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07-18-07, 11:39 AM
Both men earned their spots via their showings at the Tournament of Champions. Daymon just went to war with his wife of all people, while Yori Yakamo's wounds from WrestleBowl 2 are still smarting. Who will come out of this match with a shot at the Champion of Champions?

Venue is Pepsi Center, Denver, CO. No time limit, one fall to a finish. All regular rules apply. RP deadline is Sunday, July 29th, 11:59:59 PM, give or take a second.

Yori Yakamo jr
07-24-07, 05:47 PM
Things hadn’t quite worked out the way Yori had planned.

Granted, that sentiment could cover over 64% of Yori’s life.

For example, the conception of Yori III. Yori had been certain that his YORI BRAND BIRTH CONTROL METHOD (patent pending) would have prevented such an occurrence. But amazingly, the combination of his silk leopard print thong, a fifth of bourbon, and the rhythm method, didn’t seem to get the job done. Or, really, have anything to do with any method of successful birth control, ever.

As a result, Yori III was born, and indirectly Yori found himself in the predicament he was now.

Of course, if Yori had taken a more active interest in his now six year old son, perhaps his son wouldn’t have showed up to class drunk and started acting out by whacking his fellow students with dildos.

Okay, if he had taken a more active interest, that still would have happened.
Anyway, of course his shrew of an ex-wife and her father blamed Yori for not being around to be a positive influence in his son’s life, resulting in him trying to get his father’s attention by imitating him. His ex-wife’s new psychologist boyfriend said a whole lot more mumbo jumbo too, but Yori kind of zoned out and pretended he was flying over the Australian outback on a dildo shaped plane with Randalls, hunting mutant snakemen with an aborigine boy guide named Fandango.

The jist of it was, Yori III was getting kicked out of his posh private elementary school. This forced Yori and his ex-wife to take turns home schooling him. Yori had begged for this week off, as he wanted to prepare for his match with Rocko Daymon. Unfortunately, Yori’s ex-wife saw through that one, as she was well aware of Yori’s ‘training regimen.’

So to make a long story short, Yori’s longboat, the S.S. Sexyboat was about to be sacked by tenth century Vikings.

Okay, maybe that’s too short.

It was history time, and let’s be honest. History wasn’t Yori’s strong suit. He could do math all right, as long as he had visual aids. Yori III was now proficient in basic division, assuming the question involved how many double-ended dildos it takes to screw a group of Thai Hookers. Art was always after lunch, and that made things simple. Yori would just spike Yori III’s Hawaiian Punch with Quaaludes. After all, he did his most artistic work under the influence of drugs. And there were a litany of artists, musicians and Thai Hooker dildo designers that would agree with him.

History was a problem, though. First off, the cavalcade of drug-addled days that Yori had enjoyed over the years had completely shot his short-term and long-term memory to hell. Secondly, he didn’t like books. This had caused a bit of a rift between him and his annoyingly precocious son. Damn kid had a mouth on him, must have gotten it from his mother. Apparently his mother and her new boyfriend took him on field trips to, like the zoo and taught him about elephants. Damn educated bastard trying to show Yori up. Fine, Yori decided, we’ll go on a stupid field trip. But not to the zoo. Yori was banned from the zoo after the incident with his electric blue leopard fur coat. Plus, he got…nervous….around the ape cage. So he decided to kill two birds with one stone. Yori III was learning about the middle ages in history, and Yori II did love him a good serving wench.


“Yori, there is no way I am letting you use the YORabbit.”

“Dammit Smitty, no one asked for your opinion.”

“Yori, you have a very important wrestling match coming up for TEAM, I can’t have you disappearing off into the past or future like last time. It’s getting harder and harder to convince people you are a god if you can’t win a wrestling match.”

“Smitty, Yoriology is old news. Now it is all about playing with the historical timeline of planet earth to make me evolve into a giant robot to fight alien invaders.”


“Yeah, it was rabbit’s suggestions. Aliens are coming.”

“Aliens named Rocko Daymon?”

“The **** is Rocko Daymon?”

“I don’t know, I’m just trying to play along.”

“Seriously, I have a match in TEAM?”


“Those fools.”

“They say they are only gonna pay you if you show up this time.”


“But if I don’t take Yori III back in time as a field trip he’ll like his fake psycho daddy more than me.”

“Psychologist, not psycho.”

“That’s not what I am telling the courts.”

“Fine. It’s useless to argue with you, but I’m attaching you to Yori III’s old baby leash.”

“This is humiliating.”

“This is a completely sane and necessary precaution.”

All harnessed up, Yori removed the YORabbit from its bulletproof glass case in the basement of the YORILOVE.com research and development lab. He fired the vibrating dildo up to its top speed of 88 mph. Fluorescent green lightning shot out of the tip, opening a pulsating portal in the space-time continuum. The dildo began to play the Doctor Who theme.

“That’s a new feature.”


“I don’t know that I am sold.”

“Smitty, you always try to stand in the way of progress.”

“Dad, is this thing safe?”

“Sure. Let’s go to the MIDDLE AGES.”

“Don’t you need to be more specific than that.”

“I don’t see why.”

With that, Yori yanked his son behind him through the portal, leaving Smitty holding the end of the leash.

“Well, I’m sure nothing will go wrong.”

A moment later her peals of laughter echoed through the undergound chambers of the research lab.

07-24-07, 08:16 PM
(At the Daymon household in Tacoma, WA… in the living room, specifically. Oddly enough, we see something similar to Archie Bunker’s home: chair in front of a TV, boob sitting there watching the tube. Enter Caitlyn Daymon, holding a stack of envelopes)

Caitlyn Daymon
Mail’s here.

Rocko Daymon
Just set it over there. Watching another Big Lebowski re-run right now…

Caitlyn Daymon
You don’t want to read through it?

Dude on the TV
What I need is my g*ddamn JOHNSON!!

Rocko Daymon
HAHAHAHAHA!! Damn, that Duderino. Huh? Oh, nah, I’ll get to it later.

Caitlyn Daymon
(not even a thank you? i’m putting my rag in your stew tonight…)

Rocko Daymon
Did you say something?

Caitlyn Daymon

(Rocko turns off the TV and gets to his feet. He crosses the room to this wife. Trouble brewin’.)

Rocko Daymon
Now Caitlyn… you know what our marriage counselor told us. As a part of our therapy, we’re not to hold anything back.

So if you’ve got something on your mind… then out with it.

(Caitlyn’s small, delicate fist buries itself into his stomach like the strike of an adder. Rocko’s eyes nearly bulge out of his skull as he is lifted a few inches off the ground and falls into a heap at his wife’s feet.)

Caitlyn Daymon
Just part of the therapy, dear. Not holding anything back.

(Gasping for air and holding his aching stomach, Rocko forces himself to his feet and gives her a look of death.)

Rocko Daymon
I understand your feelings, and will consider them for the future…

(Painfully, he goes back to his seat and falls into it. Caitlyn goes back to looking through the mail, until finally coming across a crisp white envelope with four familiar letters stamped across it.)

Caitlyn Daymon
Looks you’ve got a letter from TEAM

(Caitlyn picks up a letter opener and slices the top of the envelope. She gives the missive a quick glance. Her eyes arch slightly.)

Caitlyn Daymon
Well, I’ve got news you might be interested in hearing. You’re booked to compete for a shot at the Champion of Champions.

Rocko Daymon
WHAT?! Even after coming up short in the Tournament of Champions? Whose cock did you suck to get me this match?

(Caitlyn’s brow furrows and for a moment it looks as though she might lunge upon him and ram that letter opener down his throat.)

Caitlyn Daymon
No, you cock-obsessed misogynist… as a matter of fact, while your success at TEAM events has been mediocre, apparently you’ve been turning a few heads with your performance.

Rocko Daymon
Well, I suppose they were bound to notice sooner or later.

So what’ll it be this time? Four corners? Chamber of Elimination? Maybe a contract on a pole?

Caitlyn Daymon
Nope. No elaborate gimmicks. No huge roster-encompassing matches. Just two men, one match, set for one fall.

Rocko Daymon
That’s it?

Caitlyn Daymon
Afraid so.

(Rocko comes out of his seat and begins pacing the room, getting progressively more excited.)

Rocko Daymon
You mean after going through numerous tournaments and battle royals and exhibition tag matches, my chance to compete for the highly prestigious TEAM Championship of Championships has finally come within one plain, simple match?

Caitlyn Daymon
That’s the gist of it. And now the public would like to hear your opinion on the matter.

Rocko Daymon
They want something to hear, huh? Well, I’ve got something for them to hear, then…

(Rocko stands up. Very calmly, he clears his throat and faces the camera.)

Rocko Daymon

(The reverberation causes the entire room to shake. Caitlyn, in surprise, is thrown off balance and falls somewhere off camera. In the background, we can hear car sirens going off and dogs barking.)

Rocko Daymon
Finally, we can skip over the meaningless weeding-out of the good from the bad. Finally, I get the opportunity I’ve been expecting over the past year!

My title shot comes down to beating a single man…

Caitlyn Daymon
Only that’s easier said than done, considering the “man” you have to go through: Yori Yakamo Jr.

Rocko Daymon
“Yakamo”… why is that name so familiar?

Caitlyn Daymon
You beat his brother Hida last year for the A1E Triple Star Title.

Rocko Daymon
Oh yeah… “The Asian Wonder” Hida Yakamo. You know, as I recall, after I made that smart-mouthed blow-hard tap out and stripped him of that title… he ran out of the federation in shame. Hasn’t been back since the beating I gave him.

Caitlyn Daymon
Apparently, Hida’s the elder… and Yori Jr.’s been a bit of a other son.

And for the record, Hida never tapped. He passed out from the hold.

Rocko Daymon
Eh, you say tomato, I say “SHUT IT, B*TCH!!”

Well, if Yori Jr.’s anything like his older brother, then I guess I haven’t much to be worried about…

But I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt… because today, I’m feeling a little less than belligerent usual.

Caitlyn Daymon
Imagine that.

Rocko Daymon
Even so, I have a confession to make.

I have never watched a single Yori match or promo in my entire life.

Caitlyn Daymon
Are you for real?

Rocko Daymon
I am. Amazing it may sound, the man just never caught my eye. I dunno, maybe I never had the time or the patience… or maybe I just can’t catch the appeal of a guy who has a bigger collection of dildos than titles. I suppose it’s not relevant now…

But even though I’ve been living under the rock this entire time, I still hear his name spoken in every federation, and hear the praise he receives from fans and wrestling critics alike. I can’t seem to go anywhere without the word “YORI” practically being tattooed onto my frontal lobe by the constant verbal cock-stroking he receives by the thousands of Yakamo-lovers across the planet.

So when you consider the amount of hype that surrounds guy… should I even question whether or not he has the chops to hold his own against me?

Caitlyn Daymon
I wouldn’t, but then, I’m not a dick-crazy ****-talker like you, so I dunno…

Rocko Daymon
So maybe Yori Jr.’s got some talent… and maybe I’m facing a hell of a match…

…and that’s okay, cause I’m willing to put up a hell of a fight for a title shot, and I’ve got plenty of talent to work with in my favor.

Sure, maybe the name “ROCKO DAYMON” doesn’t travel as far and as wide as that of YORI, the great and powerful (pay no attention to that Asian guy behind the curtain)… yet I’m the kind of guy who likes to go under the radar. After all, it took the front office an entire until they realized I truly belong in the main event.

Not to mention… Yori Jr.’s done a fine job over the past few shows in making other competitors famous. Ulysis Solian comes to mind…

Caitlyn Daymon
Yeah, I can see your names on billboards already…

“Rocko Daymon… that guy that beat Yori Yakamo Jr.”

(Rocko scowls at her.)

Rocko Daymon
I feel it likes panache.

Caitlyn Daymon

Rocko Daymon
Panache, bish!

(Rocko’s fist buries itself into her cheekbone and she tumbles below the frame. Rocko winces slightly, then turns his attention to the camera.)

Rocko Daymon
Just part of the therapy, hon. I’m sure I’ll pay for that later…

Yet unlike her inferior feminine perspective, the fact is that I don’t seek victory merely as a means of adding some weight to my resume. Simply put, he stands in my way to the title

Asians? Dildos? Awesomeness? Sure, whatever… if that’s what you’re into, then knock yourself right out. Or, I can do it for you. In the end, you leave the ring half cadaver, and half something forgettable.

(The camera suddenly shakes, and Caitlyn’s face briefly encompasses the entire lens as she removes it from the camera man’s hands.)

Caitlyn Daymon
Excuse me… need to borrow this for a second.

(The camera readjusts itself, momentarily catching a glance of the dumbfounded camera crew, then swings back to Rocko. Caitlyn grunts, and suddenly the camera is flung forward. There’s a last-second glimpse of Rocko’s bewildered face, and CRASH—!!)


Yori Yakamo jr
07-27-07, 02:41 PM
"Dad, I don't think this is the middle ages."

"Yeah, we may have overshot things a bit. Not a serving wench to be seen."

Yori II and III found themselves on a fishing boat somewhere in the North Atlantic. The Saxon fisherman had been slightly confused by their sudden arrival on the boat and alien features. For his part, Yori was confused by their bizzarre English dialect. He knew he should have actually read the Canterbury Tales in High School instead of paying Apeman Hitler to do it for him. Fortunately, Yori was able to prove his mettle as a fisherman fairly quickly with the help of the YORI YAKAMO SPEAR FISHING DILDO (8" extends to 24") that he had used during the filming of his underwater scuba porn trilogy. Yori III played the fiddle on the boat for entertainment.

"Well at least those bull**** violin lessons your mother makes you take are paying off."

"My new dad says classical music will stimulate the right side of my brain and make me do better in school."

"Well, your new dad is full of ****."

Suddenly there came a commotion from the stern of the ship.

"Vykeen deoflu!"


"That is English, dad."

"What the hell is a Vykeen?"

Suddenly a triad of longboats appeared out of the fog.


"What are vikings?"

"Well, Yori III, vikings were norse sailors who rode the North Atlantic seas conquering, raping and pillaging. That makes them almost as misoginistic as your average Rocko Daymon promo."


"I'm just saying, all he is missing is a showstopping vaudeville musical number like "Take my Wife, please" to close out his little act."

"How the heck do you know what is going on with Rocko Daymon?"

"Well, for starters, your stupid uncle won't stop texting me from the future. 'I can't b3li3ve what Daym0n sed bout u. (devil horns).' He's such a sore loser."

"I don't think Uncle Hida talks like that."

"I say he does. And don't interrupt. Or Rocko could have just asked, 'What do you tell a woman with two black eyes?'"

"I don't know?"

"Nothing. You already told her twice."

"That's horrible."

"Yes, it is Who's on Third, and I, like so many other times, must now defend the rights of women."


"Anyway, as someone who is an expert on marital difficulties, Daymon really needs to keep his focus on the ring, and not trying to one-up his wife with some sort of sub-sub Burns and Allen witty reparte. Cause casual violence against women is HILARIOUS."

"I don't think you really qualify as a Feminist, Dad."

"No, but I do qualify as funny."

"And didn't you beat the crap out of Lindsey Troy at Hulk-a-Thon?"

"Technically, yes. But that was also in a sanctioned wrestling match, and mostly Uncle Riki. And not really beating so much. Anyway, my point is. Physical comedy is all well in good, and some might even argue that beating up a petite woman is actually harder than beating me in a match. Those people are misinformed."

"I think you need to keep your focus on rowing this ship away from the vikings."

"No one asked you, kid, now drink up on that honey mead, it'll put hair on your chest."

"New Dad says alcoholism is a crutch for sublimated homoerotic desire."

"That **** might fly when New Dad is trying to ply co-eds as an Adjunct Professor of Psychology at Tokyo University. But not in the eleventh century."

"New Dad said you would say something like that."

"Well New Dad's post-Freudian mumbo jumbo won't save you from marauding Vikings, so shut your yap. As I was saying, Rocko Daymon doesn't even know who I am. So all I get are dildo this and Hida's brother that. Daymon thinks he can out ignorant YORI YAKAMO, JR. Forsooth, I say?"


"When in Rome...or Saxony."

"That's not Middle English, Dad."

"Whatever. I've never known a thing about anyone I've EVER wrestled. Sure, I hear things. And Smitty tells me things. And once I saw Dan Ryan wrestling a bear on the OLN, but by the time I hit the ring. My mind is as empty as a Buddhist monk's sex drive."

"That would be...because of the drugs."

"Probably. Or my zen like focus in the ring."

"Probably the drugs."

"Yeah, probably."

"Anyway, I just show up, do my things, and hit him with the dildos. And while New Dad might thing I'm just engaging in some sort of phallocentric, over determined display of masculinity. It does get the job done. And hey, he shouldn't be so quick to malign my dildo empire. I'm sure his wife will be a customer soon enough if he keeps haranging her with dialogue stolen from the new, staid ABC Pilot "The Bickersons. But, hey, they didn't pick up my show "So You want to be in an All Nude Thai Hooker Marching Band." So screw ABC."

"You did just give them a free plug for 'The Bickersons.'"

"I made that show up, Version 3.0. Though now they will probably run with the idea and I will make something else famous like Daymon said. Of course, I don't need profanity to be funny. And neither does 'The Bickersons.'"

"Really? Cause that doesn't sound right."

"**** you, Tre."

"That was a cheap joke, Dad."

"I just work with what I'm given, Yori III. And anyway, if Rocko really wanted to be topical, he would have mentioned how I made Nova famous in out hour long massacre of wrestling and logic and humanity that was the Ultratitle final. But then he would have to admit I made it all the way to Ultratitle final, and thus, he has no chance of beating me in the ring."

"Don't we have to get back to the 21st century before you can actually win a wrestling match."

"Probably. This salt air is making the YORabbit, act funny, though."

With that, a spear slammed into the rudder of the ship by Yori. Water started seeping in.

"Well, okay then."

Yori fired up the YORABBIT once more. The Saxons started screaming about witchcraft, and the Vikings quickly broke off their pursuit."

"Take me to the PEPSI ARENA 21st century."

"What happens if it overshoots this time?"

"We'll have to fight the Terminating Dildo army again?"

"Great. My teacher totally didn't buy the validity of my diorama about the war between the Terminating Dildo Army and Apeman Hitler's Dinosaur people."

"Your teacher is a philistine, Yori III. And once I am the TEAM Champions of Champions and rule over all mankind..."

"I think CoC is mostly an honorific title, I don't think it has any real world signifigance."

"Fine. Just step through the stupid portal."

Yori III entered the portal.

"Do you see Denver."

"I see mountains."

"Sounds like a winner."

Yori dove in after his son as the boat sank into the North Atlantic.

"Dad, I don't think this is the Pepsi Arena."

"Stupid salt air...I said 21st century."

"Is that a giant walking dildo?"

"Yes, and that is an hyper-evolved apeman...with a cybernetic arm."

"I'm so failing history class. New Dad will make me go in timeout."

"Time out? The **** is time out?"

07-29-07, 02:29 PM
(After an excruciating flight from Seattle to Denver, in which Rocko’s trip was hampered by Caitlyn’s steadfast refusals to meet him in the restroom facilities, the questionable duo of ROCKO and CAITLYN DAYMON finally come to their destination.)

(We get the skyline of Denver from a scenic viewpoint. The focus of our view is on a large football stadium cast against the mountains. Rocko and Caitlyn, carrying their bags, walk into the frame. Rocko beams a smile as he takes in the view, and waves off to the immense stadium out in the distance.)

Rocko Daymon
Behold, Caitlyn! MILE-HIGH Stadium! Home of the Denver Broncos!

Caitlyn Daymon
Fascinating. But we’re supposed to be at the Pepsi Center.

Rocko Daymon
What, really?

(Rocko holds up the piece of paper that is his confirmation letter from the TEAM offices. He skims it over briefly then grimaces.)

Rocko Daymon
Alright… let me go hail another cab.

(Rocko picks up his suitcase and grumbles back to the roadway. Caitlyn follows close behind, smirking.)

Caitlyn Daymon
Don’t tell me we’re lost…

Rocko Daymon
Of course we’re not lost! I’ve been in Denver numerous times throughout my career… I know exactly where we are, where we’re going, and how to get there. Now stop trying to cut my nuts off, lest my fist find its way in the back of your head!

(Caitlyn snickers slightly as they come to the road. Rocko holds up his hand and the first taxi merely zooms on by. He grunts disapprovingly.)

Caitlyn Daymon
You know, call me crazy, but maybe you should consider actually focusing on the match as opposed to trying to one-up me every time? People are starting to think you’re being a little bit too much of a wife-beating moron, and not enough of your “TROO POFESHUNAL RASSLER!!!” image…

Rocko Daymon
Caitlyn, number one… you’re the wife. And because you’re the wife, and I’m the husband, I always have the final say…

(Caitlyn’s eyes shoot into him like daggers, but she allows him to continue.)

Rocko Daymon
Number two… what does my having to be a supposed misogynist have to do with professional wrestling? Does my giving you a shiner here and there make any difference on what I can do in the ring?

No… it’s a retaliation for you shoving my face into G*DDAMNED SCALDING HOT COFFEE at Wrestlestock!

Caitlyn Daymon
You punched me in the tit! Was I supposed to just ignore that?

Rocko Daymon
Number three… what makes anybody believe I haven’t been focused on this match?

I’m well aware of what I’m up against, what I’ll have to do to overcome that challenge, and what I can look forward to beyond that. I recognize my goal… the TEAM Championship of Champions, and I know what lengths I’ll have to go to in order to earn that title!

If I really wanted to lose focus, I could just be sitting in a boat somewhere in the North Atlantic with our son, fishing and talking about Vikings.

Here’s more food for thought… here we are in Denver, Colorado! And what do we associate most with the fine city of Denver?

Caitlyn Daymon

Rocko Daymon

Caitlyn Daymon
South Park?

(Rocko waves to a second cab, which speeds by without even slowing. He grunts with frustration!)

Rocko Daymon
NO! Think sports…

Caitlyn Daymon
The Denver Nuggets?

Rocko Daymon

Caitlyn Daymon
The Broncos?

Rocko Daymon
BINGO!! And do you remember what happened to Jake Plummer?

Caitlyn Daymon
Who the hell is Jake Plummer?

(Rocko’s eyes roll back into his head.)

Rocko Daymon
Figures a woman wouldn’t know her football…

I’ll fill you in on current events, my peanut-butter filled snap-dragon. Jake Plummer was, until very recently, the Denver Bronco’s very accredited quarterback. People thought this guy was going to bloom into one of the best QBs the industry had ever seen.

But he didn’t quite live up to everyone’s expectations, and every year got turned away from the Super Bowl disappointed. Eventually, the good city of Denver lost faith in him and decided to trade him off to Tampa Bay. Plummer decided to retire his career instead. He WALKED AWAY from the industry he had so much passion for, and all over a few disappointing years…

Caitlyn Daymon
I kind of remember YOU doing something similar in Empire Pro a while back…

(Rocko spins around and raises his fist… but as he does, another cab quickly speeds by, and he scrambles to wave after it. Too late. Gruffly, he sedates himself and turns back to his wife.)

Rocko Daymon
Quiet woman… different time and different place. This is here and now.

And I’ll openly admit… my showings at TEAM events have always been met with disappointment. Seems like no matter how hard I commit myself to the task, someone always jumps up and ruins my perfectly laid plans.

But unlike Jake Plummer… I don’t run away from the challenge!

Caitlyn Daymon
I’m assuming you don’t anymore…

Rocko Daymon
I’m more like the Peyton Manning of professional wrestling… every time you get handed that loss, you go back into the locker room, suck it up, and use that anger to fuel yourself in the future. You improve your game and come back with something to prove. And eventually, you find yourself that Super Bowl ring you’ve been wanting for so long.

So while I may not have had much in the way of success here at TEAM… I’ll be damned if I haven’t become a phenomenal professional wrestler out of it all…

Caitlyn Daymon
You sure as hell haven’t become a phenomenal bread-winner…

(Yet another cab passes the couple by. Daymon’s brow furrows… but he maintains his composure.)

Rocko Daymon
What the hell is going on? The FARE is right here! Bah…

The point is… eventually, something’s got to give. That something is me, and Yori Yakamo Jr. will be the one to take it!

Caitlyn Daymon
That sounded alarmingly homo-erotic…

Rocko Daymon
Considering who I’m up against, are you the least bit surprised? It’s like I’m going head to head with a walking, talking circus…

I mean, Yori Jr. has this rep for not knowing anything about his opponent prior to wrestling him. I don’t know if that makes him incredibly lucky or just an idiot savant when it comes to wrestling. Either way, whether or not he chooses to know who I am what I represent, who won’t leave that ring without knowledge of what a true professional wrestler is.

Caitlyn Daymon
…which is?

Rocko Daymon
Well, for one thing, it’s a man who understands what he’s going up against!

Caitlyn Daymon
But even you don’t understand what you’re up against! All you’ve done is refer to Yori’s dildo empire and his relationship to Hida.

Rocko Daymon
And if all people think I am is a chauvinist as opposed to a damn good athlete, then I’d say I know a fine deal more about him than he knows about me.

While success has been another thing entirely, I’ve been turning heads since I first arrived in TEAM. So while Yori Jr. may not know anything about me now, or not even care to anything beyond his own self-conceived reality, he’ll know full well who Rocko Daymon IS and what he CAN DO as soon as we hit the ring.

Caitlyn Daymon
Are you sure you’re not underestimating Yori Jr.’s ability just a wee bit? He did, after all, make it to a very brutal hour-long match against Nova for the NFW Ultratitle.

Rocko Daymon
Well, seeing as how that was a different time and place, and how I’ve only been in NFW for a matter of weeks, I hardly see how that makes any difference. If I was there, COULD he have beaten me?

Could EVERYTHING we know and understand as YORI be all that it is today if ROCKO DAYMON stepped into New Frontier Wrestling a year or two earlier?

Caitlyn Daymon
Holy crap, you got the name right that time.

Rocko Daymon
A lot of people still want to weigh credentials, and some might view me as a small fry compared to Yori Yakamo Jr.

But those people are horribly mistaken…

(Rocko turns and faces the camera. Something off camera catches Caitlyn’s eye, and she walks away without his knowing it.)

Rocko Daymon
For all Yori Jr. is and has done… he finds himself in this match against ME. We both got here for the same reason. And if I’m supposedly out of his league, don’t you think they would have found someone who is to fight him for a shot at the CHAMPION of CHAMPIONS?

But they didn’t. They picked me for this match. I stood ahead of the others because of my talent as opposed to my namesake. I’m going to live up to that decision by going into that ring and doing what it is I do best.

Patiently, I’ve waited for this opportunity… and while the challenge I face may be one of the greatest I’ve ever faced, I am fully capable of presenting one of the best performances of my life to find myself in a match against TEAM’s Champion of Champions.

I’m not going home again with the “Good Effort” aware. Here at Denver, Colorado, at TEAM Supershow VI, ROCKO DAYMON finally gets his payoff!

Caitlyn Daymon
Found a cab!

[B](The camera pans over, spotting Caitlyn standing near a taxi stand that was otherwise unseen by Rocko the entire time. Nearly a dozen cabs wait for their fares. Rocko bounds into the frame, red-faced, eyes wide, and veins nearly popping out of his neck. He stammers between an unintelligible series of curses, grunts, and profanities while fruitlessly attempting to tear is shortened hair out. Finally, he manages to calm himself to get a single thing out…)

Rocko Daymon

…marrying you was the best thing to ever happen to me.

Caitlyn Daymon
Bout time I got some recognition, asshole!

(Caitlyn steps forward and CRACKS her husband in the jaw with a Headbutt! Rocko’s head rolls back, but quickly snaps forward as Caitlyn takes him by the collar and smashes his face into hers. The two passionately grope each other in their fiery embrace, one of them occasionally hitting the other in the side or the ribs with a blow that seems to bring them more pleasure than pain. The two fall out of frame as we fade to black.)