View Full Version : Wrestlestock Update 7/12/07

07-12-07, 09:28 AM
Ok everyone, here's your official Wrestlestock update:

Night one is about 90% done. Karl has told me to expect the last match any day now (Karl took over the match after the original writer had to back out, so big thanks there!) and Sean is almost done with his final match as well. So, Night One should go up this weekend. Maybe sooner, who knows?

For Night Two, I still need to write the Dahaka/Scott match but everything else on my end is done. Sean has another match to write there and we'll be done with that as well. I expect a couple days between "Nights" even if they're both done so that everyone can digest each night separately.

I already have a pretty good idea of what Russian Roulette is gonna look like, so if there's something specific you wanted to go on there now would be a good time to start letting me know or else find yourself subject to my whims. :)


- Dave, EPW Owner