View Full Version : Standard Operating Procedure

Yori Yakamo jr
06-29-07, 01:28 PM
All match promos should go in posted promo threads in the MBE RP forum. If you want to cut introductory or character building promos in between cards or whenever really, that goes in the MBE Studios forum.

No stacking. If you feel like you have more material or angle stuff you want to get out that week, put it in the studios forum. I'm gonna be firm on this. Quantity does nothing for me.

No shooting, no real life personal attacks. You guys know the drill. If you have a problem with something you opponent is doing take it to me in PMs.

If you want to cut an interview segment, the MBE backstage reporter is Biff Bentley.

Any angles or segments you want included in the card write-ups should be to me by twenty four hours after the posted promo deadline. I'm open to almost anything.

And specfic questions, problems or concerns should be taken up with me in PM, AIM or e-mail. I am not a huge fan of constant IMs about the card or the booking or your character. If you have specific questions or feedback, you best bet is to e-mail me.

AIM: ElNastico
e-mail: jeffpaternostro@gmail.com