because I have faith in my opponents that they actually have half a mind to know what they were going up against."


TACT: "Normally his opponents don't push him back, because they don't bother listening."

Fade in... on Larry Tact, sitting on the sofa of his Manhattan apartment. He wears blue cargo pants, a black sleeveless shirt, and holds a remote in one hand. He presses a button on it, continuing to watch the television, lying across the sofa with a smirk on his face.

DAYMON: "Ever since coming to NEW, the talent here has done nothing but deny my ability."

TACT: "Aww, poor Daymon. Well, I've yet to do that."

DAYMON: "Even after witnessing my strength and ability first-hand between the ropes, they would still sit there and say that I’m nothing but a bullsh*tter…"

TACT: "Or that... why bring it up now? What a lack of focus..."

DAYMON: "So even when physical PROOF that defies everything they WANT is staring right back at them, like a Christian looking at the bones of the missing link that proves the theory of evolution, they steadfastly refuse to believe the obvious."

Tact's smirk turns to a huge grin, and he drives his face into a cushion as more muffled laughter ensues. After a bit, he composes himself.

DAYMON: "It’s obvious the two of you like to take my wife’s example. You’d rather cast a blind eye to that aspect of me that you fear and loathe… which is my talent. It’s something you can’t ignore, but have flagrantly slandered on air… That very kind of mentality is what brought me to this title. People have done nothing but belittle my accomplishments and refute everything I’ve said, and it pushed me to try even harder."

Pause. Tact turns towards the camera.

TACT: "Okay. Enough. You know, Daymon, I seriously considered using this time to take everyone through that last spot of yours, just so I could show you how much I could really pick apart what you said... rather than what I've been doing, which is anything but."

He moves into an upright sitting position, though still with his back relaxed against the cushions.

"I can't do it, though. I just can't waste all that time, because there's just so much. Too much. And I don't want to turn this into a Maelstrom-Manson, GLCW affair, circa 2003. Despite their abilities, their talent... it degenerated into a back-and-forth, tit-for-tat *****fest between them. And I'm not going to create the 2007 version. Even as you try so hard, and give me so many reasons to... I will not."

"I've already responded to all your charges against me. You're just rehashing much of the same whining. Oh, and you've still managed to distract the amazon. Congratulations on that. You know what, though? It's still a lot of crap. No, not your talent, that you clutch to and defend so staunchly, Daymon. I wouldn't discredit your talent. I already made it clear, months ago, that I was looking for the best of NEW to compete with at WrestleStock. And although, with you, there were other reasons to bring you in... it's not like I would invite someone I didn't feel had enough talent. Then you wouldn't be the best of NEW, would you? Of course, that's just my thought on it."

He crosses his arms.

"I have to bring up your accusations, however, of how "backstage politics" got me here. That's just too funny to let go."

"Yes, Daymon, with LaRoque and I having had minimal contact until I proposed the WrestleStock match, which is the only reason I spoke with him. And..."

He laughs.

"... Marceau would sooner have sexual relations with Nick Jive than help me."

"So, nice work there. I tell you, Daymon, you're funnier just saying **** like that than when you and your wife try acting like comedians. Which makes her completely useless standing there with you. Oh, except for the belt holder thing. Very classy, yes. "Put the woman back down to her place"... is that the desired effect? I gotta break it to you, Daymon... That train did derail, some time ago."

"Now, since you were giving me something to consider, let me return the favor..."

He brings his hands down onto his knees, leaning forward a bit.

"I don't need to hear the same ten or twenty gripes Rocko Daymon has with NEW wrestlers. Take that to Human Resources."

"People don't care whether or not you think they should have taken you seriously. The fact of the matter is, people aren't taken seriously until they do something that garners respect. All you've done is try to take a route to the top that has been based on consistently inconclusive victories. You left the door open for your opponents, and that's nobody's fault but your own. I don't want to hear excuses for why you didn't pin any of those opponents. Your choice. Live with it."

"Which leaves you clutching the pinfall victory over Mr. Entertainment, in a non-title match. You pinned him, yes, and that's why you got the Television title shot. But don't parade it around as if you deserved a World title shot for that. I've pinned Champions here in non-title matches, too. Do you see me needing to tout any of those now?

"And therein lies one of many differences between us, Daymon. You've got this huge chip on your shoulder, from all those years of ineffectiveness and listening too hard to what the opposition is saying. It's good to have motivation. It's not so good to feel like everyone is against you. That only gains you enemies you never would have made, had you just controlled your emotions."

He reaches over to the cocktail table in front of the sofa, and brings into the shot a glass of water, drinking some before setting it down on the table.

"Were you really so naive as to buy into what all your detractors said, while you struggled? And now, you try taking on the part of the bully, and even put words into our mouths... or, my mouth, at least."

He picks up the remote and presses a button.

DAYMON: "And yet … this entire time, while the two of you were thinking me as too arrogant and saying I have yet to do anything to prove myself… not once did I discredit your talent. NEVER did I suggest that neither of you has what it takes to finish this match as the winner. But the fact that you think I CAN’T is ultimately going to be the cheap, arrogant mindset that will be your undoing, as it has undone so many before you."


TACT: "You are arrogant, Daymon. By your own admission, you talk a big game. And I've already gone over my thoughts on your road to this point. But since when did I say you didn't have what it takes to finish this match as the winner? When did I say you can't?"

"Never, Daymon. Not once."

"What's wrong, Daymon? You talking so much that you don't even realize what's been said to you, and what you are saying? Maybe I don't completely understand who Rocko Daymon is... because he can't even keep up with himself."

He laughs.

"Oh, I know you're here, Daymon. I understand that, because I invited you to the match that got you a chance to come here. However, Marcus LaRoque was the one who gave you the opportunity to merely climb a ladder and get a piece of victory. Not me. I wish it had been an elimination style, six-man match. Then I would have had the WresstleStock match I had planned, Daymon. A decisive one. One that truly showed who stood atop the best of NEW."

"But you got a match that suited your plans, Daymon. A match where you didn't have to pin anyone."

He grins.

"Nope, I never pinned Daymon. And I never said I had. I've also never been in a match with you, Daymon, that involved less than five opponents for me, until now. Sorry if you aren't satisfied that I wasn't paying exclusive attention to where you were, in our previous matches, but... tough. You just didn't earn that kind of respect, Daymon."

"Just as none of your opponents, who you wanted to try and stop you... they just didn't buy into you. Sure, you can fantasize all you want that they saw you set foot in the ring and thought, 'Oh, man, this guy's gonna be huge! I've got to stop him now!' But, really? Those matches are what you choose to stand on now. So why would your opponents, back then, before you'd even formed your pedestal, think you should be taken so seriously?"

"It's all in your head, Daymon. You believe what you want and I'm not trying to convince you otherwise. But I'm gonna tell you straight up: Nobody else had to buy into the Daymon locomotive theory. Nobody had a reason to give you that respect. And whether you like it or not... until you have sole possession of the World Heavyweight Championship, you aren't likely to begin getting it."

He leans a little closer.

"Does it eat away at you, Daymon, that I'm not buckling under your bullying? Does it bother you that I'm pushing you back? That, despite all your attempts, I come right back?"

"I'm strong, Daymon. I've been at the top of the mountain, stood there on my own, and now I'm on the cusp of doing it again. How does that make you feel, Daymon? Is it like a knife going in and out of your side, that someone you feel you're better than, is on the verge of ending "your" title reign, only to start his second? Does it add to the ridicule, the people calling you a bull****ter... unable to back up everything you say?"


DAYMON: "Well… to be honest, I’ve grown tired of having that sort of shame associated with me. I’ve put up with it my entire career--"


TACT: "Listen to yourself. You allow shame to slink around you, inside you, and infect you. You want it to go away, but after all these years, you've yet to be able to. And now, so close to disposing of it... can you bear with the thought of
losing this match? Can you see myself or Marx winning? I don't know if you can... and yet you accuse me of being unable to accept you have the ability to win."

"See, I know any of us are capable of winning, Daymon, because we are the best of NEW. We are the top who rose from the Dueling Ladders. But like I said, only one of us claimed untainted spoils. Whether your belt is real or not, or Marx's is real or not... we know my victory was true. And maybe that eats at you, too."

"Whether it does or doesn't, I have plenty to aspire to for this match, Daymon. The title is within my reach, and if achieving that total victory will eat away at you even more? Well... okay, then. But whether you pin me or not, Daymon, you will not kill my motivation, or my spirit. And if you believe otherwise, then you are just making it all the more difficult for yourself."

"I don't need to claim I will break anyone's spirit... break bones... kill motivation... kill my opponent. Not that you have. However, I know what I have to do to win. I need to control my opponent for three seconds, and keep them on the mat for those three seconds. I need to do what it takes to make my opponent submit, or pass out. Those are my goals."

"You may both still have your motivation, your spirit, and even some energy left in you. But that does not mean you'll have enough to break out from under me, and kickout of a pin in time. That doesn't mean you'll have enough left in your tank to resist submitting long enough to reach the ropes."

"At BANNED in the US... only one dream will survive."

Fade out.