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07-18-07, 11:47 AM
Ravager (c) vs. The Canadian Loonie vs. Professor Tremendous

Fantasy draft winner Dan West named Comeback Wrestler of the Year candidate Loonie as his Challenge Championship recipient. The Good Professor took exception to that and harassed poor Mr. West. Loonie took exception to that, and demanded that Prof was put in the match. And Ravager? He's just looking to take out both men and keep his title. The kick is, falls count anywhere.


You must write a finish of this match that takes place at the most absurd location you can think of. Falls count anywhere MEANS falls count anywhere, so be creative. It does NOT have to be at the arena... there's really no restriction to where, as long as it's on Earth and is feasible for human habitation (ie, no finishes at the bottom of the Marinaras Trench :p). There is no restriction on style or POV, so you can write it however you want. You have an RP limit of 1, so make it good.

Venue is Pepsi Center, Denver, CO. No time limit, one fall to a finish. Falls count anywhere. RP deadline is Sunday, July 29th, 11:59:59 PM, give or take a second.

07-26-07, 08:18 PM
Ron looks lovingly into the eyes of Maria. She seems to share his affection. This night has been a long time coming. He's built up the nerve, and now he's got his moment. As they sit in the Aquarium restaurant in downtown Denver, Ron knows what the answer's going to be. He just needs to ask the question.

Ron: Maria, we've been together for quite some time now. And I hope you know that I am absolutely crazy about you...

Maria had been briefly distracted as she gazed at the aquarium that surrounds the tables. The movement of the fish has her attention, but that all changed once Ron started talking. Maria blushes as Ron reaches into his pocket.

Ron: And I hope you feel the same way. Because I want to spend the rest of my life with you.

Ron pulls a ring box out of his pocket.

Ron: Maria, will you marry me?

Maria's eyes well up with tears, and she opens her mouth to give the answer that Ron is waiting for.

Sadly, she's interrupted by a loud two loud thumps against the aquarium glass.



All eyes turn towards the source of the noise. A TEAM referee is holding up two fingers. INSIDE the tank, the Canadian Loonie holds up three fingers, an angry expression on his face (at least it looks angry. It could be because he's holding his breath.) Professor Tremendous swims away from the Loonie, trying to get to the surface. he disappears from site, only to splash back in, followed by TEAM Challenge champion Ravager. It's hard for them to throw punches under the water. There's more clumsy grappling than anything. Ravager manages to get a thumb into the Professor's eye. He gasps in pain, causing him to take in water. He quickly swims to the surface to get some air. Ravager turns to the Loonie, who tries the same tactic, only to be blocked. Ravager pushes Loonie against the glass, pinning his shoulders down. The referee counts the pin!



Loonie gets a shoulder up! Ravager looks annoyed. Loonie's eyes go wide, as does the ref's. Ravager turns around to see a stingray headed for them. The competitors look at each other, nod, and immediately swim to the surface. The two men gasp for air as their head's come above water. Professor Tremendous is there to greet the two men, grabbing Ravager and trying to slam his head against the side of the aquarium. Ravager pulls him into the tank, and the three men grapple, while trying to keep their heads above water. The Loonie makes it out of the tank, followed by Professor- NO! The Loonie DDT's Professor onto the floor and goes for a pin!


Broken up by Ravager, who gets knocked back into the water. The Loonie grabs the Professor and dunks him face first into the water! The Professor flails, trying to get his head out, but the Loonie keeps him held down, saying

"I'll let you up if you tap!"

Professor Tremendous' hand looks like it's about to come down for the submission...





Ravager wins!

And now he's off to find a towel...

07-27-07, 04:07 PM
The following is an excerpt from the first draft of Loonie's autobiography (release date TBD).

There I am, on my back in the center of the ring surrounded by my weapons of mass destruction with the lifeless, bloody corpses of Professor Tremendous and Ravager covering me. The referee, no doubt confused, slowly counts to three, but is unsure of what to do next. Does it really matter? Neither victor could defend the title with the massive injuries that they sustained in our triple threat match. Broken bones, torn muscles, emotional bruising. Their lives forever affected. Only I left that arena unscathed. "Operation: Dismantle" had begun.

The formation of "Operation: Dismantle" was the result of the events that followed my elimination from the TEAM Invitational Tournament in early 2007. Despite not winning the tournament and all of the stress that the tournament caused, I couldn't be any happier than I already was. My career and legacy were complete. No longer would I have to take physical punishment, force my opponents to suffer the humiliation of defeat or deal with the fickle fans that I had grown to dislike.

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. Just weeks after beginning what I thought was permanent retirement, my world got turned upside down by a depressing telegram, which informed me that I had breached my TEAM contract by failing to appear at Supershow III and IV. Within minutes of receiving the telegram, I spoke with my lawyer and he confirmed that the telegram was indeed true. I had been told by my business manager and former best friend, the late Fou, that my contract would be terminated when my participation in the tournament was over. What I did not know upon signing the contract was that Fou had misread the terms of the termination. Rather than me being a free man after my elimination from the tournament, I was to be a member of the active roster until the winner of the tournament was determined. This news crushed my hopes and dreams. Lawsuits can drag on for years. What kind of retirement is that? Definitely not a peaceful one.

My lawyer and I entered TEAM headquarters with one goal in mind. We agreed to do anything that would avoid a lengthy court battle. Those heartless bastards that run TEAM gave me just two options. Pay an insanely high settlement that would send me into bankruptcy or return to action for two matches. I had no choice but to wrestle.

Anger built up in me as the day of my return drew near. I really wanted to get these two matches over with so that I could go back to enjoying my retirement. What occurred just days prior to the announcement of my return upset me even more. At the request of TEAM management, I met with them to discuss how the announcement would be presented on television. Making me return to action when I really didn't desire to do so wasn't enough. Salt needed to be rubbed in that wound. Not only did TEAM management demand that I go back to being the goofy, positive Loonie, they wanted to credit a fan for my return, like I came back with the sole purpose being to grant that fan's wish and defend his honor. What crap. Was no one listening during the TEAM Invitational Tournament when I clearly stated that pleasing the fickle fans was no longer an objective of mine? Did anybody even care?

No matter how much the suits at TEAM attempted to bully me around, I wouldn't cave to their demands. When the time came for my return to become public knowledge, they were kept in the dark about where I'd be. Curiousity did engulf me, however, and I tuned into TEAM television to see how my return would be addressed on the air. What I saw made me want to vomit. Instead of just accepting that I had refused to go along with their plans, those TEAM bastards dressed up some guy to play me in their little skit and edited down the footage so much that even the hardcore fans didn't have enough time to discover that the whole thing was an illusion. This meant war in my eyes. I envisioned the world of professional wrestling without TEAM's existence. Total extermination was an unreachable goal. That I knew. My mission became doing as much damage as possible during my final two matches. Gaining victories and championships would be meaningless. Crippling a portion of the TEAM roster, on the other hand, would hurt both the company and the fans that I despised. Revenge and destroying the source of pleasure. Two birds, one stone. You took away my fun, so I'll take away your's. "Operation: Dismantle" was the best idea ever conceived in this business.

07-28-07, 11:31 PM
Somewhere near the bottom of the Marianas Trench, a rather goofy looking stalk-eyed fish swims completely unaware of the {not quite} catalysmic battle going on some 36,000 feet above its head.

But if said fish were thusly aware it might well wonder exactly what a inflatable duck shape raft was doing in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and how exactly the two men fighting atop it it's rubber surface came to be there.

But that is a different story for a different time. What really matters right now is that one of these men will be swimming away very shortly with as the new TEAM Challenge Champion. The only queation was would it be the guy named after foreign money or the one with 17 different degrees in Wrestlology.

How long had they been fighting was anyone's guess. All they knew was that it had been about two hours since they last saw the current champs head bob under the waves for the final time in what had been heavily shark infested waters.

THe one called Professor measured the one called Loonie carefully where he lay on the top on the raft. Sure he looked completely unconcious after that last shot with the chlorophyl soak chair; but this would be the first time that The Prof thought he had the match won only to realize that the Canadian Fruitcake was merely playing possum.

Prof nudges his foe with his foot.


He decides to go for it and springboards off the inflted wall of the raft into a perfect Moonsault right onto the Loonie. But....


A Pair of knees shoot up to catch him in the jaw.


That does it. It's over. The Good Professor is done playing games.

He reaches into his boot and pulls out a gleaming hunting knife - the same one that he used when he defeated the Kodiak Bear for the Central Alaskan/Yukon Bare Knuckles Championship all those years ago.

He lunges at the Loonie, but the Canadian leapfrgs over him and the blade embeds deep into the side of the raft.


The Prof pulls the knife out to check on how bad the incission is.


Shiite shiite shiite shiite shiite.

The raft starts to sink as airs pours out of it.

The Professor turns to look at his foe, only to feel a pair of large hands grab him from behind.

Who the he...?

It's Ravager!

Where the heck did he come from?

No fair.

The Professor is slammed down hard to the rubber - making a splash in the bottom of the leaky raft as he lands.

He lays there for a moment feeling the water level rise as he watches Ravager and the Loonie battle it out above him.

Finally he knows what he has to do.

Nut Shot!

Nut Shot!

The Prof then grabs up the chlorophyl soaked chair and slams Loonie right over the side of the raft and into the sea.

He then nails Ravager with a back heel kick.

And then another.

And another.

He slips behind the champ and applies a Full Nelson.

Dragon Suplex for the pin.

Okay where's the damn ref.

Come to think of it - the ref has been missing since the Philipinnes, hasn't he?