View Full Version : SINGLED OUT: Jeff Roberts/Doc Silver v. Promo/Bryan Storms

Yori Yakamo jr
07-21-07, 12:43 PM
Promos go here.

Promo deadline is August 3rd at 11:59 PM.

The Great Eye
08-02-07, 05:06 PM
(FADEIN: Doc Silver sitting at a poker table.)

DOC: "Ya know I was sitting around thinking I hadn't done anything thing and I felt kinda bad about it, now I look up and see dead air, nothing, nobody saying 'boo' and well...I don't feel so bad...I really don't have any idea who my tag partner is or who Promo's tagging with, I don't care either, I did have a big plan for things down the road but odds are I'm not even going to get around to that...So well, I guess I'll just hit the ring and beat the tar out of some people once more, or maybe I won't, maybe I'll just bleed like a stuck pig and use brass knucks, whatever works, I'll do it...Wish I had more for ya'll, but I just don't...I won't even slander the creative talents of Miss Manson, Mr. Vig and company by attaching any lyrics to this...So good day to all of you."


The Great Eye
08-05-07, 01:38 PM
(FADEIN: Doc Silver, Green Machine and Dan Dority standing in front of a MBE banner backdrop, all three men holding baseball bats.)

DOC: "You all make me sick. Honestly, this is a joke, this is supposed to be the Doc and Promo show, with my great rival, my great enemy Promo and a tag partner on his side, against me and a tag partner on my side, this is supposed to be something about something, but none of you seem to care. So well, now it's on...Now I'm pissed off..I mean I cut quite the meaningless promo a few days ago, expecting somebody, anybody to give a rat's ass and go after me, that didn't work, so well, now it's time to make things clear...I'm gonna hurt people this week, I'm going to maim people this week..Anyone who doesn't want to take a beating had best just get the hell out of town, cause me and the gang are coming. It WILL say in the record books that Doc Silver and Jeff Roberts lost by DQ, rest assured of that. But the reality of the matter is that I'm putting people on stretchers, I'm spine boarding people out of this arena. I'm going to make a statement here, and that is that if none of you want to do anything, then all of you can bleed, all of you can spend a good long time in rehab trying to learn how to spell tricky words like 'cat' and 'pig'.

GREENIE: "They tryin' make me go to rehab...I won't goooo...gooo...gooo."

DOC: "Amy Winehouse...Impressive...(Nods) But the fact is...This is about injuries, this is about me leaving a ring full of broken mangled bodies, this is about Promo coming out next week and tearfully declaring his retirement due to being unable to ever walk again. This was a tag match that I was gonna go out there and, punch in, work a little, punch out, but all ya'll with your apathy, have turned this into the worst night of your lives...

I hope you can live with yourselves...Well, I hope you live afterwards really...


08-06-07, 08:44 AM
Fade in....

A still blank darkness, then suddenly a light flashes on and Jeffrey Roberts springs up from bed, sweating profusely. He re-positions himself into an indian style sitting posture and looks forward, a gleam in his eye.

Roberts: "There was...a nightmare. Everything....it was pale and formless, without meaning. There was no hope of ever coming out of it. There was no promise of joy or hope of any kind whatsoever. And then...there was the scary part...."

"No one even recognizing an event of any kind. No one even acknowledging the existence of an opportunity."

"Then, Doc Silver arrived."

"At first...as boring and shrill as the rest. Or as shrill as 'the rest' can be when completely silent. But then....music to my ears."

"Maiming? Taking someone out on a spine board?"

"Doc, you've made me take notice....woken me up and snapped me to attention as though permanently strapping a pound of smelling salts into my nasal canal. Why, for the first time all week....I'm interested."

"Your proposal sounds......fun."

"There was nothing else to gain, nothing else to hope for...until you spoke the words. Your mistake lied in expecting a match, in expecting some sort of fulfillment in this ring. But this...new future you've described....it is truly the sort of night that makes life worth living."

"So if you want mangled bodies, if you want mass hysteria and mayhem...if you want blood. My friend, look no further. I'm like a kid in a candy store...and you just gave me free reign."

"But Doc....do not forget which is your partner on this one night. And call it fortuitous. Look through the glass to your youth and see in me what you once were, or once could have been."

"But let's leave the philosophy for another day. For now, I'm once again awake....and you've given me new reason to hold off sleep a little longer...."

Fade out....